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A hardware / 3D graphics accelerator, JBlend platform for mobile phones first OMAP2

Aplix Corporation in Japan has announced the worlds first mobile phone processor based OMAP2 JBlend platform has been adopted. Texas Instruments OMAP2420 application processor (TI) of the R & D, owned by NTT DoComos FOMA 3G handsets to use. According to reports, JBlend OMAP2 processor, Texas Instruments has been the primary support platform. For example, in the 3G World Congress 2005 exhibition games in Texas, Aplix JBlend-based demonstration of the Java 3D content and production company with HI Mascot Capsule V4 and the OMAP2420 processor-based Linux systems. TIs OMAP2420 to DoComos FOMA 902i series 3G handsets are used to provide advanced multimedia features. In addition, all 902i series of 3G mobile phones, Aplix and DoCoMo are used by the standard for DoJa platform jointly developed JBlend product is currently available on the marke...
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A large-scale integrated circuit industry expo

According to reports, the China Semiconductor Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Council Electronic Information Industry Sub, Suzhou Municipal Government, co-sponsored the Seventh China International IC Exposition and Forum (IC China2009) will be held October 22, 2009 -24 at the Suzhou International Expo Center. This is the domestic IC industry in 2008, the first time in 20 years, after negative growth in the year to organize large-scale industrial exhibition. 2008 years is the development of Chinas IC industry, a year of significant changes in the environment. On the one hand, the rapid spread of the global financial crisis, the world semiconductor market has entered a recession followed; the other hand, Chinas economic growth and exports slowing down, the domestic semiconductor market growth rate also dropped si...
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A major think tank, said the NDRC bad case of the bottleneck of photovoltaic industry

National Development and Reform Commission recently Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute at New Energy Conference in Wuxi, said the world PV market is still very weak terms, and the rapid increase in production capacity in China next year, the excess is inevitable. He noted that the PV industry next year will encounter a problem. "PV market is very weak, only a few countries have made serious. For example, many people are now optimistic about the U.S. market, but the real start the U.S. market takes a long time, and now Obama is basically no mention of the new energy, and India is also said that more small, our country is in the tender and then cold water poured down. "Li Junfeng said. He pointed out that the energy industry accounted for only 10% of the global GDP, and the new energy industry in the energy only...
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A Motorola cell phone and more "sick" for over thousands of maintenance costs

Purchase price of 3880 yuan a Motorola E680 cell phones in use 16 months a year later, the result of the microphone, memory, battery frequent kinds of problems, so that consumers pay only for maintenance and other related costs as high as more than a thousand dollars. The problem for cell phone indirect losses caused by more specific figures can not be quantified. Shanxi suffered a media disclosed itself to another perspective to look at the mobile phone industrys global brands. The reporter named Han Xizhang, worked for a newspaper in Shanxi. June 13, 2005, the journalist Mr. Han, Taiyuan in Shanxi to Kyushu through mobile phone stores the price of 3880 yuan bought a Motorola E680 phone. Because of its large amount of call time, a friend and gave him a Motorola E680 mobile phone original battery, so the phone at Mr. Han has been rotate...
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A person a business evolution of an industry

Webber Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Mianyang City in 1989, has 20 years of history, power isolation sensor technology is the worlds leading enterprises, with a number of patents, is the first in the production of electricity companies isolation sensor . Webber, based in Sichuan, Mianyang city landscape. Isolation of its production of green electricity for all automation and control sensors and related industries, especially in military and industrial automation, with strong international competitiveness. Confidence in the reform is more important than gold 2008, the sudden earthquake and the financial crisis sweeping the globe, to every employees mind Webber left a lingering haze. But Webbers performance has forced all the people who know them spontaneously Qijing, disasters and difficulties in front of Webber who did not f...
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A quarter of Chinas IC industry is expected to be further down the situation

26 Ri information from the Ministry of Industry and understand the current situation of Chinas IC industry, grim, according to reflect the number of factories foundries domestic capacity utilization is less than 30% of orders for the fourth quarter of 2008 decreased 10% or more, and order cycle in general less than four weeks, so the first quarter of 2009, the situation may be further down the domestic industry. Ministry of Industry and the person in charge said that in 2008 the financial crisis and the impact of tax reform, the Chinese part of the slow progress of major investment projects in integrated circuits, Wuxi, Dalian, Chongqing and other construction projects are affected to varying degrees. Into 2009, many domestic enterprises by extending the vacation time in advance and further compression equipment maintenance and other ...
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A quarter of the domestic market reached 1.336 billion yuan RFID

Analysys International recently released "Q1 2008 quarterly monitoring of Chinese RIFD market", the data show, RFID market in Q1 of 2008 reached 1.336 billion yuan, an increase of 2.1% sequentially. The current shape of the RFID industry chain better, RFID products to system-level applications are applied to all forms of industry, in 2008 many companies have to strengthen its system integration capabilities. The quarter, UHF band the top three vendors 40.3% market share, with the previous quarter was essentially flat market concentration, the first quarter due to New Years snowstorm and other factors affect the companys market performance in general. UHF band Invengo market share is relatively high, mainly because it is Invengo the fourth quarter of 2007 also continued delivery of projects, and the first decline in market share more fac...
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A quarter of the global LCD TV shipments 21.1 million units

Released under market research agency DisplaySearch statistics, in 2008 global TV shipments in the first quarter of slow growth, only 1% over last year, and the first quarter of 2007 growth rate of 4% and 5% growth the previous quarter rate compared to seem weak. Economic slowdown caused by the United States, North America and more than 40-inch size TV demand has been seriously affected. Also last year, the Chinese Lunar New Year, most Chinese demand in the snow making the deferred back to the second quarter. First quarter of 2008 global television (including all television, such as CRT, LCD, PDP, etc.) amounted to 46.1 million units shipped, amount shipped about 248 million U.S. dollars, the amount of shipments increased 8% from a year earlier, helped by flat TV flat panel TV market share increases while the average selling price higher...
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A recent stock decline significantly more than the H shares

Although the two markets have recently suffered a variety of pressures and significant correction, but the A shares over Hong Kong stock callback has obviously made A shares H shares on the average premium has declined markedly. According to statistics, since March 11, H-share index fell yesterday by the 12,589 points 11,727 points accumulated during the period dropped 6.8%, the Hang Seng Index during the cumulative decline of only 2.3%, while the Shanghai Composite Index from 4165 Point all the way down to 3630 points yesterday, down 12.8%. According to statistics, to yesterdays closing price, 53 A + H shares, the average A / H share premium was 175%, and the newspaper in January 11 [blocked ad] rate statistics, AH rating of 188% premium relative to ratio, the spread narrowed significantly. And March 11 of the data compared to the fin...
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A relay for many years into the illegal disclosure of assets within the foreseeable future

"Im listed companies to disclose false information disgust, hoping retail investors will unite to listed companies to have a say." Yesterday, Lanzhou, an investor holding Liu A relay call "public securities News "that" major shareholders of listed companies commitment to the delay in injection of cash, so we are extremely disappointed. " A false statement is 10 years old accounts, a major shareholder in recent years, the new assets into account, when the A relay to give investors an idea? Disclosure violations for many years From 1999 to 2004 for six years, A relay in its annual report disclosures are not provided for the controlling shareholder of the company following the Groups commitment to Afghanistan and the financial costs of bank loans debt issues, which were related to the amount of 151 million of debt , 1.51 billion yuan, 141...
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