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Barclays expects the second quarter than in the mobile phone industry will resume growth in quarter

Barclays Capital research analyst Jeff Koval (Jeff Kvaal) report released on Wednesday said it expects the mobile phone industry in the 3 end inventory from the current level of 5-6 weeks down to 4 to 5 weeks of the normal level. Kowal pointed out that this means that the mobile phone industry will return to the second quarter than the growth season, but he still expects handset sales to drop 12%. Koval reiterated in the report on Nokias "overweight" rating, and is expected to launch new mobile phones Nokia, Ovi sector through its wireless services and other measures to improve its product line. He also expects Nokias share price will rebound in the mid of this year. ...
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Barco LED display in China through the ISO14001 certification

Global visualization and display solutions leader Barco is pleased to announce, Barco LED manufacturing base in the world May 7, 2009 through the ISO14001 certification. LED display of the certification covers the design, manufacture and installation of all operational processes, will strengthen the companys environmental awareness and business philosophy, so as to create a more efficient, green, reliable products. Following the major Chinese companies operating Barco ISO 14001 certification through the following agencies (including Shanghai, Beijing, Changping (Beijing), Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong), new manufacturing base for the company overall to achieve the certification ISO 14001 standard compliance . ISO certificate by the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS of Switzerland presente...
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Base by the United States in 2008 Mouser catalog distributor sales growth award

Mouser Electronics has announced that, Mouser was held last week in Las Vegas on the annual Electronic Distribution Show (EDS) to obtain the U.S. base (KEMET) issued by the companys 2008 sales growth award. Mouser in the past year has achieved significant growth in sales year on year, the top U.S. distributors of the first Mai Ruji ranks. -Based U.S. company, vice president of global distribution strategy, Jim Bruorton President said: "We are delighted to base the U.S. fiscal year 2009 sales growth of catalog distribution of awards granted Mouser Electronics. Our industry has experienced unprecedented difficulties, and by Mouser their own way to get the base of the United States a significant increase in sales, to pay a lot of effort, the U.S. team grateful for this foundation. deeper level of our customers, our latest product informatio...
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Base in the Midwest to build solar Shuangliu

Solar energy industry in the ascendant, Shuangliu competitive as Chinas central and western regions of the city, its solar energy industry has begun to take shape. April 20 held a second in Shanghai, "Shanghai, Chengdu Salon", the theme of "Creating Chengdu, characteristics and advantages of solar energy industry", brought together many experts within the industry, company, focuses on the development of photovoltaic industry Shuangliu County the status quo, and the future of Chinas PV industry analysis and outlook. "Double located in the south of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, for 12 consecutive years ranked top ten counties. Shuangliu most representative of the solar energy industry is an emerging industry." Shuangliu high Chi-kin said the county party secretary, "There have been awfully Apollo Solar PV industry pioneer and a number of inv...
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Based in Shanghai, Xiamen billion light sights on China market

Downstream packaging of Taiwan LED maker Everlight positive start in the LED lighting, layout, made following the OSRAM patents in the LED lighting, the billion light is ready to Shanghai and Xiamen as a base for expansion of the LED lighting market in mainland China. Current mainland government to actively promote LED lighting, Everlight is also quick whip of the gamma distribution, in March and a joint venture with Shanghai Yaming bulb factory Yaming solid state lighting, and lighting giant Osram OSRAM with international reach all patent cross-licensing, 4 months and Xiamen Software Industry Investment and Development Company signed a contract to build the modern lighting applications Xiamen design and business center. Billion light director, said the government is actively promoting across the continent LED lighting, light will be ...
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Based on Spartan-3E, Xilinx introduced the industrys first programmable ExpressCard

Xilinx (Xilinx) today announced the industrys first programmable ExpressCard application, which consists of Philips PX1011A PCI Express PHY and PDD2016 DVB-T module, a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA and an optimized PCI Express LogiCORE IP core composition . The solution for specifications to meet the relevant PCMCIA ExpressCard module performance and power requirements. recently, PCMCIA working group developed a next-generation ExpressCard PC specifications to take advantage of scalable high-bandwidth serial PCI Express interface and an increase for mobile and desktop computers necessary to USB2.0 interface. PCI Express ExpressCard expansion interface capabilities can be used to provide a hot-swappable module, reliable, durable, you can expand the system easily and to ensure interoperability. According to reports, Xilinx programmable solutions...
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Based on the embedded CPU cores, IAR Systems 32-bit compiler implementation cycle by half

IAR Systems has announced new support for Atmel AVR32 embedded CPU core IAR Embedded Workbench. Released the same day AVR32 architecture, combined with IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32, can be used to develop a variety of demanding applications, such as consumer edutainment, marketing terminal node, biometric scanning, voice recognition and motion detection. According to reports, research and development with the Atmel AVR hardware design companies at the same time, IAR company after several years of iterative development and application of software and hardware for the objectives of the overall analysis, IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32 of the C / C + + compiler implements advanced recognition technology application code structure, and can take full advantage of AVR32 instruction architecture Single-cycle load / store, SIMD and DSP inst...
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Based on the national strategy to promote the development of solid-state lighting technology

Barack Obamas energy and environmental development plans call for the development of the whole society "cheap, clean, efficient energy." Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office in the implementation of Obamas plan plays a very important role in for Americas future energy strategy provides a bright future. The U.S. before the SSL program similar to the national "863" plan. In fact, the United States has developed solid-state lighting technology to the national strategic level. U.S. Department of Energy DOE to support domestic SSL technology related with any research, development, demonstration and commercialization activities, as long as its advanced energy efficiency technologies to complete the target on it, DOEs SSL R & D main objectives are very clear, that is, These more energy-efficient than conventional light sources the ul...
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Batteries are on the rise of the camera module is shrinking

According to industry analyst firm NanoMarkets2007 in October report, the thin film and printed battery market by 2015 there will be 5.6 billion in revenue. These ultra-light and flexible shape of the power devices can be customized so that it can be ideal for the emerging portable electronic devices, as well as existing products (such as smart cards, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and sensors) to increase functionality. Film and printable batteries has many advantages. Mainly cost-effective mass production is very high, particularly in the RFID, sensors, smart cards and medical equipment. The ability to provide cheap power is very attractive. The batteries also have extended the service life of these products unique ability for end users to increase the value of another dimension. The financial side, the report said film a...
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Battery product quality checks in 2006 74.5% pass rate

To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the healthy development of the battery industry, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Organization conducted a national battery product quality supervision and inspection, a total sample of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities in 29 6 enterprises producing 55 kinds of products, qualified 41, the product sample pass rate of 74.5%. Sampling results showed that: market share, the larger the better product quality, and some small businesses are more issues of product quality. The spot checks found in the main quality issues: 1, the discharge capacity does not meet the standards. Discharge capacity is an important indicator to measure battery life. The sampling of 13 kinds of products in the discharge...
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