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CCL plant gradually released earnings last year, most Taiwan Union subordination ITEQ

PCB copper foil substrate upstream (CCL) plant released 2007 earnings after another, and to continuously expand new capacity ITEQ after-tax surplus of 1.057 billion yuan NTD; and ITEQ even 2 years in a row listed CCL plant won a share profit. Came copper foil plant in the near future in South Asia and the Conservancy will gradually increase in April from copper prices, but the PCB factory, under weak demand for CCL, CCL plant this year, I am afraid for the cost difficult to pass. ITEQ mid-year 2007 consolidated revenue reached 13.709 billion yuan Group of NTD, the annual growth rate of 24.47%, a record company record high; after-tax surplus of 1.057 billion yuan NTD, both ITEQ record since the establishment of a new record high . And Taiwan Union released in 2007 pretax earnings 557 million NTD, by 10.8% in after-tax surplus of 4.2 bi...
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CCL Technology Taiwan factory is completed joint bonds to raise 300 million yuan NT

Taiwan CCL (CCL) is technology plant together yesterday (May 29) announced that 300 million yuan (NT, the same below) and completed the domestic secured bonds to raise, combined science and technology are used to repay the funds raised will be bank loans. Department of Science and Technology together is the end of October last year, issued by the Board of Directors resolution, 3 billion of convertible bonds, and approved by the FSC, and yesterday announced the completion of recruitment. Cooperation is science and technology after-tax profit 4.48 million yuan in 2007, only 0.02 yuan per share after-tax earnings, while a quarter of this year in the off-season is still a loss, but in the 2nd quarter of the copper substrate while the market success of upward price adjustment , but also for the operation this year to bring positive developme...
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CDC in the fourth quarter net loss $ 100,000,000

CDC (NASDAQ: CHINA) today announced 2007 fourth quarter and full year financial results, due to the inclusion of the subsidiary assets associated with the write-off impairment charge, the companys dramatic increase in fourth-quarter loss adjusted loss per share of $ 0.03, to half the loss per share last year. Data show that fourth-quarter total revenue of CDC Corporation was $ 107,700,000, an increase of 20%; net loss of $ 91,200,000, compared with a net loss of $ 2,200,000. CDC said the main reason is the fourth-quarter net loss in the fourth quarter, the CDC included the cancellation of mobile assets with the related impairment charge $ 72,800,000, with the write-off related to investments in CDC Games $ 8,200,000 impairment charge, as well as mortgage-backed securities with unrealized losses on loans and corporate debt, changes in f...
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CDC Software announced that the latest strategy to expand market share in China

CDC Software announced yesterday, market strategy in China in 2008, through acquisitions, joint ventures and building franchises and expand market share in China. The same time, 75% of global R & D moved to the Asia Pacific region to deepen Asia-Pacific strategy. ended December 31, 2007, CDC Software expects fourth quarter 2007 total operating income of 92 million to 95 million U.S. dollars. the first three quarters based on the published financial report, CDC Software expects total revenues in 2007 3.46-3.49 billion, compared with $ 240,200,000 in 2006, up 44% -45%. ...
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CDC Software registration statement to be submitted to raise 8 million dollars

- > SAN FRANCISCO at 8:00 on May 4 (Beijing time at 8:00 p.m. on May 4) messages, CDC (NASD: CHINA) today announced its CDC Software company has with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the securities registration statement, to be through the sale of Class A common stock to raise capital up to 8 million dollars. CDC Software will enable them to better market and business CDC other "clean break" for the CDC only enterprise software assets to provide investors interested in an investment tool. CDC Software will use the IPO proceeds to expand sales channel of funding, strengthen research and development business, acquire other companies. --> ...
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CDMA Development Group published the Ultra Mobile Broadband Air Interface Specification

CDMA Development Group (CDG) and the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) has released Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) Air Interface Specification - 3GPP2C. S0084-0v2.0. 3GPP2 UMB specification is expected to be quickly converted into an official organization partners, the global standards, including the Japan Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), the United States Communications Industry Association (TIA), Korea Telecommunications Technology Association ( TTA) and the Japanese Telecommunications Technology Committee (TTC). TIA plans to UMB standard name for the TIA-1121. Marks the release of this specification all the worlds first IP-based mobile broadband standard can achieve 288Mbps in 20MHz of bandwidth, peak download, and while maintaining a wide range and l...
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CDMA industry standards

"800MHz CDMA digital cellular mobile communication network subscriber identity module (UIM) technical requirements" is November 1, 2001 announced and implemented, the standard number YD/T1168-2001. It details the CDMA mobile phone card from the concept and origins, UIM card technology, UIM card application toolkit (UIM   Application Toolkit) and the UIM CDMA network technology implementation.   first, the standard background   With the GSM technology in the mobile communications market, the success of the user through the SIM into a different phone, you can replace the use of different mobile phones practices have become accustomed. However, in the North American standard system for mobile communications, either analog or CDMA mobile station modem card is one that the CDMA mobile station is not the card, the user parameters and d...
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CE Power: after the integration of IT business issues to consider listing

Was in 2004 in A share IPO, CE Dongli Technology Co., Ltd., said yesterday that there is no back to the A shares listed on the idea. The company said that as the parent company of digital information (0250.HK) is a Hong Kong-listed companies, under which there are many IT companies, IT business integration should be considered only after the public issue. Is a driving force in the enterprise IT application service operators, is the Power Groups flagship enterprise business. Digital China is principally engaged in IT services, information, financial information, distance education, which, IT business mainly in the Power Group, a subsidiary enterprise to carry out. First integrated IT business or re-listed Data, power prices in mid-2004 release 2 on the proposed public offering of shares and listing of the announcement, said it had hire...
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CEC general design of airborne or usher in major restructuring Shanghai Belling

Looks, Hua Hong Group has re-already paving the way for a long time. Change in the January 22 Hua Hong NECs president and CEO before it has the only listed companys Shanghai Belling (600171.SH), chairman replaced. "Yes, Sam has come, and he is director of Hua Hong Group, as here." Yesterday, Deputy General Manager Yan Hairong of Shanghai Belling said. Shanghai Belling Jan. 9 announcement also shows that Zhaogui Wu Fang Peiqi has succeeded as chairman. Zhaogui Wu is currently director of Shanghai Hua Hong Group, while his other identity is more a matter of concern: CEC (China Electronics Information Industry Group Corporation) Planning and Programming Division (Major Projects Division) General Manager. New Years two semiconductor companies coaching change at the same time, showing the urgency of reorganization and integration of Hua Ho...
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CEF on the 3D experience: wonderful dream difficult road

In addition to the Internet, 3D is another lively topic on the CEF, the organizers invited not only the number of terminal manufacturers, content, exhibitors, and invited the Japanese 3DConsortium Union, South Korea 3DFIC, Korean 3D Display Research Center (3DRC), 3D interactive China Taiwan Image Display Industry Alliance (3DIDA) and other international organizations. However, with the spread of the Internet has dramatically different end applications, 3D products for consumers, is still a bit too "front-end technology." Front end, which means the consumer 3D stereoscopic a wonderful dream, but it also shows that consumers actually use and there is still a distance. Corner in the exhibition hall set up the 3D exhibition area, there for the audience to experience some of the terminal equipment, which includes popular attraction for the ge...
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