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Behind the SMIC earnings: dilute the risk at home and abroad

Million net profit for the -9800, SMIC has connected 9-quarter loss. But the second quarter of 2009, but it is this company the most competitive period ever. 2009 second quarter, SMIC in the first quarter, total sales increased by 146 million to 267 million, increased 82.5%, compared to last year, down 22%. Really glad this is not the place to SMIC. Where it is most proud of is that the proportion of high-end products. Reported a 90 nm to 130 nm high-end logic chips 135% sequential increase in revenue has been increased to 41%, 90-nanometer products accounted for 16.6%, a record high. SMIC CEO Richard Chang is pleased to earnings, he patiently describes a large segment. Another reason is pleased to Richard Chang, the second quarter, customer demand in all regions are in recovery, while demand in Asias most powerful driving force, in w...
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Beijing Construction technology platform resources open to the 7.63 billion yuan

- > By the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee and the Chinese Academy of Sciences 12 research institutes, universities and large enterprises to build the capital of the Joint Platform of science and technology R & D base in 3 experimental service was established. It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission invested 58 million yuan of special funds for 264 countries and Key Laboratory of Beijing, 1.3 million units (sets) of equipment to the open society, open to reach the total value of scientific and technological resources 7.63 billion yuan. Beijing is the scientific and technological resources (equipment) where the most abundant, but a long time, there are closed, scattered, idle or even use unreasonable phenomenon, mainly scattered in different research institutes, instruments and...
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Beijing Exhibition of large screen LED display industry confidence in the reservoir after the ice

Beijing International Exhibition LED display has shrunk into highlights 2009 Nian 5 Yue 6 Ri -8, Beijing China International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Beijing International LED fair in the context of the global financial crisis began. In the plan compared to the scale of the two pavilions, the actual exhibitors occupy only a show tubes. This is the exhibition held in Beijing International LED faces the first time since the scale of "shrinking" of the situation. Times, according to relevant aspects of network to the projection reflects the impact of the global financial crisis, some foreign companies to give up the show, or reduce the scale of the exhibits. This is becoming a shrinking size of the main reasons for the show. Furthermore, LED product in the middle and lower reaches of domestic labor-intensive process of some en...
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Beijing invested 260 billion within three years the development of electronic information industry

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Zhang Gong said yesterday, following the national introduction of the top ten light industries, Beijing has also developed based on the actual situation of the eight industrial revitalization plan, the specific implementation of the program will soon be launched soon. The revitalization of industry, including eight Beijing electronic information industry, automobile industry, equipment manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical industry, urban industry, new energy and environmental protection industries, producer services, logistics. "Which covers the eight major industries in Beijing the most dynamic industry segment", said Zhang Gong, eight have been identified through the revitalization of industry, we can see that Beijing is ahead of the key to the future development of certain industries....
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Beijing Mobile calls +1 yuan can be stored by the TD-SCDMA data card

China Mobile Beijing company (the "Beijing Mobile") launched the "3G on the card with the e line of one dollar card purchase" activities. From now until June 30, stored some calls to get a +1 million TD-SCDMA data card. This activity has previously practiced in Guangdong and other places, may be China Mobile Group to promote TD-SCDMA business to take a unified strategy. Stored 600 or 900 yuan bills From now until June 30, the user calls a stored +1 600 or 900 yuan per line you can get 3G on the card with the e one. Calls from customers for pre-existing activities in a monthly return from month, the monthly return of 50. Early China Mobile TD-SCDMA network card download speed is 384Kbps, 1.1Mbps and is now mostly 2.2Mbps. In the Beijing area with the actual rate of up to 100Kbps ~ 800Kbps. The campaign calls stored data does not incl...
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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry: Electronics stores three traps "Fudge" people

Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday released consumer tips, to the electronic store to buy electronic digital products, be sure to guard against unscrupulous businessmen set three traps, and prevent "flicker" buy high price, poor quality of electronic products. City of Industry, 12,315 complaints reporting center that recently have received the consumers reflected in the number of electronic market optimistic about the plan to buy their own electronic products, but businesses are more issues that this product is highly recommended another known high-profile low price of similar products, but consumers buy only to find not only configuration is not high, the price should be higher than the manufacturers suggested retail price of nearly thousand dollars. Consumers and businesses can not prove the existence of oral...
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Beijing Olympic Games from the RFID radio frequency identification technology

Tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games spectators embedded chip technology was first introduced. When entering the stadium, ticket holders, just swipe the instrument in the hands of ticket Tickets can be. Chip embedded in the technology greatly enhanced the ability of Olympic tickets for the security screening and check-in speed. In addition, a detailed record of Olympic tickets has tickets to buy time, place, admission time and the seating area and other information to facilitate management of Olympic Games security order. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are also commonly referred to as "tag", is a non-contact automatic identification technology, radio frequency signal through the automatic target recognition and access to relevant data. RFID technology is read-write, re-use and high temperature, not afraid of pollution do not hav...
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Beijing Oriental joy has been injected Sequoia Capital China

Yesterday, "First Financial Daily" from the joy of Beijing Oriental Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Oriental joy") confirmed that the company has recently received funding Sequoia Capital, which is the companys first round of private equity, but the specific Investment details have not announced. The company was founded in 2000, through the national coverage of satellite television stations and many local television stations distribute the class of star interviews and lifestyle programs for profit. East jubilant official said, specific investment details will be announced in mid May. ECapital round of private financing in the joy of entertainment as a financial adviser. East jubilant TV programs from China and the host Jing founded, had been specially produced television programs based on the cor...
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Beijing shopping district four appliances turnover of up to 11.6 billion yuan a year

China Index Research Institute yesterday released the first domestic appliances business district study shows that the four district Beijing appliance sales a year to up to 116 billion. reported that, after 21 years of development, the Beijing home appliance retail market has formed along the Third Ring Road, North Third Ring - Madian district, West Third Ring Road - the central tower district South Ring - Yangqiao district, northeast ring - the four main shopping district Xibahe. The four major shopping district in Beijing gathered the most important stores appliance stores, sales, traffic in Beijing occupy the most important home appliance retail market position. survey also conducted a store in the shopping district rate, such as the business district of stores in the towers, the large and medium sized shops in the composite scor...
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Beijing Telecom 3G free experience for managing the first 11 locations

For the upcoming 3G era, China Telecom Beijing company opening in Beijing today to experience 3G free of charge, to interested users will be 3G in 11 free trial of 3G services locations. In addition, China Telecom will not be tested in Beijing, the commercial, but early April Direct Telephone Number. 11 Ge experience the place Company previously announced that China Telecom, Beijing, March 25, China Telecom Beijing company will be part of the urban, suburban business offices, some stores began Zhongguancun free trial, users do not pay. Is reported that the 3G experience in Beijing set up a total of 11 sites, the 3G experience is reflected in both the choice of site area around the city uniform distribution, also taking into account more in line with local needs 3G hot spot, in addition to setting up store in Zhongguancun a few exper...
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