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Actel introduced the first mixed-signal FPGA family, designed to replace ASIC

Actel Corporation today announced the launch of the first mixed-signal (mixed-signal) FPGA product family - Actel Fusion programmable system chip integration (PSC), and are immediately available. Single-chip Actel Fusion programmable system chip devices integrated mixed-signal analog, Flash memory and FPGA architecture, its application areas include power management, smart battery charging, clock generation and management, electrical and mechanical control. the above application and so far only by the high cost of space-consuming discrete analog components or mixed-signal ASIC solutions to realize. Actel Fusion programmable system chip, compared with system development has brought many new features, allowing designers to integrate multiple functions in a single device, and depth in the field or to upgrade the production process to provid...
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Actel introduced the industrys fastest FPGA power solutions

Actel Corporation announced the latest experimental results show that the non-volatile FPGAs power to respond faster than SRAM-based 4000 times faster with the types of products, the success of programmable logic to bring the industry The most high-speed power performance. Actels at power-up (live at power-up; LAPU) single-chip FPGA without the need of additional power and initialization circuitry, thus reducing overall system cost. Non-volatile FPGA technology, Actel LAPU feature makes the automotive, consumer electronics, medical, military, and those who need immediate access to the ideal solution for applications operating state, while reducing overall system cost. To simplify the screening LAPU devices, Actel has developed a new LAPU classification system by a variety of semiconductor solutions can be quantitatively the initialization...
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Actel introduces new programmer and starter kit

Actel Corporation announced the launch of low-cost device programmer and start the tool suite to support the launch of its new Flash-based ProASIC3 and ProASIC3E field programmable gate array (FPGA) family. (See press release "Actel introduced the third generation of Flash-based devices to lay low for the industry standard FPGA solution"). New portable FlashPro3 programmer is compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 specification, the new device can provide low-cost and full-speed programming. Actel ProASIC3 start a new kit enables designers to test, design and programming non-volatile ProASIC3 / E devices, which is the industrys lowest cost FPGA solution. FlashPro3 programmer and ProASIC3 Starter Kit designed to support single-chip ProASIC3 / E devices are designed to give full play to the unique structural characteristics of the device. Us...
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Actel Libero IDE offers the latest new and expanded static timing analysis engine

Actel Corporation announced the launch of the latest Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) 6.2 version that integrates the best design tools, design analysis and timing closure with a brand new key features, making the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) designers quality, efficiency and functionality to get the best results. Together with the Libero 6.2 also introduced a new SmartTime Actel static timing analysis environment, to help customers analyze and manage timing, the advanced timing verification and timing-driven layout with tight binding to ensure predictable timing closure. In this version Libero, Actel and Mentor for further cooperation, the Mentor Graphics ModelSim AE simulation of a world-class as the Libero "Gold" set an important component, Libero Gold Set Actel is now available free to all customers. In addition, L...
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Actel new ARINC 429 IP core

Actel Corporation announced the launch of a new intellectual property (IP) cores, designed to shorten development time aeronautical communications systems and simultaneously improve performance. Actel Core429 is the implementation of the new ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Inc.) 429 communications standard bus interface core, designed for use with Actels nonvolatile FPGA optimized with the use of products, including the ProASIC Plus and Axcelerator devices. Core429 is a highly flexible solution that simplifies system design, and has several unique features, including full channel configurability and programmable FIFO depth and interrupt capability. At the same time, when combined with Actels nonvolatile FPGA with the use of time, Core429 is the only firm-error immune, programmable ARINC 429 solution. Flexible solution offers unique capabili...
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ACTELs PROASIC3 million gate FPGA devices to reduce overall system cost and power consumption

(Electronic markets Reuters) Actel has announced the formal operation of its low-cost payment of one million system gates ProASIC3 devices to meet the industrys cost-effective and fully functional FPGA needs. With the SRAM-based product comparison, ProASIC3 A3P1000 provide superior total system cost, performance, power and security. Actel ProASIC3 devices to full play the advantages of Flash-based architecture, also supports the implementation of soft ARM7 processor core, is the emphasis on power, cost and size of system design the best solution. Actels ProASIC3 family eliminates the need for the system board needs a variety of components, thus reducing overall system cost. ProASIC3 single-chip structure without adding an external boot PROM or microcontroller to support device programming, and has 0 (highest level) on the power-up feature...
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Actions announced first quarter fiscal 2009 net loss of $ 1,500,000 earnings

SAN FRANCISCO at 16:15 on May 6 (Beijing time at 4:15 on May 7), according to foreign media reports, Actions Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ACTS) today announced March 31st as the the first quarter of fiscal 2009 earnings. The report shows that first-quarter net loss of Actions $ 1,500,000, with net profit of $ 500,000 in the first quarter, compared with net profit of $ 10,700,000; Actions in the first quarter revenue of $ 12,200,000, less than the previous quarters $ 16,100,000 , and last years $ 25,200,000. Main results: In accordance with U.S. GAAP: Actions in the first quarter 1220 revenue of U.S. dollars, less than the previous quarters $ 16,100,000, and last years $ 25,200,000; Actions first quarter net loss of 150 million, diluted loss per ADS of $ 0.02; last year the net profit of 1070 million, diluted earnings per ADS of $ 0.1; the ...
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Actively build green electronics industry is preparing a new policy in China

According to iSuppli Corporation, in response to China over the past 30 years on the single-minded pursuit of economic growth to the neglect of environmental protection of the accused, the Chinese government is formulating appropriate policies to promote the electronics industry to green and sustainable practices. The Chinese government attached great importance current mode of the green on the concept of national development. Government re-committed to food, technology, construction and industry to adopt more sustainable practices. Where energy conservation has been listed as Chinas 11th Five-Year Plan important task. Government will strictly control high energy consumption projects and investment in heavily polluting industries such as steel. Officials are urging all businesses to take energy-saving technologies, the implementation o...
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Actively responding to survey the domestic LED industry in urgent need of 337 patent strategy

March of this year, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on the light-emitting diode (LED) launched the "337 investigation." The 30 companies involved, including four in the lower reaches of Chinas LED business, leading to the domestic industry and the media of great concern. April 16, in Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance, coordinated by the two Chinese companies to the United States filed a respondent ITC. Two companies actively responding Reporter learned that, in the prosecution of the four companies, there are two companies --- Guangzhou Hongli Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Lei Chau Electronics Co., Ltd. filed a respondent, while the other two companies were selected to give up. "China Electronics News" reporter called the two enterprises involved, the respondent about their preparations. Guangzhou ...
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ADD the new technology will help to develop new high-performance microprocessors

ADD California company (Asynchronous Digital Design) today announced that its technology will help develop a new high-performance microprocessors. And the difference is that most of the existing chips, the microprocessor will not need the timer. Present, because the chip timer controls the time, so most of these are synchronous microprocessors, and to the number of cycles per second, rotating the timer to indicate how fast the computer executes instructions. Although the chip is now faster than before, but the large energy-consuming than the original. In addition, the larger the chip, design, production and maintenance of the higher cost of the chip. As transistors on a chip connected to more and more heat out of the inevitable divergence increases, the development of the chip will be able to go beyond its own conditions. With improved ...
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