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S * ST Shida profitable market is expected to resume after May

Experienced a 11-month suspension of the listing, S * ST Shida (600734.SH) recovery plan to finally reproduce the listing of a ray of hope. Yesterday, S * ST Shida announcement that the financial sector is expected by the company, profitable results in 2007 60 million yuan to 8,000 yuan, will be published in the April 30 application for restoration after the 2007 annual report listed. If there is no accident, Start Computer in May after the resumption of the market. Announcement shows that since May 18, 2007 Start Computer listing has been suspended, have been actively carried out a series for the restoration of the work listed. In debt restructuring, corporate and debt restructuring major creditors have agreed and have made certain progress. In the reorganization of assets, the Great Wall of financial innovation through the purchase...
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S LED industry experts, investment opportunities and market strategy

LED industry, where investment opportunities, investors look forward to what kind of LED enterprises, listed companies should pay attention to what issues, how to treat the market prospects of LED industry in 2009 12 18-19, held a grand theme of the fourth LED Industry Forum (2009LED Industry Forum on Investment and Market Strategy) can be found on the answers to these questions. Forum on the current domestic LED industry, investment and market opportunities to do in-depth discussion. forum site Forum is well-known in the industry, research and media Engineering LED and the National Committee of high-tech enterprise co-sponsored the development of LED. Shenzhen Vice Mayor Chen Yingchun, Shenzhen Trade and Industry Committee of Vice-Ren Gaolin letter and many investors, LED entrepreneurs attended the meeting. Chen Yingchun, vice mayo...
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S2C Mu-Jen Chen: China IP industry, the opportunity to come

Prototype design services, IP agents, and integration services companies, including the United S2C recent CAST, eASIC, IPextreme, Tensilica, Transwitch original IP, etc., were held in Shanghai and Beijing, a one-day seminar SoCIP2008 exhibition, by this opportunity, EE Times-China journalists interviewed had the honor of the chairman and CTO of Mu-Jen Chen, inviting him to China and the global semiconductor IP market, present and future to talk about some of their own views. What do you think Chinas semiconductor IP market, present and future? My IP market in China is very optimistic about the future. From the current point of view, the Chinese IC design companies have gradually accepted the concept of buying IP, but also aware of the long-term development of IP is a thing: a lot of companies want to develop their own IP to help them m...
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Sabre-rattling washing machine and foreign brand high-end market in full swing

Advance to high-end washing machine market trend intensified. The PRC, the data published recently show that from January to February this year, drum washing machines sold more than 25 million units, up 17.6% year over year; 2440 yuan more than the high end of Washing Machine 30% increase over last year. Suning Appliance sales data also show that the first quarter of this year, the drum washing machine washing machine sales have accounted for 40% of the total sales amount, the base price of 5,000 yuan in the fastest growing high-end drum washing machine sales. Industry believes that increased production costs, increased industry concentration, product structure is to promote industry upgrading, high-end corporate strategy shift to the main factors. Together to promote high-end due to internal and external trend Transition to high-end ...
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Sabritec filter connectors meet military standards

Sabritec introduced filtering MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, with transient and electromagnetic interference suppression, provide some permeability, and mechanical properties of materials used are in line with military specifications and standards. The connector can be 2,000 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance, the service life of up to 1,500 times, providing nickel, nickel and cadmium plated non-three type of connector for power management systems, video processing equipment, military aircraft applications. All of its non-filtered connectors and filter connectors can be used in conjunction with, and in many cases are interchangeable. The filter connector priced at 100-500 U.S. dollars (for reference) between, depending on the design, capacitor, filter in the form and quality. ...
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SAIC: hot spots of consumer complaints in 2007 focused on the mobile phone

SAIC message, in 2007, the country investigated and handled 47,065 cases of unfair competition, worth 3.96 billion yuan, 890 million yuan Forfeiture. National business systems commercial bribery cases were investigated and 7450, worth 2.12 billion yuan, 466 million Forfeiture. SAIC said, continue to be based anti-unfair competition law and fair trade retailers and suppliers the relevant provisions of Measures for the Administration, to the whole system, the special layout of the anti-monopoly law enforcement work; strengthening of domestic enterprises by foreign capitals anti-monopoly review , focusing on merger investigation and analysis of foreign capital, put forward opinions; attention of national enterprises, particularly enterprises with independent innovation capability development efforts to create fair competition in the market...
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Saman 149 million days of backdoor Yi S * ST Main Face

Mountain heavy water was the S * ST days Yi (600703.SH) restructuring, after all, a way out. June 2008 27, S * ST day of aging-related sources, companies and intermediaries in accordance with the requirements of the SSE inquiry letter to provide further supplementary information has been submitted, it is estimated early July to mid-market transactions will be restored. The same day, S * ST days Yi announced that the board of directors by three wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen City, An Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to three safety photoelectric technology) capital increase 10 million yuan, and three An optical technology used 345 million of equity shares of the motion. Previously, S * ST Yee has decided to-day security Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. changed its name to three (the three security photovoltaic), and ...
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Sammy and the AMIS shareholders of both companies approved the merger and acquisition transactions

ON Semiconductor Corporation (Onsemi) and AMIS Holdings, Inc. (AMIS) announced that shareholders of both companies were in the recent special general meeting of shareholders of each vote for the acquisition of AMIS Semiconductor Companys share exchange merger proposed acquisition transaction. The two companies have a majority of the outstanding shares voted in favor of the merger proposal. The two companies have a shareholder vote, over 90% in favor of the merger. Under the terms of the merger agreement, after completion of the merger, holders of AMIS common stock will normally be held on its 1.15 per ordinary share into shares of ON Semiconductor common stock. The deal reached after the usual closing conditions, is expected March 17, 2008 to complete. ...
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Samsung 16GB flash memory chips can be mass production late next year

9 Yue 13 message, South Koreas Samsung Electronics on Monday introduced a high-capacity flash memory chips, will allow Apple computers and other portable electronic equipment manufacturers in the flash-based portable music players to store more data. The Associated Press reported, Samsung Electronics launched the new NAND flash memory capacity of 16GB, more than in September last year, Samsung introduced the capacity of flash memory chips have doubled. Samsungs semiconductor business, Chang-Gyu Hwang, president, said demand for flash memory chips this explosion to the current strong growth is expected to remain strong throughout next year will demand. Apple last week released a 2GB and 4GB flash memory chip based on the new iPod Nano portable music player. Samsungs flash memory business which played a huge role in promoting. Apples i...
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Samsung 3.1 billion third-quarter net income hit a record high

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics has released the third quarter of fiscal 2009 profit in the chip and LCD panel prices driven by a rebound, Samsung Electronics net profit from last years 1.22 trillion won (about 1.018 billion dollars) increased 2-fold to 3.72 trillion won (about 3.1 billion), marking the highest since the establishment. Samsung Electronics third-quarter revenues increased 29% to 24.86 trillion won (about 20.751 billion U.S. dollars). Including institutional investors, including JP Morgan Chase that won the appreciation and the industry as competition intensifies, Samsung profits may not have room for growth. By the chip and LCD panel TV prices and increased demand for mobile phones and drive last month, Samsung Electronics shares hit a new high. NH Investment and Securities analyst Seo Won Seok ...
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