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A shares listed on the chip design industry impulse

Preparation of listing a chip design company insiders told reporters that this wave of domestic IC design companies listed on impulse and collective growth stage of the industry. "There are at least 10 IC design companies ready to market next year." Consultancy iSuppli analyst responsible for Gu Wenjun of Chinas semiconductor industry, recently visited Beijing and Shanghai, dozens of chip design companies, many of which were eager to Listing enthusiasm left a deep impression. "Market next year has identified a number of specific agenda, and some are preparing." Gu Wenjun said. This chip design industry, with domestic financing earlier silence on the issue of the formation of a huge contrast. China now has nearly 500 chip design companies, but in the past three years, only Vimicro, Actions Semiconductor and Spreadtrum the three chip de...
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A spectrum of government assistance Qimonda into the European political agenda survival

Or even the whole of Europe as Germany depleted semiconductor companies, Qimonda (Qimonda) the situation has become a political issue; Qimonda governor of Saxony, Germany, where StanislawTillich said he is ready to take the unemployment rate of increase in the crisis, he also Qimondas majority shareholder Infineon (Infineon) expressed dissatisfaction. Heavy losses the verge of peril, the worst of Qimonda, if the first quarter of 2009, not a miracle, I am afraid the company will go bankrupt one way. This home has a 10,000 2,000 employees of the company, a "miracle" is willing to lend a helping hand the new gold master; and industry rumors, the memory maker Micron (Micron) is the matter with the parent company of Qimonda Infineon consultations. As another miracle, it is assistance from the government. In fact, the European chip industry ...
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A total investment of $ 10,000,000 of Edison Opto yesterday formally put into operation

Yesterday morning, a total investment of $ 10,000,000 in Yangzhou Edison Opto Co., Ltd. officially put into operation, which not only marked the Yangzhou Economic Development Zone, semiconductor lighting (LED) to further accelerate industrial agglomeration, but the city pulled the semiconductor lighting industry chain Long thicker, bigger and stronger a tremendous boost. Ji Jianye party secretary and mayor Fashioning the Civil Spirits, Municipal Committee Pu Yu, Wen Tao, deputy mayor before, and Edison Opto of Taiwan Co., Ltd., Wu Jianrong, Kui-based investment Co., Ltd., Sen-kun attended the commissioning ceremony. Yangzhou owned by Edison Opto Edison Opto Corporation of Taiwan investment. The company is mainly engaged in optical transmission, optical sensing and lighting components manufacturing, processing and marketing modules, is t...
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ABI Research: 2013 Nian GPS revenues will reach 13.3 billion U.S. dollars

Market research firm ABI Research, a growing number of mobile embedded GPS functionality will greatly contribute to the prosperity of location-based services. In the next five years, location-based services revenue increased from 515 million to 133 million. WCDMA and GSM and CDMA mobile phones more and more GPS features together with configuration and consumers interested in personal navigation devices is to promote the increasingly important factor in market growth. ABI Research, said location-based service market is divided into five sub-markets: personal navigation, making friends, local information searches, family and fleet management tracking applications. ABI analyst Jamie Moss said in a statement, team management and staff tracking enterprise applications is expected to be the most important source of income, the income of 2013...
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About 4.2 million euros Czech film solar cells can provide the green

Green Solar thin film solar cell factory orders report a success modules, system operators and the Czech Republic signed a one-year supply contract, amounting to about 420 million euros in the second half and began shipping into Eastern Europe. Green film solar cell production line is Taiwans first mass production of the 8.5 generation module production line, mass production is the worlds top three super-size solar module manufacturers, is now installed the final stage of mass production, mass production is expected this quarter , the product conversion efficiency of 7%, and the initial capacity of 30MW, and then gradually expanded to the 50MW. Lin, general manager of Green Dragon, said the Czech Republic in the solar industry is considered high potential market, the local government to encourage renewable energy sources, last years ac...
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AC input LED bulbs will be the mainstream of future market demand

LED lamp manufacturers are developing 120/230V AC input and 12V AC LED bulbs LED light bulb input (such as MR16 lamps and similar products), each LED bulbs have a very good reason for the rapid development. MR16 LED bulbs with CFL bulbs has a huge advantage, because the CFL bulbs can not do small. For this reason, based on the MR16 LED bulbs than any other energy efficient technologies. Todays CFL bulb (even if the efficiency of its future better) than, 120/230V AC input energy efficiency MR16 LED bulb is best. MR16 LED bulbs The main drawback is the electronic transformer. Today most of the installation of MR16 LED bulbs instead of using electronic transformer magnetic transformer to generate from the 120/230V AC 12V AC. The problem is electronic transformer for halogen lamp design, and therefore usually will bring most of the electro...
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AC power input based on LED lights solution

Walking the streets of Shenzhen and Beijing and other cities, the roads you can already see the cold white LED shining lights. AC power and solar hybrid powered LED lights the next few years will certainly be an irreversible trend of technological development, not only because of the high brightness LED light, reliable and energy-saving, but also because of its very low maintenance costs. Now the challenge facing designers is how unstable the mains input to design a highly efficient automatic dimming LED lamp solution? Heres ArrowAC / DCLED street solutions as we provide a useful way of thinking. LED lights generally require more than 25W power, depending on the scope and need for lighting depending on the height of installation. Arrow development of AC power input based on LED lights solution chosen Crees lighting-class XLampMC-ELED, NXP...
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Academics and industry: Taiwan Semiconductor have to transition

"Do not do today, the future will regret it!" NTU president Lee Si-chen, president of National Chiao Tung University heavy rain and TSMC Vice Chairman Wu Tseng Fan-cheng and other experts agreed that Taiwans semiconductor development has reached a critical period in the future must to actively transition to another to another semiconductor miracle. Global semiconductor industry for over 50 years, annual global output of about 2500 billion U.S. dollars, Taiwan is now second only the United States and Japan, and Korea is the third competition; plus there are mainland China, India and Southeast Asia countries catch up, the crisis in full. Wu heavy rain that, in addition to the existing IC design, the spindle, the semiconductor should be towards future medical electronics, green energy technology, automotive electronics and 3C electronics ...
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AcBel explosion in April orders of more than 1.5 billion in revenue to new high

AcBel overall orders received burst, following a record sales in March, the April sales shot up again to 1.566 billion yuan, annual growth rate of 61.29%, and even months, rewrite the record high; company said the main benefit of consumer products, large customer shipments grow, "orders have been to the third quarter of visibility," outstanding performance in the power supply manufacturers. AcBel April revenues 1.566 billion yuan, representing a growth of 971 million the same period last year, 61.29%, compared with 1.47 billion the previous months 6.5% growth of new high again; accumulated before the April revenues 5.126 billion yuan, 3.672 billion yuan over last years growth of 39.6%. AcBel director, said the company is focused over the past 30 years, industrial products, last year after a year of transformation, turning the layout of...
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AccelChip introduced the first RTL core linear algebra algorithms

AccelChip AccelCore companys new products for the algorithm developers and hardware engineers to provide the industrys first independent resistor transistor logic (TRL) core in the form of fixed-point linear algebra intellectual property (IP). AccelCore series of original products, including for beamforming, software-defined radio, radar / sonar, Kalma filtering and other wireless areas of matrix inverse and factorization cores. The new VHDL / Verilog cores provides a comprehensive, pre-verified through the DSP function, Xilinx and Altera FPGA in the adoption of a complete synthesis and verification. The complexity of the algorithm and sensitive to the value of the hardware in the matrix factorization and inversion is a difficult problem. Designers to DSP or general-purpose processors can only use C to implement the linear algebra algo...
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