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Baumer "handle" grand housing market ranging sensors

20 Laser Range Sensor Adds a new member - OADR20 series of sensors. Stainless steel housing is a significant features of this sensor. Now, they are easily the first time, the IP69K degree of protection, so the process particularly suitable for the application environment. OADR20 sensor measurement range between 30 to 600mm, resolution up to 0.005mm, Response time only 0.9ms. Products can be equipped with dotted or linear laser beam; the linear laser beam to monitor a larger area, thus particularly suitable for rough surface distance measurement. With its intelligent analysis of internal signals, regardless of how the color of the surface to be scanned, these sensors are able to provide an accurate output signal. Two simple measurement range from the learning process so that an exact match with the specific application. Except, this feat...
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BCM7411: support for H.264 standard video compression chip

Broadcom has introduced support for high-definition consumer video products, the next generation of advanced H.264 video compression standard chip BCM7411. The new video processor enables manufacturers to bring next-generation set-top boxes, DVD players and digital television entertainment system in early 2005 to market economy. the next generation of video / audio consumer electronics products, basic requirements, based on the H.264 compression technology (also known as MPEG-4 Part 10 / Advanced Video Coding (AVC)), greatly reduction in service provider networks and digital video content required for HD bandwidth, in the usual HD DVD and the system hard disk storage media. BCM7411 Broadcom video processor is the third generation to support H.264 video compression standard silicon devices. in Broadcoms silicon solutions introduced befo...
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BDO Runda the first time in half and then proposed LED cooperation

Recently, BDO Runda (002005) and abnormal fluctuations in stock prices once again, behind the strong rise in the companys board of directors to consider "on the replenishment of the Popular Science Electronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd motion", and its subsidiaries with the Guangdong health Lung LED sign up to business-related asset purchase agreement. Signed under the previous "asset purchase agreement", Taishan City, a subsidiary of BDO Runda Kin Lung Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. intends to purchase health Lunda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong, Yun Ping Kin Lung Circuit Board Co., Ltd. and LED business associated with all fixed assets, at cost 149 million to 107 million total purchase price. View of this, BDO Runda LED Lunda and the Guangdong health cooperation projects are still in depth. February of th...
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Bean fields and extension: OLED technology brings low-cost bright future

2010 Nian 8 26 afternoon, in the second session of the Asian flat panel display industry During the exhibition, much industry attention in 2010 China (Guangzhou) flat panel display industry in Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel Forum was held in the East Room. Good show from the Rainbow Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited areas of the Japanese OLED senior experts and extension field, Mr. Bean, for us "AM-OLED technology and application of low cost market trends." Mr. Bean wild that the current OLED industry environment has become very serious, leading to some of the early technology development companies have emerged to give up the movement of OLED mass production, largely because of rapid progress of LCD technology, now in contrast LCD , angle and other performance has improved leaps and bounds, and because large-scale production for the price de...
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Before the May foreign direct investment in China rose 54.97 percent

2008 in 1-5 month of the country in attracting foreign direct investment January to May this year, China newly approved 11915 foreign investment enterprises, down 20.95%; the actual use of foreign investment 42.778 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 54.97%. 5 the month, China newly approved 2425 foreign investment enterprises, down 10.94%; the actual use of foreign investment 7.761 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 37.94%. The same period, the United States the number of newly established enterprises in China dropped 28.13% year on year, actual foreign investment increased by 25.09%; from Europe, the number of newly established enterprises in China dropped 24.85% year on year, actual foreign investment rose 35.20%. January to May this year, with investment in China top ten countries / regions (the actual input of foreign capital...
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Begin testing mobile TV standards committee set up three sub-national standard

Recently, much attention for mobile TV standards war, the State Committee for Standardization (hereinafter referred to as National Standard Committee) has set up three teams, will mobile TV standard for indoor and outdoor total of 33 tests. Mobile TV has the "fifth media" and said has broad prospects for development. Foreign analysts said the global mobile TV products, total revenue in 2010 will reach 300 billion U.S. dollars. Easily understood forecast made by Analysys International said earlier, when the overall mobile TV users in China will reach 22.19 million. The national standard will drive the industry through the rapid development and implementation of technology could become an example of independent innovation, so this review attention by the industry, attracting many domestic and international attention. Reported, the Natio...
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Beginning of spring next year, the semiconductor industry is expected to be profitable

Warming to the nightmare of the Chinese market demand for the semiconductor industry, struggling to bring a breath of awakening. 4 27, SMIC 2008 financial report. The report shows that SMIC 2008 total revenues of 1.35 billion, down 13%; net loss of $ 440,200,000, a loss in 2007 amounted to $ 19,500,000. But SMIC CEO Richard Chang, president and chief semiconductor industry that the worst is over, now the industry is about to pick up, while the Chinese market will recover fastest. As the worlds third-largest chip foundry SMIC will continue to focus on maintaining customer relationships, product mix, and will reach upstream and downstream industry chain extension, is expected to be profitable next year. Monthly orders to pick up SMIC, founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, has three foundries. SMICs production capac...
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Behind the extraordinary growth of the semiconductor market to be vigilant

Although seemingly very Huo semiconductor market, but analysts see the signal to raise the alarm. Analysts warned the recovery is not the same. The semiconductor equipment and materials market exceptional burst of growth, but many industry analysts believe the industry has seen shadows. Although SEMI order / sales, B / B 1.23 is still high, and the global average of 3 months of orders in 2009 compared with growth of 220.4 percent, but many of the industry head for lunch in a recent seminar in Silicon Valley to discuss the trend of industrial growth in 2011-2012 could hear the voices of various cross. Gartners Bob JohnsON that investment growth in 2010, the semiconductor can be more than 90%, and will continue to grow in 2011. It may still be true that in 2012, and then start a new round of the down cycle. In 2010, after 35.4 billion, G...
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Behind the huge loss on the Radio: Government support to the gap

Liquid crystal panels in one of three giant Shanghai Media Group (the "SVA") hanging by a thread. SVA SVA Electrons listed companies (600,602), SVA Information (600637) announced April 2 that day, the Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Municipal State Assets Commission set up a working group to conduct research on state radio and television groups, group members are mainly from Shanghai Electronics Development Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Instrument and Electronics) and SVA Group, the relevant staff. A day earlier, the two companies are in trouble due to be hosted on the radio and television news was the Shanghai Stock Exchange suspended. SASAC Shanghai SVA choice for the hosting side of Shanghai Instrument and Electronics, the company has become the fourth state-owned assets Shanghai investm...
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Behind the main cottage frequently missing: speed up the exit of the cottage online

- > Addition to the normal closure and delisting, some of the main cottage has chosen a disgraceful retreat - a large number of money owed to suppliers and workers wages, playing suddenly disappeared, the industry commonly known as "Pao Lu." Few days ago, came from the factory in Shenzhen cottage online news, Recently been playing the disappearance of the main cottage phenomena have occurred, and these, especially for the most number of satellite companies. Main cottage disappeared 5 13, to produce the famous cottage of the number of satellite technology company Shenzhen office mess, the company gathered more than 40 people, including some which come to beg for money to suppliers and employees. "3 month begins, we seldom see the owner of the company." One employee said, "after mid-April, the boss has not been to." 4 27, the numbe...
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