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U.S. AIIs parts inventory backlog of new breakthroughs in China program

October 20, 2005, Beijing News, the United States and China AII e-business company stock swap (China OEM Inventory Exchange, COIE) co-operation, more than a year of unremitting efforts, Chinas e-business solution for the inventory component The service model has made a historical breakthrough. Face of Chinas electronics industry, the existence of electronic components up to 400 billion backlog of inventory, China is currently among the components is not mature market, poor communication, the proliferation of counterfeit goods, serious impact on the backlog of products of digestion, threatening the healthy development of Chinas electronics industry, which need a solution. Traditional inventory approach is the acquisition of components means that components from the traders to buy inventory. This company stock during the process of deal...
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U.S. AT & T will lay off 4,600 more employees by management

According to foreign media reports, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT & T) said on Friday it would cut 1.5% of the total number, about 4,600 people. Learned that the job cuts are mostly for those with little to do with the position of consumers, mainly management staff. AT & Ts filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the file shows that retrenchment is the target of initiatives to streamline the business, the company aims to better integrate energy, improve operational efficiency. AT & T said it will not be on most of the employees and the companys first quarter earnings have a significant impact. The company will be an increase in the growth areas of employees, number of employees in 2008 is expected to remain stable. In premarket trading, AT & Ts shares rose 33 cent...
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U.S. blog that Apple should be listed four reasons for the acquisition of Infineon

Beijing July 31, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog Techcrunch published an article today, Apple should be listed chip maker Infineon acquisition of the four causes, including vertical integration business, the business of Apple added, economically viable, as well as Apples future consideration. Three years ago into the mobile phone market, Apple has become the most profitable mobile phone maker, which also makes Apple a key mobile phone parts buyers. Market research firm iSuppli predicts Apple will next year become the worlds second largest semiconductor products buyers will exceed the 2012 HP to become the worlds largest semiconductor products buyers. While Apple provides a massive bargain purchase of capital, but whether Apple should have their own R & D of wireless chip business has been a hot topic in the ...
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U.S. chip research and development behind it?

In semiconductor research and development for the U.S. We need to focus on the decline, as the pessimists think that Bell Labs has been overtaken by later ones, like, TI is also facing the same problem, such as TSMC to face the challenges of the emerging manufacturers, The optimists think that the next generation of semiconductor technology Intel is still playing a leading role in the world, IBM is still in the dominant semiconductor patents, and IMFlash (Micron and Intels joint venture company) that companies are making great strides, and Hewlett-Packard Labs memristor technology will make obsolete the traditional semiconductor memory, while U.S. universities and national laboratories are changing the rules of the game is developing chip technology, these universities and industry, laboratory research and development alliance will fill ...
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U.S. demand for lamps lighting market to grow at a rate of 3% per year

According to Freedonia, according to a new report shows that in the future the U.S. market demand for lighting would be more than 3% per year growth rate of 2012, the U.S. lighting market sales value will reach 21.6 billion. 2002-2007 years, U.S. demand for lamps is the annual average growth rate of 3%, but this period of growth was mainly due to price increases expected from 2007 to 2012, the demand for lamps will significantly increase. First, be optimistic about the prospects for the U.S. construction market, especially housing and transport infrastructure, which will greatly increase the demand for lamps; U.S. manufacturing market will increase the demand for lamps, it is because American car production will increase . From the national market, the demand for new lamps will be increasing, such as high intensity discharge lamps (HID)...
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U.S. Department of Energy announced the seventh round of tests CALiPER project has ended

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) commercially viable LED Product Evaluation and Reporting (CALiPER, Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting) program of the seventh round of testing has been completed. Seventh round of testing a range of products mainly include three application areas: outdoor lighting, downlight and replacement lamps. The test report covers the key point is a "steady increase in luminous efficiency, color quality, power factor, and product manufacturers to accurately report on the SSL. Unfortunately, there are various on the market today products showed a greater difference in performance, the test results show that the effect of outdoor light street SSL is 19-71lm / W range, but, SSL downlights light efficiency is 9-48lm / W range. " The accuracy of manufacturers product specifications CALiPER proj...
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U.S. Department of Energy to spend 20 billion to support solar energy industry

Obama recently announced that the U.S. solar energy industry to support the development and increase employment, the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly two billion U.S. dollars will be funded out of the two companies to build solar power plants. Money will come from 862 billion U.S. dollars the total economic stimulus plan, which Abengoa Solar will receive 1.45 billion in loan guarantees for construction in Arizona called "Solana" and "the worlds largest solar power plant ", is expected to create 1,600 construction jobs; rich solar manufacturing company in Colorado and Indiana, the construction of a solar power plant, expected to create 2,000 construction jobs and more than 1,500 permanent jobs. Obama weekly radio and Internet day in his speech said, "We will continue to compete aggressively in order to ensure future employment and indu...
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U.S. Department of Energy: $ 17,000,000 to encourage the development of solar energy industry

U.S. Department of Energy recently announced commitment to photovoltaic technology for manufacturing photovoltaic modules of the six hatched plans to provide $ 17,600,000 of the incentive grant. 6 in this program, participating companies will promote the process of photovoltaic technology, to accelerate from the pilot phase into production phase, while reducing costs, improving product quality, to further expand the production of photovoltaic modules. The incentive grant will help to fully commercial solar energy technologies, supplier of photovoltaic products to provide a broad market. Energy efficiency and renewable energy, the U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary John Mizroch said, "These projects will promote multi-faceted development of photovoltaic technology, has prompted the U.S. to become the next generation global leader in solar ...
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U.S. Department of Energy: Integral LED lighting standards promulgated in August

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will continue to advance its solid-state lighting program (Solid State Lighting (SSL) program), and SSL Energy Star standards development, as described below. Mid-March, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) senior management (not the SSL project team) issued a statement saying that they will be "45 days" to resolve their energy between Star standard, which some differences. Energy Star Integral LED lamps on the revised standard Just released U.S. Department of Energy Star for energy LED lamps on the Integral (Integral LEDLamps) Standards Amendment Bill. Such lamps commonly known as "transformation" light or "alternative" light means including LED, including the overall system, including the integral LED driver and the base of ANSI standardized design, and st...
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U.S. economic growth slowed down due to Microsoft Yahoo purchase price to be lowered

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang in the hands of not much weight, and time seems to stand on the Microsoft side. Since the weekend, senior director of Yahoo and Microsoft began to hold secret talks, which Yahoo rejected Microsofts 44.6 billion takeover offer after the first meeting between the two sides. Analysts believe that the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis in Stock, Microsoft shares are tired by the market, reducing the possibility of greatly increased bid. -Based Yahoos revenue capacity is currently weak, and its shareholders the possibility of softening in the negotiations is not small. "Sold as soon as possible is probably the only option Yahoo." Bernstein Research analyst Jeffrey said yesterday. The main reason is that, with the end of the first quarter, Yahoos revenue is expected to the outside world is difficult to achieve the guaranteed e...
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