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Acer surpass Dell as the worlds second-largest notebook vendor

Reports market research firm DisplaySearch, Acer beyond the fourth quarter of 2007, Dell, the worlds second-largest notebook computer manufacturer. It is reported that in the fourth quarter, Acer produced 52.5 million notebook PCs, Dell production was 46.4 million units, while production was 66.6 million HP notebook units, with 20% market share for the industry in the first position, Acer share of 16%, 14% of Dells share. In another development, last Wednesday after a month the European Commission investigation, the formal approval of the $ 45,800,000 Acer to buy PC maker in Europe PackardBell. Last October, to $ 710,000,000 Acer completed its acquisition of Gateway. The acquisition of Gateway help Acer to replace Lenovo as the worlds third-largest PC maker. ...
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Acer trillion 9.0 billion acquisition of the layout of the road Heaven

Acer (Acer) 3 announced the acquisition of smart phone manufacturer Eten information, dropped about 9.0 billion Taiwan dollars (about 2.25 billion yuan) to acquire its 100% stake, is expected to formally completed in Q3, Acer Gateway within six months after another acquisition (Gateway), eMachines, PackardBell brands, consolidating PC market power, the more shot smart handheld devices, stretch, Acer chairman JT Wang said that this was after 3 years to the growth of Acer power to prepare, Acer done if one day more than NTD 1 trillion, and today is absolutely important to merge the layout. Under the agreement, Acer intends to convert to shares obtained through 100% stake in Heaven, Heaven exchange ratio of 1.07 shares for the renewal of 1 ordinary share of Acers total volume of transactions expected to reach NTD 9.0 billion, Metin Acer we...
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Acer will release six theater-style notebook computer speakers

3 Yue 14 News, according to Australian media reports, China Taiwan computer maker Acer, Gateway last year after the acquisition, said Tuesday it is committed to provide high accuracy for notebook computer users to experience home theater-style. New generation of "Sapphire" laptop and the same top-HDTV resolution, are 1920 × 1080 pixels, with six speakers, one for the subwoofer, for so-called "5.1" surround sound. The computer next month to $ 1,999 in the United States for sale pricing. At the same time with three speakers and a smaller computer screen is priced at $ 1,699, both inclusive of built-in Bluetooth drive. Computer industry has long been a standard screen resolution, and consumer electronics products are have different standards. Acer products in the series of electronic products with a variety of standard compatibility, an...
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Acer: the future is only five computer company Lenovo will we fight back by

Yesterday, just by virtue of the acquisition of two major computer company Gateway and the PB sit the throne of the worlds third largest computer maker Acer president Samaranch predicted: after the success of the acquisition, Acer and the fourth will soon pull the gap between large, Lenovo will market back by Acer. Learned that, if coupled with the acquisition of Gateway and the PB the computer two months of sales, at present, Acer Lenovo sales exceed 100 million U.S. dollars in sales last year. Acer sales in 2007 was $ 14,060,000,000. Daily Reading Samaranch, then in fact contradictory. He has stressed that the U.S. subprime mortgage woes U.S. computer market could feel significant recession. And recognition as the North American market, strong growth in the Chinese market; but weak sales in China, while Acer, only ranked fifth by sa...
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Achieve "the value of Chinese goods =" opportunities lie?

In Shanghai, the just-concluded 72nd China Electronics Fair, the "Chinese design" and "China" is active in the discussions, "Electronics Manufacturing Summit", "Chinas e-procurement Summit" and exhibition venues. Chinas electronics manufacturers hope to find innovative and discuss business opportunities. As the conferences official media, electronic components and technology network ( initiative and chaired the discussion of this topic. Michael Liu (Dr. Liu Jie) is the Electronic Components Technology Network CEO, he proposed a new theory of value: the value of Chinese goods =. Around the market and demand for innovation, the development of targeted products, guaranteed quality, display product characteristics. Innovative, large and small, focusing on participation and practice. Dr. Liu Jie line is that the value, the ...
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Achieve 200Mbps of RF chips come draft IEEE802.11n

Industry-leading VDSL chipset designer with Israel Metalink has successfully developed in line with the company is currently developing high-speed wireless LAN standard IEE The product has a 2 on the transceiver circuit, the use of spatial multiplexing MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), for the first time in the physical layer over 200Mbit / sec transfer rate. Following the FTTH and VDSL, the wish to provide the final 10m of the broadband environment, the company has been involved in high-speed wireless LAN market, plans volume production in Q3 2005 MtW8150. In addition to this the MtW8150, they also need the antenna interface as passive components group and the baseband chip to form transceiver modules. The use of CMOS technology development company is the baseband chip MtW8170, planned for 2005 Q3 began to supply samples. This pro...
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Actel ARM7 family processor for the FPGA using the development to provide design flow

Actels Libero IDE also supports industry-leading static timing analysis and I / O functions Actel Corporation announced that its Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) adds important new features. The new Libero 6.3 software provides a secure design flow - from synthesis to implementation - in order to Actels CoreMP7 (the industrys first soft ARM7 family processor) integrated into Actels single-chip non-volatile field programmable gate array (FPGA) in the. With this software release, Actel with its industry-leading SmartTime static timing analysis environment, based on minimum delay to provide enhanced support and a unique way to achieve high-speed FPGA-accurate time keeping features. The enhanced software also automates I / O voltage assignments, and support for Actels new RTAX4000S device - the industrys highest density of space ...
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Actel design environment for the worlds first mixed-signal FPGA is more simple and convenient to use

Libero IDE and start a comprehensive package to help system designers Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip to play the potential of Actel Corporation announced the launch of a comprehensive design environment, system development as an important element of a new era, full support for integration of the latest Fusion ? Programmable System Chip (PSC) for implementation. Actel Fusion programmable system chip and Actel Libero ? 7.0 Integrated Design Environment (IDE) integration can be achieved in an unprecedented single-chip digital logic, analog functions, embedded Flash memory and FPGA-based integration. Actel will provide a wide range of tools designed to bring the necessary staff development environment, methods and ways to easily generate, configure and verify this groundbreaking mixed-signal FPGA technology. Actel Libero Integrated D...
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Actel FPGA chip, a new push to support the ARM7 processor core costs by 70%

Actel Corporation has announced its low-cost one million system gates ProASIC3 devices to meet the industrys cost-effective and fully functional FPGA needs. Allegedly, with SRAM-based product comparisons, ProASIC3 A3P1000 to provide superior total system cost, performance, power and security. ProASIC3 devices in order to give full play to the advantages of Flash-based framework and support the implementation of soft ARM7 processor core. Actels ProASIC3 family eliminates the need for the system board needs a variety of components, thus reducing overall system cost. ProASIC3 single-chip structure without adding an external boot PROM or microcontroller to support device programming, and has 0 (highest level) on the power-up feature does not require an external CPLD. Actel said the use of fewer components reduces board space, thereby improvi...
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Actel Fusion using a programmable chip ARM7 function simplifies embedded design

(Electronic markets Reuters) In order to further simplify the design of embedded systems, Actel Corporation announced the launch of powerful design, its single-chip M7AFS device provides the most comprehensive support. M7AFS is the award-winning Actel Fusion mixed-signal Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC) with ARM7-enabled device models. The new programs include: CoreAI (Analog Interface) IP core, and CoreConsole IP Development Platform (IDP) and Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) of the optimized version. Through this optimized development environment, Actel can help designers to quickly and easily with the industrys only ARM7 features mixed-signal FPGA to achieve practical applications, from communications to automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. Actel application solutions Chong is a senior director of marketing, ...
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