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Can a broken fuselage codes specification cottage posterior phone?

At the same time, the industry is also concerned that the Ministry of Information Industry (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry of Industry") is issued to a mobile phone manufacturers commonly known as "Body Code" the IMEI. Obviously, the introduction of the fuselage codes specification is the Ministry of Industry a combination of boxing regulation of the mobile phone market, while the cottage will be the first to hit the market. Recent years, the cottage is indeed making waves in the domestic mobile phone market, it does not regulate the marketing strategy also seemed more distorted the domestic mobile phone market. While many people naturally will regulate the introduction and the fight against the fuselage code linked to the cottage together, but the introduction of the fuselage code if a certain brand of the regular army can de...
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Can analog foundry model works

Theory, digital chips can exchange for in exchange between different manufacturers. For example, a chip set in the IBM factory where the production can also be manufactured by TSMC or SMIC. View of the chip can be cloned by a "group mask", in 1984 the U.S. enacted the Semiconductor Protection Act (SPA), expressly provides that such copying is illegal. As a result, even if someone can steal your design, volume manufacturing and can not be sold publicly. But for analog devices, the above conditions do not apply. Analog and mixed signal devices is a dedicated production line. Generally, no re-calibration process from the beginning, they can not change the production line. Reason is simple. Analog Devices is not a "binary" state off the assembly line. Observed discrete analog devices, you will find a range of values that they are off the ...
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Can China save the semiconductor industry or the Nehalem

In addition to the field of mobile platforms future sales growth is better, the entire semiconductor industry sales growth outlook is not optimistic. The question is how long this process will be difficult, the Chinese market and Intels next-generation Nehalem processor to save the semiconductor industry in dire straits it? IDC recently released its third-quarter sales report on the semiconductor industry, the data show that the quarters semiconductor unit shipments have a good year and quarter, but as time goes on, the semiconductor industry sales trend is not optimistic . At the same time, the market research firm Gartner also released a study of the semiconductor industry, the report for 2009 semiconductor industry revenue growth expected from the original nearly 8 percent drop to a 1 percentage point. IDC found that in the third qu...
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Can reshape the semiconductor industry, private equity funds

From two years ago, the "hot" to todays "doors to cooling", the global economic recession coupled with the seasonal cycle of the semiconductor industry, to private equity funds have the attitude of the semiconductor industry, 180o of the turn. 2006 Nian 9 months, from the Motorola chip companies independent of Freescale by Blackstone Investment Group, Carlyle Group, Permira Funds and Texas Pacific Group and other private equity consortium for 17.6 billion fund to buy. Almost the same time, NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor) was KohlbergKravisRoberts & Co. (KKR), Bain Capital (BainCapital), Silver Lake Partners (SilverLakePartners) and Abacus Partnership (ApaxandAlpInvestPartnersN.V. ) investment in private equity consortium consisting of 11.3 billion to buy the 80.1% of the shares. "Accurate, from the second half of 2007, private ...
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Can smart phones featuring the future of PC?

Graphics chip maker Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, held this week, said the companys annual general meeting, small, powerful, do not use Intel chips, all devices can be connected to the smart phone will evolve as the PC. Huang expressed this view before. A view that has its own purpose - NVIDIA up to half of the business are based on the ARM architecture chips. Does not mean that Jen-Hsun Huangs view is wrong. Apple iPhONe and iPad, Motorola Droid, RIM Blackberry and Motorola, RIM, Apple and other manufacturers introduced a large number of future smart phones and tablet PCs with ARM chip design. Jen-Hsun Huang said: "ARM is currently the fastest CPU, mobile computing instruction is the best choice. Clearly, the mobile computing will completely destroy all calculations. Smartphone is the first configure a variety of sensors, camera, microp...
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Can the gap beyond the development of resources?

Semiconductor manufacturing for a long time are not so enthusiastic topics. This topic is the "three-dimensional elements." Although three-dimensional, not the chip stack, but in the three-dimensional stack on the silicon wafer storage unit method. Chip stack, the manufacturing cost increases in proportion with the number of layers, while the recently developed three-dimensional cell technology, even if the number of layers increases, the cost is not how to increase. Therefore, if used in NAND flash memory, which does not rely on miniaturization to increase capacity and reduce costs is expected. The reason why the cost of increased layers does not increase, because many layers together micromachining. For example, Toshibas development of the "BiCS" three-dimensional cell technology, a gate electrode in the overlapping film and insulatin...
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Capacitors for nomenclature

Part 1: Owners said Part 2: Material Part 3: Characteristics, classification Part 4: Serial number Character No. Meaning Character No. Meaning Character No. Meaning Ceramic Mica Glass Electrolysis Other C Electric Content Device C Ceramic 1 Wafer Unsealed - Foil Unsealed Of the owners said the same material, only the performance index, the size difference, but does not influence the exchange of products used to give the same serial number; if the performance indicators, interchangeable significant effect size, then the sequence No difference between the back as a symbol in capital letters. Y Mica 2 Tube Unsealed - Foil Unsealed I Glass glaze 3 Lamination Sealed - Sintered powder solid Sealed O Glass film 4 Monolit...
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Capacitors: downstream demand driven recovery in the electronics industry

Downstream electronics industry growth will drive demand for tantalum capacitors for more than 60% of the tantalum is used for electronic products, its biggest use is tantalum capacitors. It is widely used from mobile phones, laptops, e-books, to the motor vehicle air bag in the presence of all tantalum capacitors. Largest chip foundry TSMC, full-year 2010 semiconductor production value is expected to grow by 22%, 36% foundry. PC shipments grew 17%, mobile phone shipments up 13%, shipments of digital consumer electronics-related maintenance of 7%. This year, the global semiconductor market in the second quarter was stronger than the normal seasonal demand for performance. Taiwan foundry sales have increased for 8 consecutive months, showed a strong downstream demand. Tantalum capacitors tantalum capacitors can not be replaced ceramic c...
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Capacitors: Review of Ukraines development

In 2007 the slow pace of network technology research, but with nano materials for supercapacitors is competition in Silicon Valley topped the list activity. Early in August 2007 held in Silicon Valley, California in a contest, National Technical University of Ukraine made with nano materials, super capacitors tops the list. The near future, the possibility of using this excellent performance super-capacitors and quite inexpensive manufacturing of electric vehicles. The super capacitor is also expected to be applied electronics, electrical, electronics and many other fields, including digital cameras, mobile phones and other new appliances....
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Car display market will achieve high growth the next few years

Market research firm DisplaySearch believes that despite the continued downturn in the automotive market, but the car display market remains on fire, and the next few years will achieve rapid growth. DisplaySearch reports in its forecast production of 2009 display market will reach 175 million or so, the output value of 17.7 billion U.S. dollars. The industry in 2015 will reach 2.4 billion U.S. dollars, the output reached 231 million. The strongest growth areas which will be car displays. DisplaySearch forecast production from 2015, 2009, automotive displays when 16.6 million increase to 34.4 million, shipment value will grow by 51%, reaching 1.56 billion U.S. dollars. Navigation and entertainment applications are driving the main driver of market growth. DisplaySearch Monitor that demand will increase car fixed, but the forecast perio...
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