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Beijing to revitalize the citys electronic information industry a number of issues

Beijing Municipal Standing Committee yesterday held a meeting discussed and adopted the "Beijing electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and "to encourage multinationals to set up regional headquarters in Beijing, a number of provisions," party secretary Liu Qi presided over the meeting. Meeting called for the need to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the building of Humanities, Beijing, Science and Technology Beijing, Green in Beijing, to focus on "structural adjustment, the level of" objective, to speed up the information infrastructure to promote development of consumer upgrades, the promotion of industrial structural adjustment; to the implementation of major projects to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies to improve the capability of independent innov...
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Benefit Cree LED lighting and backlighting temperature to be adjusted to yield

Benefit LED lighting and LED NB backlighting applications such as two big market penetration continued warming, the international LED maker Cree has lifted its Q4 2009 financial year (2009, 4 to 6 months) revenue projections. In addition to LED manufacturers, the Japanese traditional lighting manufacturers such as Matsushita (Panasonic) and Toshiba (Toshiba) are not much better, have declared desire sights on LED lighting market determination. Panasonic LED lighting business book sales by 2012 will reach 300 billion yen, sales of 3 times in 2009, of which the overseas sales of LED lighting devices will reach 100 billion yen. LED lighting business opportunities for the sights, as of April 2009 only, Panasonic introduced LED lighting products has reached 700 items. Toshiba Lighting (Toshiba Lighting) is more positive, calling, global LED l...
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Benefit from foreign capital SMIC announced yesterday the largest single-day record gain

A notice of the introduction of strategic investors, so that SMIC (0981.HK) shares soared. Yesterday, the companys stock hit a stock of historys largest single-day record gain, after trading jumped nearly 20% to 0.54 million. Yesterday to close at 0.53 HK dollars. This is also listed on its March 2004 the biggest increase since. Last night, the company announced that discussions with the strategic investors sell "a large share" of the matter, and also said that senior management may also be part of the company to purchase its own shares. However, the announcement still did not disclose any information of strategic investors, and potential future stake. Nomura Holdings yesterday of analysts said Rick Hsu, SMIC capacity prominent, has become a multinational semiconductor giant inroads into Chinas semiconductor market, decentralized oper...
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Benefit from the lighting and backlighting increase business growth Cree Q4 FY09 earnings forecast

Cree LED giant company in the United States on May 26 after the close of U.S. stock market, announced the increase of the 4th quarter of fiscal year 2009 (April-June) of the year: earnings per share for the quarter is expected to reach USD 0.15-0.17, better than previously estimated, 0.13-0.15 dollars, and analysts Thomson Reuters expected $ 0.14 General; revenue will reach 1.43-1.50 billion, better than the previous forecast of 1.37-1.43 billion and market expectations 1.3943 billion; gross margin will be close to the upper edge of the previously expected range. Cree said the revised forecast is mainly to benefit from laptop backlight illumination and the application of LED-related orders better than expected. Cree chairman and CEO Chuck Swoboda said the companys fiscal year 2010 LED lighting market is still optimistic about growth po...
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Bergquist of the membrane switch low temperature, corrosion and pressure change

Bergquist introduced the membrane switch can be used in harsh environments. And once in this environment generally requires more expensive and durable type of switch. The companys HeatSeal technology enables engineers to design the environment for a variety of membrane switch. The membrane switch can be operated under water, rain, snow and high and low temperature environment, even with the strong corrosive chemical solvent to keep working after contact. These switches are also able to withstand the pressure, such as changes in aerospace applications. HeatSeal process enhances the mechanical strength of the device, while making the product less prone to electrical Bergquist damage, and is fully anti-static (ESD). HeatSeal switch can be customized according to customer requirements. ...
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Best Buy involved in the States United States M & A rumors Lightning close Beijing office

Best Buy in the Beijing office Lightning "off", it seems that Best Buy will soon become a "shareholder" Gomes another to prove. Last weekend, Best Buy personnel department employee, without prior notice to the case, suddenly announced the closure of the Beijing office, and the day of the incident that the severance of all Beijing employees. Sources said the accident may be related to completely abandon the Shanghai Best Buy stores and the second for the capital and national cooperation on the United States. Earlier there was news that the United States is brewing with the large-scale conversion of Best Buy, Best Buy, which involved all the expansion results in China, including Shanghai Five Star stores and assets. Best Buy may be a "Best Buy China," as a capital injection in exchange for a stake in the country the United States, but doe...
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Best Buy profit fell 3.4% in the fourth quarter of Super analysts still expect

The largest U.S. electronics retailer Best Buy (Best Buy Co.) Announced that its fourth-quarter profit fell 3.4%, mainly with the electronics and home appliances sales fell about. However, Best Buys earnings fell less than Wall Street analyst expectations, its stock price was higher. According to foreign media reports, Best Buy is headquartered in Minneapolis, the company said its quarterly net income decreased to $ 737,000,000, down from $ 763,000,000 a year ago, but the $ 1.55 earnings per share increased to $ 1.71, which is due to the number of outstanding shares reduced by 13% year on year, quarter, sales rose 4% to 134 billion U.S. dollars. According to financial information provider FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS) to provide survey data, analysts on average expected earnings of Best Buy, $ 1.65, sales will reach 13.16 billion...
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Beta LED Lighting: LED advantages really exist

Beta LED Lighting of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Christopher A. Ruudg on June 11, 2009 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition "2009 National Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Forum" published in the "outdoor LED lighting applications and business opportunities in the real "The lecture on the advantages of LED lighting and the need to resolve issues of thinking, and the advantages of LED are described really exists. LED to see is some of the first full-color such as visual, motor, RTD changes, and now a functional outdoor lighting such as tunnel lighting market has been seeing more and more, and the interior lighting will also be more more. LED advantages there really was a question mark LED semiconductor lighting important advantage is that its environmentally friendly, is mercury-free mercury. Landfills plant view fro...
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Beware of the power module manufacturers, "She Tunxiang" phenomenon

According to statistics, nearly two years, in the module power supply within the industry, there were two "She Tunxiang" event, the major components of plant power plants have acquired a module, first acquired Murata MURATA C & U.S. D, the second is the acquisition of Japans TDK LAMDA, the strong stronger! Chinas power supply module makers are more and more deeply appreciate this kind of pressure. A netizen has it this way: "He had the experience of C & D, LAMDA, COSEL, ARCH, TRACO, Beijing / Shenzhen brand of state-owned power module power module. Also looks a lot the power module manufacturers (U.S. C & D production base in Guangzhou, Japan LAMDA production base in Wuxi). " The general feeling in the following three aspects of state-owned brands, there are some gaps: 1, grasp the details of the design gap. EMC performance of domestic...
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Bewildering prospect of the Asian manufacturing liquid crystal display

Out better prospects for the Asian panel makers expected, investors have been buying shares in the industry. However, they failed to grasp the overall situation. With the TV and computer manufacturers have to increase inventory panel, liquid crystal display (LCD) production to rise significantly. CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets (CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets) said it expects the third quarter of this year, LCD factory operating rate will reach 92%, much higher than 68% in the first quarter. Shortages of key raw materials such as glass, push panel prices have been rising. Barclays Capital said the 32-inch panel prices so far this year has risen by 15%. Some investors expected panel prices and productivity will create more profits panel makers, and accordingly buy such shares. Sharp (Sharp), LG Display and CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) and other ...
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