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CAS experts point to make use of strained quantum glowing LED

Hong Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences and his research team used lattice relaxation (latticerelaxation) features, to control the GaN / indium gallium nitride (GaN / InGaN) quantum well indium precipitation (precipitation), can make nitrogen Gallium Indium (InGaN) chip, the light emitted from green to white, to produce white light LED. Component in the Academy of Sciences, the emission wavelength of quantum wells is about 440nm, quantum dots are given a longer wavelength of 545 nm or light. Additional indium deposition can increase the size and density of quantum dots, in addition to the original quantum dot light emitting peak wavelength longer, the Department will also have another in the 495nm peak. The team in the GaN / InGaN quantum wells by adding a layer at the bottom of InGaN, the carrier was originally used to collect to impro...
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CAS will start the "Solar Action Plan" Preferred Qinghai

Recently, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the parties concerned, to enhance the utilization of solar energy in Chinas independent innovation capability and competitiveness, will launch a "solar energy action plan" in the "solar integrated research and demonstration base" construction layout of the most preferred in the domestic solar with prospects for commercial development in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province, built to take the lead in the GW class of large-scale demonstration of solar power grid base. It is understood that solar energy utilization in order to accelerate the pace of the province, the provincial government departments have carried out a lot of preparatory work in advance and held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "GW-class solar PV systems in Qinghai Province and Industrial Development Planning Applications Report...
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Case of the plight of Chinas chip industry is difficult to compete with multinational

About SMIC Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC, referred to as: SMIC) Shanghai headquarters of the reception area, is hard not to feel depressed. Peeling paint on the ceiling, and the empty hall, the dim light, giving a sense of failure - and the companys balance sheet, same story. Insurmountable difficulties SMIC is Chinas largest chip maker, is not the only one encountered difficulties of the enterprise. Chinas domestic semiconductor industry was set up in the past 10 years, Chinas chip makers are still very difficult to compete with established multinational companies, and even harder to achieve profitability. Today, the global economic crisis aggravated their suffering. Recently, SMIC announced that its 2008 fourth quarter net loss doubled from a year ago to $ 124,500,000, compared with sales down 31% over...
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CASs latest USB temperature logger

Computer Aided Solutions introduced by USB (Universal Serial Bus) temperature logger for monitoring laboratory and production and process control products. This model OQ610 six-channel recorder is battery-powered products, can provide a variety of K-type and T-type thermocouple probe. Use, give the recorder power on, then connect the needs of the thermocouple, reading. The recorder can automatically detect the sensor connection. OQ610 temperature logger can be configured in accordance with the preset time or temperature automatically start or stop. It can record eight readings. The logger uses USB communications, you can speed up the connection with the PC, or directly connected to the USB printer. PC can not even need to print the report immediately. It uses three buttons or from a PC to be set. OQ610 with SquirrelView software for co...
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CAST organizations start pilot information management system

4 13, the China Association for Science organizations pilot training information management system will be held in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China Association for Science Organization Vice Minister of Personnel Wang Huimei attended and addressed the meeting, Jiangsu Association for Science Group Xuanbu investigator Fan Tianxiang chaired the meeting, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Nantong, Yancheng, Kunshan, Changshu, Zhangjiagang City, Tongzhou, Qidong city, Rugao City, salt district, Sheyang County, such as a province Jianhu CAST three and nine counties participated in the training of relevant comrades. CAST organizations information management system is a group of people CAST CAST system organizations under the Ministry developed a set of management features of the software, understand the purpose of the provinces, prefectures and c...
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Cavium Networks for the launch of the next generation of intelligent processor 10

Cavium Networks announced 10 new highly integrated MIPS64-based single-and dual-core OCTEON processor family. The OCTEON SOC processors for the networking, wireless, control and storage applications providing highly integrated 64-bit computing and low-cost solution for next-generation intelligent networks. new OCTEON family of products available from single core to 16 core and the industrys most scalable line of compatible MIPS64 processors, including: for SMEs, enterprise applications and the control layer and OCTEON 31XX Processors for the SOHO / SME applications and control layer OCTEON 30XX processor. which, OCTEON 31XX processor is the enterprise-level routers, gateways, UTM equipment, service line cards and triple play gateway solution, and OCTEON 30XX processor is wired and wireless (802.11a / b / g / n) broadband routers, gatewa...
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CB system introduced

What is the CB system concept IECEE CB system is the mutual recognition of electrical product safety test report of the first truly international system. Each countrys national accreditation body (NCB) multilateral agreements between the manufacturers can rely on a CB test certificate issued by NCB CB system, other members get national certification. CB system based on the international IEC standards. If some members of the national standards and IEC standards can not be completely consistent, but also allows the existence of national differences, but should other members of the public. CB by CB test certificate system to confirm product samples have successfully passed the appropriate tests, and in accordance with the relevant IEC requirements and requirements of the Member State concerned. CB system, the main objective is to promote int...
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CCD and CMOS: who will dominate the market?

CCD, Charge Coupled Device that is the English abbreviation for Charge Coupled Device, which is a special semiconductor devices, with lots of the same sensor, each sensor is called a pixel. CCD by a number of sensitive units, usually in units of megapixels. When the CCD surface by light irradiation, each light-sensitive charge will be reflected in the component unit, all the signals produced by light-sensitive units together to form a complete picture. CCD uses a high-speed semiconductor material, can light into electric charge, through the ADC chip into a digital signal, digital signal compressed by the camera after the internal flash memory or internal hard disk card saved which can easily transfer the data to the computer and computer-based processing tools, and imagination needed to modify the image. CMOS, Complementary Metal Oxide ...
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CCID Consulting: Chinas semiconductor market in 2007 exceeded 600 billion yuan

"2008 annual meeting of the Chinese semiconductor market," recently held in Shanghai. Annual meeting by the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) and the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association (SICA) co-sponsored, contractor CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Company Limited. Annual meeting to "discern trends and seize business opportunities" as the theme, focusing on "Global and China market status and trends of the semiconductor industry," "entrepreneurial opportunities and investment environment", "digital TV, mobile TV, mobile TV market development", "mobile phone Business Transformation "and" green energy "and other major issues in depth. Although the market remains rapid growth, but also noted that Chinas IC market and industry growth...
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CCID Consulting: Enhancing R & D improve the LCD panel industry chain

Recently in the "2009-2010 Chinas electronic information industry of running the annual conference cum-TV industry", the chief economist of the Ministry of Industry for the current week child learn to "create screen Fever" has said: "The investors will result in too much scattered resources, is not conducive to the formation of the competitiveness of China only a few large flat panel display business. "for the current" build-screen hot "issue, SAN interviewed Wang Yong, an analyst at CCID Consulting Center for the semiconductor industry. He said that there are three main reasons. Yong think that three main features: 1. Foreign policy. The global LCD industry has always been by Samsung, LGD, Sharp, AUO, Chi Mei five giant control, China is facing the LCD panel industry technical blockade, without their own high-generation production line...
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