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Business boost energy market heating up the market potential of up to 1,800 billion

National development planning requirements, the current energy-saving technologies should be promoted frequency conversion, ie fans, pumps, compressors and other general mechanical system with frequency control energy-saving measures, industrial machinery, process using variable frequency AC motor speed control technology. Expert analysis, the current efficiency of various types of motor weighted average lower than abroad 3 to 5 percentage points, the efficiency of fan and pump lower than in developed countries 2% to 3%, the overall motor drive system in use efficiency lower than the near abroad 20%. "At present, the industry standard drive the process of being developed and will soon enter the implementation stage." June 27, Chengdu hope Senlan Bin, general manager of the drive manufacturer, most of the new hotels in Beijing organized ...
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Business confidence to go look at the rise of the solar photovoltaic industry in Qinghai

Kua Fu, exhausted to death. However, his dream was not shattered, keep the sun for the benefit of living has been a human pursuit. When the tunnel across time and space, the view back to the 21st century from the ancient times, we were pleasantly surprised to find that dream turned into a little braggadocio of solar panels. Come a long human nature worship, only to find their daily like braggadocio like, let the suns energy into sustainable energy, with us forever. ◆ 80s of last century, the province to promote solar photovoltaic power generation system to areas without electricity Annual average 2500-3650 hours of sunshine, compared with the field, the sun is one of the most valuable asset of Qinghai, and to maximize the suns radiation into energy required for the production of life, people expect all the plateau . Qinghai is Chinas...
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Business Journal: 2007 winner takes on the consumer electronics market

"Business Week" article points out that the best consumer electronic products in 2007 apparently from music players and game products, but can not determine who gets in the end. The annual consumer electronics market, there are always winners and losers. However, the phenomenon of 2007, this rarely entirely different situation. Successful products that not only success but also great success. The losers have failed to particularly miserable. Some success is not successful suspense. Apples move this year to continue implementation of the acknowledged leaders in the media player market, the iPod player is still synonymous with the entire industry. Losers in this market are those who come out to challenge Apples iPod for those products. IPod far beyond the competition According to market research firm NPD Group said that, despite the ef...
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Business Journal: Intel Q1 results rekindled hope that the technology industry

"Business Week" article points out that Intels first quarter earnings report to investors new hope, perhaps, Intel and the whole technology industry to ride out the recession trough? Intel released the latest first quarter earnings, while reducing the double-digit profit up, but the overall earnings performance still shines investors, Intels mainstream chip, computer chips and servers to maintain a healthy growth in demand for news , in one fell swoop to remove it in 1 month before the release of bad news investors have left the haze. News was released, Intel stock is soaring after the close of trading crashed, computer and server manufacturers indicate the future performance will not be too bad, before, investors have been worried about the development of the technology industry will be seriously affected by the economic downturn. In ...
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Business Week: Apple CEO puzzle Cook headed just a matter of time

- > Return to Apple Apple seems to fulfill its promise, as repeatedly claimed by the company at the end of June, as Steve Jobs returned to Apples helm. As the date approaches, and the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be held on June 8, the outside worlds attention came back to Steve Jobs and his return will give investors, customers and employees caused by impact, which is the most affected Cook. January of this year, had suffered from pancreatic cancer in January this year when Steve Jobs announced the sick leave until June, Cook has been responsible for during sickness Apples daily operations. In the past six months, the Cook will be the company well managed, led to whether or how long after CEO Steve Jobs took over the post discussion. The focus of the discussion, why not appoint Cook as CEO, and let the Jobs as chairm...
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Business Week: Qualcomm Challenges Intel Freescale push intelligence of the

"Business Week" article points out that Intel (blog) plans to launch a rival called smart in this small laptop to challenge Intel and Microsoft in the Internet market leader. Qualcomm and Freescale hope that this new product can be as big as the Internet success. In order to reduce their new netbook with Intel in the gap on the market, chip manufacturers in the smart marketing on this put a lot of cost. Mobile phone chip maker Qualcomm was smart this definition in the 5 to 12-inch screen, specifically for web browsing and e-mail video clips of mobile computing devices. In general, this product is very similar with the Internet. Since last year, this low-cost small laptop computer industry began to become the best-selling products. According to investment bank Collins Stewart expects the Internet sales in 2009 will reach 3 million units...
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Buzz mobile TV a new round of infighting GB Mobile intends to intervene

The face of broad market prospects, the major giants in the national standard on mobile TV has already started and the increasingly fierce competition. Latest news shows, the National Standardization Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "National Standards Commission") has shortlisted some companies sent a letter, asking them to submit the test standards. Subsequently, the National Standard Committee, the Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission and State Administration of Radio, will constitute the jury focused on the standards submitted to the test, the national standard of mobile TV has kicked off a new round of infighting. 33 tests selection GB According to previous reports, the National Standards Commission has been established for this test group 3, the final test will be divi...
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By the financial crisis and other factors in 2008 growth rate of Chinas LED market decline

CCID Consultings research that the global financial crisis and other factors, the 08-year growth rate of Chinas LED market a certain degree of decline in sales volume is expected to increase about 12%. After years of rapid development, by the global financial crisis and other factors, the Chinese LED market growth in 2008 compared to 2007 there was a certain degree of decline, the market expected sales growth in 2008 can only be reached LED about 12%. But compared to other semiconductor products, the LED applied more widely, and the dependence for small consumer products, so the LED industry, although the financial crisis has had a negative impact, but its magnitude is relatively weak impact on and the LED landscape lighting, street lighting, large-size backlight, automobile lights and other fields with enormous development potential, ...
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By the financial crisis facing the winter status of solar energy

As the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis spread into a panic of the global economy, closely related to the global economy under the impact of Chinese manufacturing large, this crisis but also to the rapid development of solar industry poured cold water. Exports, weakening the spending power of the world, because the government struggling to cope with financial crisis, the United States and Europe solar subsidy policy is also expected to become uncertain future together, which is solar energy export markets more difficult. The domestic front, due to the downturn in real estate transactions, the center is the citys solar power consumption suppressed, either central cities or in the retail market, developers have a weak construction market driven trends. Even so, compared to textiles, electronics and other high level of external dependence a...
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BYD Electronic Return A shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange established

Yesterday, shares of BYD (1211.HK) announced that the Board of Directors has confirmed the companys A shares will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, while shares of BYD in the December 20 general meeting to seek shareholder consent. If approved at the general meeting, need approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other relevant departments. Before the announcement BYD, BYD plans to issue shares of more than 222.3 million shares of A shares, the exclusive sponsor and lead underwriter for the UBS Securities, is expected to issue A shares will be completed in 2008. BYD shares sources, such as the implementation of the 222.3 million shares issued A shares, representing 9.78% of the enlarged share capital, while the H shares of the total capital ratio will be diluted from 27.7% to 25%. A share issue of the funds rai...
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