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Avalanche large-screen flat-panel TV prices dropping lower and lower future

About 1.3 yuan the previous 47-inch full HD LCD TV fall into the million mark, in the past 2 million 52-inch LCD TV priced at 15,999 yuan ... ... "May Day" period, 46,47,52 inches large-screen flat-panel TV prices emergence of the "avalanche" scene, many models of the price to historic lows, causing a boom market, but also to promote the "May Day" Golden Week, the overall trend of higher sales. Price of the "avalanche" started before January Large-size flat-panel TV prices in the "collapse" begins "May Day" golden week ago. April 4, TCLs LCD TV first to 52M71F price reduction of 20%, down from the 18,998 yuan 15,999 yuan. Which opened a large flat-screen TV "avalanche" of the prologue. Last year, a war against "price card" Sharp, the main push during the period May 32-inch and 46-inch, 46 inch HD price is only 8800 yuan, including 46-i...
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AverLogic new video chip supports comb filter, multi-format signal demodulation

Taiwan AverLogic Technology (AverLogic Technologies) has introduced two new video decoder chip AL240 and AL242, can support adaptive digital comb filter. The acceptable chips from NTSC / PAL / SECAM composite video, S-Video and component signals, and demodulate the 8 / 16 bit digital color YCbCr output. AverLogic, due to the chip built-in 10-bit analog-digital converter (ADC) and adaptive 2D digital comb filter (Adaptive 2D comb filter), can provide a better quality image conversion, and to elaborate a clear image . In addition, the product uses low-power design, not only in handheld devices demand low power consumption, but also to provide high quality and stable product reliability, now the series has passed a number of foreign firms authentication systems and security monitoring, and has entered production stage. With the advent of d...
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Averlogic single chip display driver released

AverLogic Technology (Averlogic) The new second generation of small and medium size single-chip display driver ─ ─ AL330, 128-pin LQFP package adopted, measuring only 14 × 14mm, with low power consumption, with 3 10-bit high precision ADC, 2D full-format video decoder, image enhancement processing circuit, the LCD timing control circuit, OSD, de-interlacing processing circuit; In addition, outside the built-in 8052MCU simplify design, reduce design cost and design difficulty. AL330B for small and medium size TFT-LCD digital LCD panel driving and active OLED panel driven display, and provide value for money solutions; AverLogic addition to the standard reference design and development packages to suit different customers demand, but also provide comprehensive technical support to shorten product development cycles. AverLogic AL330B and o...
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Aviza fourth-quarter loss $ 35,500,000

According to EE Times website reported that the chip equipment supplier Aviza Technology Inc. Recently announced fiscal fourth-quarter sales of $ 35,500,000, compared with the third quarter increased $ 33,500,000, but the fourth quarter compared with last year of $ 50,200,000 reduced significantly. Aviza fourth quarter net loss of $ 3,100,000, from the previous quarter loss of $ 5,600,000 has improved, but the $ 2,600,000 over last years losses increased. For the entire fiscal year 2008, Aviza sales of $ 133,200,000. Ended December 26 for the current quarter, Aviza expects quarterly revenue from 25 million to 32 million U.S. dollars, net income range is -400 10,000 to 50,000 U.S. dollars. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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Avnet, The MathWorks, TI, and Xilinx co-processing SpeedWay seminar start

Companys Avnet Avnet Electronics Marketing, The MathWorks, Texas Instruments (TI) and Xilinx (Xilinx) announced it will hold 2-day Co-Processing SpeedWay Design Workshop (Co-Processing SpeedWay Design Workshop). The seminar will be latest Spartan-3A DSP FPGA / DaVinci development platform, explaining how to "use model-based design methods, the FPGA and DSP co-processing design." Seminar will be held in March 2009 and April in Asia. In the 2-day seminar, Avnet and The MathWorks engineers will be through a series of experiments, explain how to use MATLAB and the company The MathWorks Simulink, the model-based design methodology to accelerate real-time image processing. Participants will also study together the video motion estimation, measured in the Texas Instruments DaVinci DSP and the Spartan-3A DSP FPGA co-processing to achieve the be...
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AVX launched for the military industrial medium power film capacitors

AVX FD series of medium-released feature film capacitors. These standard devices up to a maximum voltage of 3kV (and according to need to provide 5kV), specific energy per liter up to 1,500 joules. These devices operating temperature range between -55 ℃ to 85 ℃, the capacitor in the range 5μF to 150μF, tolerance is ± 10%. These devices have two designs. FDV1 capacitor package with sealed packaging, mainly for military and industrial fields, and FDBB the use of cylindrical plastic case is designed for medical applications and design. These devices can be used for laser remote sensing survey (military), flash (industrial) and cardiac defibrillators (medical). ...
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AVX mobile communications crystal size of only 2.5 × 2 × 0.45mm

AVXs CX-2520SB lead-free ultra-small crystal oscillator for mobile communications equipment. This surface-mount ceramic package crystal oscillator, high reliability, stable performance, package size is 2.5 × 2 × 0.45mm. CX-2520SB oscillator frequency range of 26MHz to 60MHz, can be implemented mobile communications, Bluetooth and wireless LAN applications such as reflow soldering required. The device meet RoHS standards, which dramatically changed the impedance, load capacitance 8Pf, the frequency range from 26MHz to 35MHz, the impedance of 100Ω, the frequency range from 35MHz to 60MHz, the impedance of 50Ω. Other key features include, 25 ℃ when the frequency stability is ± 10ppm, the normal operating temperature range is -30 ℃ to 85 ℃. 1,000 pieces procurement, CX-2520SB lead-free ultra-small crystal oscillator is priced at $ 1; 10,000...
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