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W3EG2128M72AFSR: 2GB DDR SDRAM (map)

White Electronic Design Introduces 2GB DDR SDRAM with a PLL-based devices FBGA memory module W3EG2128M72AFSR. The device is based on 512Mb DDR SDRAM devices 2x128Mx72 double data rate (DDR) SDRAM memory module. Modules include 36 128Mx4 DDR SDRAM FBGA package device, is 184-pin DIMM (JEDEC standard). 2GB DDR SDRAM FBGA package benefits include the use of higher-speed memory to meet the requirements. FBGA package connected to the device along the device from the metal around connection the following spherical connection into the device. and the TSOP package, the package that makes the connection from the shorter length of the semiconductor chip. device clock rate with 100MHz, 133MHz and 166MHz, and a phase-locked loop (PLL) and bidirectional data latches (DQS). W3EG2128M72AFSRxxxD3 on the use of FBGA, and TSOP TSOP package or stack co...
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Wafer material hardship: Local businesses look forward to rescue the policy

60 chip makers on behalf of more than a total of Commerce in Shanghais Pudong current predicament. IC industry materials in 2009, co-localization of the conference, President Richard Chang said SMIC, in response to industry in winter, wafer manufacturers are considering using more local materials. This will effect the cancellation or duty-free imports of the same integrated circuit, a local material suppliers to exciting. However, the upstream and downstream of the effort is clearly not unite into a short rope, this predicament is not so easy to break. Industry insiders believe that the same situation this year is not optimistic. Party seeking cooperation in upstream and downstream wafer "In the entire IC industry faces winter, we feel better advantage of local material suppliers, we hope to work upstream and downstream, so that more ...
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Wafer reclaim service WRS buy rival Montco Silicon Technologies

According to EE Times website reported that the U.S. Wafer Reclaim Service LLC (WRS) has acquired a silicon wafer recycling service providers Montco Silicon Technologies Inc.. San Jose the WRS in the United States is the main business of the semiconductor and solar wafer manufacturers polishing cleaning treatment used. At the same time, Bridge Finance Group announced the completion of the WRS provided $ 5,000,000 revolving credit facility, and 200 million term loan. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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Wall launched low-power DC / DC converter, a height of only 1 / 3 inch

JF Wall Industries recently introduced series of low-power DC / DC converter, height of only one-third-inch, with eight models, for telecommunications, networking and industrial control products . This series of single-output converter with dimensions of 1.1 × 0.94 inches, a surface mount or through-hole form, power of 15W; input voltage is 18Vdc to 36Vdc or 36Vdc to 75Vdc, output 3.3-, 5 -, 12 - or 15Vdc . Converter line regulation of 0.2%, ripple noise 100mVp-p (12V and 15V, 3.3V and 5V for 75mVp-p), voltage accuracy of ± 1 %, voltage shaping for the ± 10%, 88% efficiency. I / O isolation is 2,250 Vdc. The series converter short-circuit protection with self-recovery, output load protection, no minimum load requirements, MTBF is 810 hours. OEM order quantity, JF Series Price $ 14.49. ...
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Wall lighting also use LED lighting panel appearance LED60cm square

Held in Tokyo in recent days show, several manufacturers exhibited a large area of light through the LED to achieve a "wall of light" or "ceiling light" case. The reverse shows a "LED is the light source can not be used as a surface light source" view. Taiwan factory, a subsidiary of Ascension Coretronic Lighting has developed a 60cm square LED lighting panels, the exhibition will be posted on a display on the wall. Lighting panel thickness of only 12mm, the power consumption of 45W. Luminous efficiency of up to 67lm / W. In color temperature between the lower and higher light switch, but also adjust the brightness. The development of lighting products rose almost no bright spots, and higher brightness. The company said that "by the parent company in the development of strong backlight optical light guide technology, eliminating the bri...
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Wall Street analysts that the semiconductor industrys views on a little too pessimistic

Market that cell phones, LCD, LED PC and other electronic products market is slowing suddenly, leading to fears of chip makers. In addition, the chip stocks improved. Although the IC chip growth stocks increases and some slowdown, but analysts also tell you, do not panic. Gleacher analyst Doug freedman that it might be some people exaggerate the problem, such as the PC market is slowing under the pressure, leading to slow and the delivery time extended into silicon, leading to negative market news. Q2 the electronics industry should be said that the data is the supply chain inventory to meet market demand good straight, so inventory levels are normal, because many of the terminal from the second half of 2009 shipments of tight product markets is required. Clear that some message is cross-cutting, such as storage / HDDs stock rose by ...
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Wall Street professionals to explain the reasons for the financial crisis of 2008

Now many people are asking: U.S. subprime crisis broke out in the end is how? Caused by the financial crisis, how? Pan Shiyi, I read a blog entitled, "into the center of the economic crisis," he answered many questions, it is worth reading. Also, tell us what is the "CDS" financial products? Into the center of the economic crisis - And Wall Street fund manager Permal President IsaacSouede Yixi Tan We are in the book, the film is often seen on the description of many major historical events, and today we are experiencing the history of this great event. The global financial tsunami is a rare big events in our lifetime, then the chance encounter may also small. To further understand the financial crisis caused by the United States and I Zhang Xinfei to New York, walked into the Wall Street - the center of the financial crisis, and Wall ...
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Wang LED upstream material factory orders at full capacity CROSS sapphire

6 Yue 19 news, strong demand in white LED driven, the most upstream Sapphire Dan Changjing orders to rise significantly. ACME LED upstream Material Factory (8121) sapphire crystal growth sector is currently in full production stage, the visibility of orders has reached the third quarter, converted into 2-inch can produce products, about 60,000 mm, accounting for 10% of monthly sales CROSS so. There are currently 50 CROSS machine, the visibility in the third quarter industry still high, so at this stage is the stage at full capacity, CROSS unwilling to disclose yield, but the production capacity to 2-inch conversion, equivalent to 60,000 mm per month, CROSS has completed the cash capital increase of 5 billion New Taiwan dollars, will be fully put into sapphire crystal growth, the number of machines will rise up, increase Progress will...
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Wang Qi Q2 over Q1 revenue expected to grow 5% to 10%

Wang Qi Taiwan factory (6168) April revenue was 2.63 billion, down 6.7% compared with March, but with the white-box handset demand for the mainland back to temperature, light and high-side power (High Power) LED needs will return to temperature. Including high-power light emitting diode (LED) 1 quarter light commercial shipment to Europe, the U.S. customers orders are shipped from the 2nd quarter. Wang Qi due to be completed in a quarter of expansion plans, the current single monthly production capacity of about 550 million, future expansion plans, expected revenue exceeded 3.5 billion so only after a further plan. For Q2, Qi is the view of the macro trends optimistic. Wang Qi pointed out that the 1-quarter revenue of 7.76 billion in the 4th quarter of 2007 fell 8%, but a 22.4% annual growth, by improving product mix and higher margin p...
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Wang Qi Technology Q4 2007 gross profit 24%

Taiwan LED packaging factory Wang Qi downstream Technology (6168) announced dividend policy is expected that cash dividends per share of NT with 1 yuan, stock dividend 0.5 yuan. Closing price of 32.7 yuan according to the date of calculation, the dividend yield of about 4.58%. 2007, LED markets and growth, so that Hong Qi also benefit. Wang Qi, began in 2007 set up a new machine, new production capacity from the end of February 2008 formally put into production, although the number of working days in February because of reduced revenues, but in March came to an end inventory adjustments in mainland mobile phone, China white box handset Orders will be back to temperature, this operation will be getting better. Wang Qi 2007 performance of the product lines have raised, in 2007 gross margin of approximately 22% in Q4 due to product mix im...
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