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PCI Express into the period of rapid growth, the design faces new challenges

PCI Express has become the main chip interconnect in servers, storage systems and widely used in PC, PC industry, large-scale development of the processor and ASIC suppliers to integrate PCIe interfaces, in turn, these chips also promoted the application of PCI Express in embedded applications and online systems. Linley Group estimates last years investigation agencies PCI Express interconnect products in the market will reach 5 million 5 thousand dollars, mainly bridge and switch devices, most of the shares come from servers and storage devices. The interconnection equipment market may be over 100 million in 2011, 9 thousand 5 million, most of the growth comes from the communications and embedded devices. PCIe is 2.5Gbit / s serial data rate developments, this is the first generation (Gen1) specifications, the second generation (Gen2...
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PDF Solutions completed its chip design software makers acquisition aiss

PDF Solutions Limited completed the acquisition of aiss GmbH, which developed the SiCat-Core, OPTISSIMO and PROXECCO process simulation modeling and compensation of IC mask making peace in the physical effects of printing. Merger, PDF tools for the characterization and analysis software will be integrated aiss mask printing technology of peace, which is expected will greatly improve the diagnostic ability of PDF, PDF to better design and layout by modifying the process to eliminate the deep sub- micron manufacturing process constraints output factors. PDF products and technology, said Dave Joseph, vice president: "aiss ability to characterize the map mode technology features integrated PDF tools, will be able to provide the most accurate model of the layout and process interactions. With these models, we through the design module and p...
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Pedestals: wind power semiconductors by promising energy saving

Investment Highlights: Is currently the largest domestic sales and high-power thyristor module manufacturers, products widely used in induction heating, soft start, inverter, motor speed, welding, locomotive traction, power regulator, UPS , reactive power compensation, excitation power supply, electrostatic dust, wind power converters and other devices. The company has maintained a leading product in the domestic sales of the first in which the induction heating applications more than 50% market share, maintaining the nation. Long-term comprehensive strength among the top three domestic high-power semiconductor industry. Broad field of power electronics technology, widely used in steel metallurgy, electric power, machinery, rail transportation, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuildi...
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Peiheng advent of semiconductor rectifier regulator AIC1190

Peiheng Semiconductor has announced the Low quiescent current for the linear rectifier regulator ULDO-AIC1190, AIC1190 provides low drop out, high PSRR and low noise, for low parasitic resistance of the ceramic capacitors, and ensure Output current up to 1A. AIC1190 only two external 2.2uF ceramic capacitors for Netcom, LCD monitors, PC peripherals and handheld and other related products. AIC1190 minimum output voltage is 0.8V, and output voltage accuracy of up to ± 2%, to ensure that the operating system more stable and reliable. When the output voltage is 2.8V and 1A output current, drop out voltage of only 440mV. The low quiescent current and low output voltage to become the best choice for battery-powered applications. In addition, AIC1190 superior limit and thermal protection design, can prevent the IC heat generated in the overloa...
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Penetrating the mainstream of medical electronics supplier in China

home medical equipment needs for cost and power led to the demand for highly integrated SoC is increasing rapidly. The Chinese government plans to urban and rural residents by 2020 to provide safe, effective, convenient and low-cost public health and health care. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has also launched a rural health care reform, greatly boosting the Chinese market, domestic demand for medical electronic equipment. This medical equipment manufacturers in China is a great opportunity. We go to the medical electronics market is currently leading the way to the three suppliers of medical equipment in China for our analysis of what products the market needs of the hottest and what the various components of their technology. General, medical equipment, the demand for the performance of electronic components into two aspects: Fi...
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Pentagon Xintian 4200 LED lamps

Government research concluded that LED lighting will be less than 4 years of returns are expected to save 140 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 1 6, the Pentagons two officials signed a memorandum of agreement within the department, the Pentagon launched the initiative to install LED lighting, the development of the next 10 years as part of the transformation. As part of the launch, five on each side of the Pentagon wedge 5 will install a total of more than 4200 CreELR24 recessed LED lamps. CreeLR24 government has conducted extensive testing lamps and case analysis, the initial installation work, including the Pentagon, measuring fixtures, and to compare the effect of the optional fluorescent technology. Cree said in a statement that this independent analysis shows that energy consumption was reduced by 22%, and improved lighting qual...
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Pentek Introduces offers 256 channels of the software can be tuned to receive RF transceiver

Pentek recently launched 7140-430 software radio transceiver functions using kernel for full PMC / XMC transceiver module, which provides 256 separate channels can be tuned to receive, so for development of multi-channel communications systems, such as the need for high channel density and the size, weight, , cost and power consumption limited military radio and wireless base stations. user programmable FIR low-pass filter defines output channel bandwidth can be set to a value between 1,024 to 9,984. When the A / D sampling rate of 100MHz, the output bandwidth between 8kHz to 80kHz. addition to the receiver part of the 7140 module offers transmission parts. The digital up converter can be real or complex baseband signal is converted to DC to 160MHz IF frequency between arbitrary. By two 16-bit DAC output modules PCI interface, real or i...
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Pentium D Intel Pentium 4 next season replacing mainstream debut dual-core CPU

Intel made a four-year desktop processors, "Tai Zhuzi" Pentium 4, will gradually "mission accomplished", replace it with the Pentium D processor, which allows multiple users to experience the high-performance computing experience "dual core" officially "entered the" desktop. "Children in the bedroom, the Intel Pentium D processor-based computer that could play a game, while his father in the living room using the same computer, digital media adapters in support of using the remote control to record or access stored music or video, then routing the content to a connected stereo or play system. "Yesterday, that summarizes the upcoming Intel Pentium D processor brings a new experience to users. Speech at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel Digital Home Group and general manager DonMacDonald pointed out that Intels upcoming dual-core process...
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Peoples Congress: legislation to protect the electronic information industry should revive

3 Yue 3 news, will attend two sessions of the NPC, said Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, which this year will be submitted "on the development of" Industrial Revitalization Law "motion", he called for consideration of legislation to implement some time ago revitalization through the top ten industries, especially electronics and information industry should be separate legislation to protect the revitalization. Should be legislation to protect the revitalization of the top ten industries A motion said that the State Council, Chinas industrial development process based on the needs had recently considered and adopted one after another ten light industries. Short term, these programs will help to solve these practical problems currently experienced by industry, buffer the world financial crisis impact on China; the long term, tu...
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Performance of Godson-2, 1, 10 times higher than

April 18, 2005, by the National Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Information Industrys "Divine Dragon core action of China" - Godson-2 and industrialization of the results published base of the inaugural meeting held in the Great Hall, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy officially launched its own research and development of Godson series CPU of the latest research results - "High-performance general-purpose processor Godson-2" (referred to as the Godson-2), and with Jiangsu Menglan Group formally signed the "Godson industrial base on the establishment of a strategic cooperation agreement." Gu, vice chairman of National Peoples Congress, Vice Minister Cheng Jinpei, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Jianlin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province Zhang Taolin and other leaders attended the me...
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