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Accelink 327 million project financing

- > On August 4, 2008 had not yet publicly released will Wuhan Accelink Inc (Accelink) plans to raise the amount of 327 million, analysts believe that share prices in the 8.5 to 10.62 yuan more reasonable among listed companies in Jiangsu Zhongtian Technologies Co., Ltd., New Materials Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen for a long garden indirect shareholders. Accelink are the electronic components industry, the lead underwriter for the GF Securities, is expected to issue 4,000 million shares, the total share capital after the release of 16,000 shares, nearly 40 times the current industry price-earnings ratio is expected to finance the amount of 327 million, planning in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to the prospectus (draft report) data, the electronics industry analyst with Great Wall Securities Yuexiong Wei said that at present not be...
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Acceptance of an eight-city TD TD network began 10 days sold 1,800 phones

China Mobile has already an acceptance of TD-SCDMA network started, this is an important test of TD networks, and network construction will determine the progress of TD II. At present, Guangzhou has taken standard TD network coverage, while the Beijing slow the speed of network construction, when the acceptance is unknown. And network building to moderate agreement, TD terminals Telephone Number is also perturbed. Report from the advisory body, since the April 1 City Telephone Number eight years, 10 days of TD mobile phones were sold in 1800, the data card 200 sets sold per day, more than 20 cities, ZTE, Samsung, LG temporarily TD terminal sales of the top three series. Specific share, Samsung 20.8%, LG19.1%, 12.6% of Lenovo, Hisense 12.6%, while the largest of the new postal successful pass, only 8.2%. Guangzhou coverage standards Acc...
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According to the study of computer operating systems in 2008 was 29% piracy

- > SAN May 27 morning news, the domestic Internet Laboratory Investigation Agency released 26 software piracy rate of a set of data, which in 2008 piracy rate of computer operating systems, from 39% in 2007 to 29 %, the figure was 68% in 2006. Commissioned by the State Intellectual Property Office, the Internet lab for four consecutive years of software industry piracy rate in China to investigate. The report shows that in 2008, the value of Chinas software industry piracy rate from 20% in 2007 to 15%; piracy of computer software products for 41% rate in 2007 dropped to 29%; China should pay the number of computer software piracy rate from 56% in 2007 to 47%; single payment pirated software installed by a number of 1.30 set in 2007 dropped to 0.92 units, or less than 1 set. Published in this series of data, the most common user exp...
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Accurate measure of capacitance resistance ADI single-chip solution

Analog Devices introduced the industrys first fully integrated high-precision converters, called directly via a capacitor - digital conversion (CDC) and resistance - Digital Conversion (IDC) to perform complex signal processing. ADIs CDC and IDC combines advanced signal processing technology to achieve the traditional modular converter must be a considerable number of discrete components to achieve a high level of precision processing. Existing capacitors, resistors sensing the use of technology for historical reasons, the lack of precision, it is difficult to meet the design requirements, ADIs CDC and IDC greatly improved this situation. Sensing applications for high-performance instruments, these products are ideal choices. AD7745 is ADI in the industrys first single-chip, high precision CDC. The product is embedded in a single chip...
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Accurately grasp the difference between the market demand increased service capacity

Manufacturers are familiar with the advantages of its own products, brand awareness, better than the manufacturers and distributors are close to customer needs, in accordance with the needs of customer applications and test, design test systems and applications, with different vendors respective merits integrated test system, to make our services closer to customer needs. From a technical and services, our engineers can more promptly to the customer site, the East has its own technical team to integrate customer service, which allows customers to our dependence on the relative increase. BOJ has 15 years of distribution experience in the country set up 12 branches, has been the technology as a transition from a broker to a key service provider, and trained a team of nearly 100 business people, By expanding regional technical support team...
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Acer Asus War II broke out and easy PC laptops will be listed in advance

ASUS with well-designed late last year, 2900 yuan price of successful ultra-portable computer market opened low-cost notebooks, HP, Acer (ACER) have followed suit. Recently, by Asus as "the greatest competitor," the Acer, is expected to be greater by virtue of scale and cost advantages of purchasing a minimum price of $ 350 launch (about 2,500 yuan) in the ultra-portable computers cheaper than $ 50 Asus Eee PC above. In this regard, ASUS was forced to counter attack in advance, is expected to be ahead of the Acer, Hewlett-Packard before the launch of the second generation in the end of April and easy PC. Acer a price advantage In developing low-cost Asus Eee PC notebook market, Acer is expected to follow easily the fastest PC in the May low-cost notebook PC configuration and easy to similar, also used 8.9-inch screen; HP will also be l...
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Acer Lenovo beat the second quarter, to regain third place in the global PC market

The second quarter of Lenovo in the global PC market to regain the third position, but with the acquisition of its rival Acers strategy to take positive, Lenovo ranked third for how long? According to iSupplis preliminary rankings, the Chinese PC OEM maker Lenovo in the second quarter PC shipments worldwide with 490 million units, compared with 396 million units in the first quarter increased 22.9%. And 10 in the top five PC suppliers, this is the largest increase, although only slightly higher than the growth rate of 17% of Apple. From the perspective of unit shipments in the second quarter, first quarter, Lenovos shipments increased 908,000 units. The second quarter, overall global shipments fell 1.7% in the first quarter, reducing 1.03 million units. ISupplis computing platform, said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst, "Chinas stro...
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Acer Li energy loss of fourth-quarter revenue plunged fear of reoccurrence

Acer of Taiwans legislature by October 2008 of solar cell module business problems because of the source material and rapid cooling, leading to Reinvestment Acer stand light in October left more than 1,000 million on revenue of NT, although parent steady revenue, but dropped to 80 million yuan consolidated revenue of NT. Acer Li pointed out that the problem is not resolved as raw materials, and U.S. Europe in recent off-season into the winter, while energy subsidies measures in the new U.S. president will begin implementation next year, again, at this stage is very embarrassing. Acer light from November to December is expected to set sales will remain low, the fourth quarter of the loss. Parent company of LED business is expected to hold steady at the level of monthly 5,000-6,000 Taiwan dollars, project orders and the development of the ...
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Acer Q1 ranking for worldwide PC Lenovo acquisition of the third to catch up

Third world PC is becoming increasingly fierce battle. By Acer Lenovo out of the top three, recently said the companys future acquisition opportunities looking to expand market share, the worlds third seat back as soon as possible. The Acer does not show weakness, according to publicly available data, Acers PC sales in the first quarter surged 66% year on year, now accounts for 9.5% global market share, stable blocks third. Currently, the two PC giants are in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other emerging market force. Analysts believe that the global economic downturn, the future will be decided in emerging markets the key to victory two PC giants. Acer : in the first quarter to continue to lead According to earnings, revenue from the first quarter of Acers 450 million yuan a year earlier to grow to 633 million yuan. Since the acq...
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Acer Q2 by the legislation lay drag from profit to loss

Reported across the LED and solar energy field of the second largest stand Acer Electronics (8111) Q2 due to put out large sums of allowance for doubtful accounts, costs and inventory losses, resulting in a single quarter loss of more than 90 million yuan, semi-annual report Investigations by more than 7300 million profit into a loss, loss per share of nearly 1 million. It is understood that the first half of the Legislative Acer electronic total consolidated revenue of 9.9 billion, after-tax loss of about 73 million yuan, a net loss of more than 0.95 yuan per share. Acer 2008 Li LED poor performance in the industry, plus the original cash cow is the stand Acer energy (solar module plant) in the first half is also due to lack of shipping the source material flow, and only earned about 500 million inject less cash cow, with the loss burd...
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