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Added a new family of aluminum cable RFS CELLFLEXLite

6 Yue 18 News a few days ago, RFS RF cable solutions launched several new CELLFLEX ? Lite ; corrugated aluminum outer conductor coaxial cable products, including the ? inch specification LCF12-50JL, 1 ? inch of specifications LCFS114-50JL, and super soft 1 ? inch of specifications UCF114-50JL. RFS product line after the new enlargement of the family of aluminum cable products include all common sizes and is applicable to all types of situation, and further enrich and improve the industrys top lightweight corrugated aluminum cable series the range of products. RFS this several family members have experienced the latest test of many projects and was a great success, to ensure the RFS corrugated aluminum outer conductor in radio frequency cable products portfolio with todays global market most competitive. "CELLFLEX Lite solution...
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Added value of exports of the electronics is also down year on year decline

Rely on 3G communications industry a bright spot Support the electronics industry is considered an important force in Chinas exports go up again. However, the electronics industry to play a driving role in the outlook is not optimistic. Electromechanical Import and Export Chamber of Commerce yesterday from a reporter was informed that from January to February this year, the electronics value-added fell 9.4% decline over the December 2008 increase of 7 percentage points. The same period, exports of electronic information products dropped significantly by 26.1% year on year, higher than the national decline in the level of exports fell 5 percentage points overall. Data show that production of the electronic components industry fell significantly this year. The first two months, electronic components, electronic components, manufacturing ...
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Additional investment by the MOD Toshiba SD card to expand digital media delivery

Toshiba recently announced by way of equity investment will be MOD Systems Incorporated, MOD is a U.S. retail industry to provide digital content delivery system of the enterprise. In September 2007 on the $ 4,000,000 investment in MOD Systems, based on the Toshiba will invest an additional 2,000 million, which makes Toshibas total investment 2,400 million. MOD Systems provides retailers with digital media delivery system, which enables consumers to download digital content, and burn them to disc format. Company will use the new system in spring 2009 to expand its current music download system, which will directly download a variety of entertainment content (including movies and TV series series) into the retail industry. Consumers will be able to use the SD card, the most widely used solid-state media card to download content at home a...
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Additional loan Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics fate across the four exams required threshold

financing and refinancing, the basic function of the stock market, issuing a public company is one important means of re-financing, whether the issuance of "malicious" misappropriating, can not be simply defined , but a look at motivation, the second hand market to see whether the three have raised capital to see the flow of major shareholders in disguise. Recently, the listed company Xoceco private placement, it becomes quite meaningful, not only the major shareholder of the company out of cash to help pay the debt, also promised to help the Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics to become the industry leader. market analysts on the issuance of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics to give ratings of optimism, they think, issuance is completed, reducing the debt burden of the Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic, with the help of the ma...
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Adds force Wuxi IC industry

6 17, Governor Luo Zhijun, Mayor Mao Xiaoping and other provincial and municipal leaders during a visit to South Korea Li Chuanhai Hynix Semiconductor Nano-54 12-inch wafer manufacturing plant, Hynix Semiconductor attended a signing sales center in Wuxi ceremony. This is Hynix Semiconductor packaging and testing project, following the recent success of the contract settled after a major breakthrough in Wuxi, Wuxi form a complete industrial chain of the integrated circuit industry to build state-level IC Industrial Park added a thick stroke. The international semiconductor industry to seize the favorable opportunity to transfer to further extend and improve the IC industry chain, Hynix Semiconductor in May this year the city signed with the packaging and testing project cooperation agreement. Base for the realization of the development o...
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Adequate on-site break the iphone cell phone spot "gray market" strong

"IPhone, buy now no longer need a reservation." Located near the Shanghai Railway Station in the city of a communication, dyed his hair yellow hair of the small river is one of many in the iPhone, a member of the seller. He is to see customers to buy iPhone, crack brush site, the reporters identity will be to purchase, and his conversation. Statement by a small river, although the iPhone, not yet officially entered the mainland market, but now the gray supply channels have been strong enough to "as long as people want to buy, have enough stock." IPhone sellers of digital stores everywhere Huaihai Zhong Road, located in Plaza Cyber Digital, a company authorized access to Apple products Apple store. Yesterday afternoon, a reporter asked whether to go there to sell iPhone, sales staff hurriedly waved, said, "We do not sell. IPhone mobile ...
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ADI 40-channel analog signal processing-intensive integrated DAC for precision applications

Analog Devices (Analog Devices, Inc.) Has introduced multi-channel monolithic digital-8 (DAC), integrated in a single chip analog signal processing-intensive performance, to address the requirements of small size and high precision industrial and instrumentation applications in the problem. This new DAC 8 is the use of iCMOS process development, and expand its line of high density DAC denseDACTM series, suitable for automatic test equipment (ATE, pin electronic equipment), optical network (switches, variable optical attenuator VOA), and precision instruments instrumentation (oscilloscopes, data generators, industrial IO board). According to reports, the 8 DAC devices include AD536x and AD537x series, in a small (9mm × 9mm) package offers 40 channels, high accuracy, and ± 10V output voltage range, and with the new chip set functions, For ...
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ADI 5V supply applications launched for low-noise dual op amp

Analog Devices recently introduced the first for +2.7 V ~ +5.5 V supply voltage with low noise performance of the Precision dual operational amplifier. In order for low-voltage instrumentation, audio, communications and medical systems design engineer in the same package needs multiple precision amplifiers, AD8656 is ADIs recently introduced the AD8655 dual amplifier version of its noise performance than competitive solutions with low 2 / 3. AD8656 AD8655 not only has the advantages of low noise performance, but also can reduce the printing of a power AD8656 CMOS amplifiers at full common-mode voltage (VCM) provided within the offset voltage of 250 μV maximum precision. The device is available in 10 kHz at 2.7 nV / √ Hz voltage noise spectral density and low 0.0008% low distortion, eliminating the need for external transistor gain stage...
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ADI Blackfin processors help solve the cost barriers to thermal infrared camera

Analog Devices (ADI) has released its ADSP-533 Blackfin processor, and said has been used in Ann Arbor Sensor Systems LLCs AXT100 thermal infrared imaging camera. Infrared cameras will be in AXT100 energy into the process of color image play a critical role in the Blackfin processor, and ultimately help the company overcome the Ann Arbor thermal infrared imaging camera has been so slow market price barriers. ADI introduced infrared imaging technology is a key manufacturing technology applications, such as for the naked eye can not see the die-casting mold and injection mold manufacturing technology requirements. Ann Arbor company called AXT100 camera uses a focal plane array thermopile (TFPA) array of sensors, making the camera dimensions, weight and power consumption are reduced a lot. "To date, the camera is equipped with process cont...
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ADI clock ICs to add sub-picosecond jitter performance

Analog Devices (Analog Devices Inc., ADI) today announced the new clock integrated circuit (IC) products - AD951x and AD9540 clock IC, can be used for wireless infrastructure transceivers, instrumentation and broadband infrastructure in the signal treatment. The clock IC with ultra low jitter (sub picosecond) performance, the key to greatly reduce the system noise in the signal chain. Addition to low jitter, ADIs clock IC has integrated several key features (no need to use multiple discrete components) to improve system performance, thereby reducing the printed circuit board (PCB) area, and ultimately reducing material (BOM) cost. These key features include low phase noise PLL (phase locked loop) frequency synthesizer core, programmable dividers, and adjustable delay cell circuit. ADIs clock distribution IC series includes the clock IC a...
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