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PCB factory urgent orders and tried to see Qiao third quarter results

Smart phone shipments into the season, the relevant PCB plant Hua Tong, Yan Hing Wah and the recent influx of a lot of rush orders one after another, in the high-density interconnect (HDI) of capacity utilization, than the recovery in the second quarter a lot to revenue performance, and Wah Wah Tung consolidated revenue in August were a record high this year, Yan Xing consolidated revenue has not yet released, but it is expected to grow than in July. Although the mobile phone related components group last week revised down by NOKIA global market share in the third quarter impact of sluggish stock performance, but the NOKIA continued to hold the leading position in the world, and the brand new models due to ship in the second half of upstream component makers, the peak effect still exists. Corporate expected, PCB main phone board industr...
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PCB IEC standard information and related materials

PCB IEC standard information and related materials International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a technical committee formed by national standards organizations worldwide, mainly in Chinas national standards-based development of IEC standards, IEC standards and the relevant substrate is PCB rapid development of the field of standards, one of the advanced international standards. In order to facilitate understanding of PCB and related materials accompanied the IEC standard information technology, promote the development of Indias fastest circuit technology with international standards, this will be in effect IEC PCB substrate (foil cover) standard, PCB standards, PCB related materials technical standards, it relates to the standard test method standards of information and the revision are summarized as follows: PCB and substrate test...
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PCB industry in India is likely to pose a threat to the domestic PCB industry

Printed circuit board for the Indian demand is on the dramatic increase, circumstances and day care 25 November congenial relevant comments made that the PCB industry in India is likely to pose a threat to the domestic PCB industry. Electronics market in India is now printed circuit board PCB on the needs of dramatic increase, PCB is becoming a very promising market potential. While in India the demand for printed circuit board is expected to about 20 million, but the actual production amount of PCB present, only 3 billion dollars, far below the actual demand. According to the information IPCA, the serious shortage of domestic production in India, a considerable number of PCB is imported to meet demand. Such as Nokia (Nokia) and other major mobile phone manufacturers have to rely on imports needed to solve the PCB. In India, the printed...
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PCB Industry Market Analysis 2008

Printed circuit board (PCB) is the substrate for electronic parts assembly, the global annual output value of 450 billion, second only to the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, while Chinas growth rate is much higher than the industry average speed. Electronic products are now changing, the price war has changed the structure of the supply chain, both cost and market advantages in China. PCB industry because of the transfer costs and the impact of downstream industries is gradually shifted to China, the world is the most growth in China PCB market. Low-end PCB (4 layers below) and relatively low barriers to entry, competition is relatively high and low concentration, by the downstream machine pressure to cut prices, product prices lower price squeeze facing downstream. The high-end PCB (HDI, etc.) technology, equipment, tec...
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PCB industry self-regulation to promote the development of the treaty

From 1990 to 2007, 18 years, the Chinese PCB increase from 2.35 billion in output value to 116.2 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 25.35% at the same time, CCL (CCL) and the raw and auxiliary materials, special equipment is the sustained and rapid development. Chinas PCB industry to demonstrate the achievements in the eighteenth China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition opened up a number of professional exhibition: First PCB manufacturing area, many leading enterprises have shown PCB; second green energy exhibition , showcasing a number of waste treatment technology has reached the international advanced level of enterprise solutions; third exhibition SMT assembly, which is the new exhibition area; fourth exhibition of equipment testing, displaying a lot of international level, to fill the gaps in the instruments and ...
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PCB industry to develop in the direction difficult

Japan epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) industry status and trends? Date 2007 printed circuit boards, packaging boards and specialized processing the electronic circuit industry growth than the 4.8% the previous year, reaching 2 trillion 517.3 billion yen; which Japan epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) an increase of 5.0%, to 1.3799 trillion yen, becoming in 2000 the IT (information technology) bubble in the largest since the scale of production. Printed circuit board to the difficulty of the direction - overall expectations for domestic demand in Japan, the Japanese epoxy printed circuit boards (PCB) a substantial increase in production is more difficult, but because of consumer electronic products, LCD TV, one by one , digital cameras, portable products, entertainment and other high functionality, in this context, driven by making hig...
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PCB market started picking up last month

PCB market started picking up last month PCB starting from the previous month, prices gradually rise, dealers frequent orders, scheduling a single phenomenon often occurs, especially in hard-board PCB business is booming. In the upstream raw material prices stop rising gradually confirmed the message, the respondents generally reflected dealers this year will be the next day PCB monthly increase profits. However, in the soft board (FPC), the market is not as hard board, yesterday, Shenzhen Yundi Industry Co., Ltd. Miss Lu told reporters that the gradual market look pretty hard board, soft board so far unsatisfactory. Industry sources, the first half of this year, following a rise in the fourth quarter of 2003 trend, the United States, Japan and other countries of the market a full recovery, boosting the overall Chinas electronic inform...
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PCB market to see the second quarter performance in March

Last printed circuit board (PCB) industry is not short off-season there in the first half, second half of the season, Wang is not different from the prior year performance trend, this years industrial order, "return to" normal, restore the previous years first quarter results season performance. Practitioners in the first quarter revenue performance, in the first quarter the economy continues to row in the second half is not enough, please, on the PCB the second quarter of this years market performance, most of the dealers said: look at market performance in March! After the market opened in the New Year by the impact of weaker demand in the first quarter, the overall point of view, PCB prices have been going through a period of post-holiday doldrums. In the upstream raw materials, it was rumored before the news of rising prices, lar...
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PCB orders from the electronic layout of the NB to see the middle of the industrial chain swing

Timing season into the second half of the electronics industry, PCB manufacturers orders from the point of view, it now seems only a notebook computer (NB) industry, the economic situation is more uncertain follow-up, others, such as PC, Netcom is still too weak. To the layout point of view, is now available for the NB-related industries such as foundries, and other related components layout of individual stocks. Stepped out of the traditional low season in the second quarter, the electronics industry, the second half of season officially Looking effects to come. From the overall environment for observation and analysis, the PCB is indispensable to any electronic component industry, therefore PCB orders from the point of view, the best grasp the economic pulse of the leading trajectory. And looking at all the major electronics industry,...
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PCB plant in Taiwan and listed the top London yesterday, full delivery stock

PCB Factory Top London yesterday reclassified full delivery stock market sell-off continued yesterday, still came in early trading limit down the number of sheets and the Commission to sell up to 23.2 million shares. Top company executives said London, London is currently the top of the net is still more than 9 per share of NT, was due to accounting changes in trading issued by the views of concern going concern assumption, the trading today, to enter the full delivery stock. This situation is expected before the end of this year to lift, will return to normal trading. Top London Kunshan plant due to the sale of equity case and the scale of operation changes, subject to nine banks have agreed to syndicated loans, but this process is still in progress, causing concern going concern assumption by certified public accountants advice. Top ...
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