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PV industry: 2007 global PV installed a new high

Manufacturers of the various polysilicon production capacity expansion plans, we expect 08,09,10, the global supply of polysilicon and 5.3 actual tons, 74,000 tons, 10 tons. Net of the semiconductor industrys need for 2.5 million tons -3 tons, 08,09,10 years, polycrystalline silicon PV industry to supply approximately 2.7,4.7,7.4 million tons, compared with 4.5,5.8,6.8 tons of demand , 08,09 will remain very tight supply of polysilicon in 2010, is expected to reach a new balance between supply and demand. But had to emphasis that, even if the new supply-demand balance by 2010 is also very fragile balance. Because the supply of 73,700 tons, taking into account the new international entrants, 13,000 tons and 20,000 tons of Chinese enterprises in the new production, this part of the new accounts for the global supply of solar grade polysil...
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PV industry: the sun behind the clouds

Renewable and solar energy with environmental advantages, the advantages to many countries including China, will focus on the development of new solar energy as the energy industry. The cost of photovoltaic power generation in 2008 is about 0.38 U.S. dollars / kWh, the average cost of photovoltaic power generation this year is about $ 0.34 / kWh (about 2.3 yuan). Can be seen with traditional fossil fuels or even wind power, nuclear power and other new energy compared to the cost of photovoltaic power generation is clearly too high. The well-known is this: The reason why the high cost of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power generation business in China relatively low level of technology related, it has restricted the healthy development of Chinas photovoltaic business - and developed PV enterprises compared to the scale of Ch...
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PV into offensive and defensive combat readiness costs

Close to 100 U.S. dollars per kilogram of polysilicon in the 3 months there is an increasing trend in the number of transactions, but the turnover is not the majority, most made of polysilicon that are highly competitive industry has a special relationship, so the relative competitiveness more edges in the face to greet the upcoming season, the solar industry on alert, low-cost material sources is key to competitiveness is still an important factor. Market forecast level of 3 months old by the end of February of the polysilicon 120 to 130 dollars per kilogram fell to 100 dollars or so, it now appears the source of polysilicon spot market quotations show chaos still 120 to $ 130 majority, the proportion of quotes pulled 110 dollars, 100 dollars and the number of those transactions do have an increasing trend, but the volume is not large,...
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PV is expected to double exports in the first half

Continued depreciation of the euro, the German photovoltaic industry cut subsidies, a variety of factors led to the current Chinas "two out" of the PV companies face greater market risks, the enterprises, how to deal with this risk? Comparing the fourth quarter of last year, the ideal situation export of photovoltaic products is a sustained this year? This special interview with China Securities Journal, China Branch of the Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce head of Sun Guangbin photovoltaic products. China Securities Journal: the first quarter of this year, exports of PV status? The first half of this years export performance and the full year is expected to have what? Sun Guangbin: This year in January, exports of PV is still relatively low, but strong export growth picked up 2,3 months, in the first quarter, Chinas export...
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PV is expected to improve the domestic photovoltaic industry, the New Deal embarrassment

Has been the development of photovoltaic industry in China are "two out" dual constraints, over ninety percent dependent on imported raw materials, over ninety percent products for export. Under the new policy impetus, the PV industry, "two out" embarrassing situation or to improve. Ministry of Finance Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban bursts by the end of March, "the financial benefits of solar PV building applications Interim Measures on Management of funds" (hereinafter referred to as "financial instruments"), "on accelerating the implementation of solar PV building applications opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "the opinions"), support the implementation of photovoltaic building demonstration, the implementation of the "Solar Roofs plan." This series of photovoltaic industry development policy will have a significant i...
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PV sub-sectors: large-scale application ready to come

- > Recent strong performance of new energy stocks, which Tianwei change (600550.SH), Aerospace Electrical (600151.SH), represented by solar photovoltaic sub-sector stocks is high frequency. Government policy support in the background, then the performance of these stocks there is much opportunity for investors to look forward to it? Policy support In recent years, Chinas optoelectronics industry showed rapid growth, has formed a large-scale, international, professional and industrial chain, and a number of internationally competitive enterprises. However, due to high costs caused by domestic market demand is insufficient, excessive dependence on international markets, increased market risk, affecting the industry. The Treasury Department issued in March this year, "to speed up the implementation of solar PV building applications op...
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PVI chairman Liu Sicheng: E-paper business in the ascendant

Beijing December 31, according to reports, the Taiwan Gazprom PVI (Prime View International, PVI) chairman Liu Sicheng (ScottLiu) in a recent interview, said he thought after 1997 in electronic form e-paper will have "amazing results." PVI Gazprom is the worlds largest supplier of e-book screen. Liu Sicheng that is the critical year of 1997, when the development of electronic paper began to attract the PVI and its parent company, Yuen Foong Yu (YuenFoongYu). Yuen Foong Yu is Taiwans largest manufacturer of traditional paper. Liusi Cheng said: "We (in the Yuen Foong Yu), that this technology may affect the whole future of traditional paper. We could ignore this technology or destroy it, but we decided to get involved." The company is headquartered in Taipei, after investing about 10 million to develop electronic paper technology and th...
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Pyramid Research: 3G mobile services to promote the rapid development of Egypt

Light Reading Communications Network ( telecommunications research firm Pyramid Research ( released the latest report shows that significant changes in competitive situation by promoting, Egypt Mobile penetration in 2014 at the end of 2008 increased 54% to 97%. "Egyptian communications market" (Communications Markets in Egypt) according to the Egyptian Pyramid Researchs proprietary market research data, the integration of the countrys telecommunications, media and technology for the accurate in-depth analysis. The 27 pages long report on the fixed and mobile industry, a detailed competitive analysis on the technology and services for the track record of market share, and WiMax, IPTV and VoIP, new technology introduction and promotion were monitored. The implementation of the study was to a...
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