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Beyond the Internet? New concepts emerge Smartbook

smart phone than anything else big, smaller than a laptop, but with the Internet different? It is smart of the (Smartbook) - a Freescale and Qualcomm In the Computex computer show in Taipei, based on the design for its customers ARM and Linux portable device invented new words. Intel to "Internet" popularized the term to: This is a use of its Atom processor and Microsoft Windows in the ultra-small laptops. Supporters said the intelligence of the Internet than the smaller and cheaper, and has a longer battery life and the opening function. Director of marketing for Freescales consumer customers Glen Burchers said: "We give this product a new name from - smart this." No matter what, in notebook computers accounted for 80% of the global total at the Computex Taipei show that mobile devices will become the protagonist. Including Broadcom...
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Big change in IT service economy wave of hardware and software integration in transition

- > "I just went to visit a client to the next." Beijing National Hotel on the first floor, the wave of the Group Chairman and CEO Sun Pishu reporter sitting opposite, his face a little tired. Sun Pishu said customers are China Mobile, the telecommunications industry as a solutions provider, China Mobile, the largest wave of customers. Sun Pishu meet with clients before, not much time to personally talk about business. Sun Pishu now intends to arrange for more time to meet with customers to explain the wave of hardware and software integrated solutions strategy. Transition program service provider of hardware and software integration is the wave of Sun Pishu established 27 years as the most significant turning point. Sun Pishu said that industry has undergone tremendous changes, IT products, service providers adapt to such changes o...
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Big East e: diversification to enhance competitiveness

Now focus on a particular industry, a field and the rapid development of enterprises and continue to enlarge and strengthen the case abound, while the Big East Electronic Co., Ltd. Dandong to the contrary, the product categories related to digital cameras coil and transformer applications, LCD TV converter transformer, noise filter and communications, mining equipment and other fields, the company has eight subsidiary company. Big East Electronics Co., Ltd. Dandong Zhang Xiao-Peng, chairman of the "China Electronics News" interview, admitted that the company involved in so many areas of business, in fact, are rapidly growing industry, it is this wide range of business strategy, making large East to the rapid development of electronics. Joint can not give up decision-making power Big East Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Dandong, Liao...
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Big Four into the traditional lighting industry to seize the strategic high ground LED

Op, NVC, TCL LED lighting are reaching out to, and they precisely is the industry leader in traditional lighting concept, they send a strong signal to the industry forward, into the LED! Traditional lighting giant recorded a point . Many years as a small daughter of LED lighting, today finally boiled woman a wife. Few years ago, LED products, LED lighting has been a professional business-oriented brand, technology, channels and market the use of other aspects, has been in a supporting role. Such a good product, such a good market prospects, such a good operating profit, but unfortunately that did not care, no one hurt, compared with the energy-saving lamps, said to be very small daughter has been seen, at best, only a concubine. Is not the same the, LED seems to be meat and potatoes, but it really is proud of the time? NVC Business ...
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Big Green re-signed one with the four customers of about 574 million

Solar silicon wafer maker Green Energy Technology today announced that four customers in Europe and Asia received eight contracts for the supply of silicon wafers, the total amount of approximately NTD 17.5 billion. This is the end of Green Energy signed a 30 billion yuan on the following major orders, re-transmission of orders good news, to provide stable and secure for future shipments. Lin, general manager of Green and Long said that the orders from now until the end of 2015, a period of eight years, the total amount of $ 574,000,000, equivalent to NTD 17.5 billion. Lin and Long pointed out that green energy is the current solar wafer manufacturing for niche expertise, material sources will be partners in the upstream and downstream customers to make long-chain links, and to hand control of polysilicon raw materials, continues to wo...
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BigBand to explore further cooperation with Jiangsu Cable Personalized Digital TV Services

Supplier of digital video network BigBand Networks announced that Jiangsu Province, China Radio and Television Information Network Company (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Cable) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in each other the past few years on the basis of successful cooperation, and further expansion of cooperation between the two sides . The signing of the agreement is regarded as an innovation in Chinas cable TV, Jiangsu Cable is the first time with strategic cooperation agreement signed by foreign manufacturers. Jiangsu Cable currently has nearly 1,100 million users, is known as the users largest cable operator; Jiangsu Cable already started construction early in the worlds largest digital TV network. September 2008, BigBand announced that Jiangsu Cable broadband multimedia services using its router (BMR), for proces...
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Bill Gates: Moores Law does not apply to energy companies

Chip performance within the meaning of Moores Law exponential growth, while a large range of performance, but former Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has said that this law may not be applicable to all technology companies. He recently participated in a exhibition called TechONomy activities during the event he answered audience questions, said: "We have been a number of so-called laws do a little bit confusing, in fact, to obtain the performance of exponential growth is very difficult The. "But he also acknowledged that some industries do to achieve this level of growth. He added: "Of course, some industries can indeed do this, such as the hard drive industry, fiber industry, etc., these industries do to achieve the performance of exponential growth." However, some other industry, especially the energy sector , the magnitude of performanc...
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Bill Watkins: LED is the future of lighting

You may have heard, LED lighting is a good thing. I would even say that it has made history, the potential to change the world. Since Thomas Edison created the first light bulb, we have the lighting in the artificial light to live and work 130 years. But despite this "light" of the society has made great progress, we are incandescent, fluorescent and other traditional lighting of the environment and on ways to pay the high economic cost. LED (light emitting diode) is able to power into the light of solid state semiconductor devices. Compared to traditional lighting equipment, it consumes much less energy, life is much longer. Energy efficiency to control costs, improve energy self-sufficiency and reduce the environmental impact of growing importance, LED lighting will become the mainstream of the worlds artificial light. LED lighting...
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Billion light in November cold snap arrived difficult to estimate revenue down 20%

LED gifted students Everlight (2393) performed better than this year s profit in the industry, but also to 1,049 million in October to a record high, but in November arrived cold hard revenue, the company will advance estimate of decline than in October about 2 percent, fell to lows for the year directly. Million benefit side of the phone light source (side view) Order and the small power (Net Book) shipments increased since the beginning over 10 billion yuan in August, the record of consecutive record high three months, as industrial stocks LED Refresh in the third quarter in the history of a small number of new record companies. Liu made the Deputy Everlight said that the current preliminary estimates suggest that November sales would be down about 2 percent higher than last month, will be less than 2 months of 863 million, to a new ...
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Billion to be added Xiamen demonstration cities striving for national LED

To 2010, Xiamens urban trunk roads, tunnels and so is expected to spend LED light source Reporters yesterday from Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Xiamen, will invest an additional 90 million yuan to be -10 000 million, and striving for national "city of ten thousand ten" LED demonstration cities; to 2010, Xiamens urban trunk roads, tunnels , island, gas stations, car parks, is expected to install the 30,000 -5 ten thousand of the LED lighting source. It is understood that, "Ten City, ten thousand" LED application demonstration projects is a plan proposed by the National Science and Technology, aimed at promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry. If successful return Xiamen LED demonstration cities to solve the LED technology, cost and large-scale production of systems integration and other issues, and ...
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