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Cypress PSoC mixed-signal arrays can be used in compact digital cameras

Imaging system, ECG monitoring with optical component suppliers PENTAX Corporation (PENTAX) in its new Optio A10 compact digital camera with a Cypress Semiconductor (Cypress Semiconductor) of the PSoC mixed-signal arrays. Cypresss PSoC solution applied to the Optio A10 has a new proprietary Shake Reduction system. According to reports, this new Pentax camera in using Cypresss CY8C27643-24LFXI PSoC mixed-signal arrays. The chip integrates all the shock absorption capabilities for the system to promote stability in PENTAXs proprietary image sensor, all of which are contained in a small form factor 7 × 7 mm QFN package. Pentax Imaging System Business Headquarters, General Manager of First Development Department Tahei Morisawa, said: "PSoC devices damping system is the core component. The chips flexibility allows us to integrate numerous ...
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Cypress United AuthenTec, USB biometric data storage increases

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Cypress Semiconductor), and AuthenTec have jointly introduced a reference design that uses fingerprint recognition technology to give an external hard disk drive (HDD) increase in biometric security. With the rapid popularization of portable data storage, users have begun to mount these drives on sensitive corporate and private data. If the drive is lost or stolen, the loss can be very serious. Allegedly, Cypress / AuthenTec CY4651 reference design allows new portable HDD or enclosure manufacturers to add these drives to biometric security, and thus the data on the drive to limit access to those registered users through fingerprints. CY4651 reference design encompasses the new external HDD used to add all the necessary safety and security, including: schematics, firmware, user manual and a complete bil...
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Cypress USB 2.0 hub controller through the USB-IF compliance testing

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation today announced TetraHub USB 2.0 hub controller has successfully passed the USB Implementers Forum to set the full set of compatibility tests, TetraHub has been included in USB-IF integrators list. By TetraHub can shorten development time and enables USB developers can deploy their applications more cost-effective, high-performance USB 2.0 ports. CY7C65640 USB 2.0 hub controller uses Cypress innovative "Tetra" architecture provides four downstream peripheral ports four operating transponders, is the industrys highest performance USB 2.0 hub control solution. TetraHub devices are fixed-function solution, no additional firmware, reducing design risk and development time, and can be used as independent hubs, monitor hubs, port replicators and the parking stations in the high-bandwidth control device. Use t...
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Cypress WirelessUSB sensor network kit

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Cypress Semiconductor Corp.) Announced that its WirelessUSB (tm) N: 1 development kit (CY3635) is about to start production. WirelessUSB N: 1 low-cost, low power, highly reliable wireless solution that replaces the low data rate, high node density of the system lines. WirelessUSB N: 1 development kit uses Cypresss WirelessUSB 2.4 GHz radio SOC technology and the WirelessUSB N: 1 wireless protocol acceleration of multi-point wireless application development process, WirelessUSB N: 1 wireless protocol for consumer electronics products, industrial, medical, building and home automation systems and other areas of development. WirelessUSB N: 1 based on the wireless star topology, by connecting to a central aggregator or hub of the multiple nodes. The hub may be through a serial connection or an existing wir...
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Cypresss distribution partners with the Arrow will be extended to the entire Asia-Pacific

Under the agreement, Arrow will be responsible for Cypress products in Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore, the distribution business. Cypress clock chip and the micro-controller in Taiwan account for a large advantage, and special storage and point to point data communications products in China and South Korea have obvious advantages. Cypress This is intended to improve the overall distribution ratio of sales to promote their sales in the Asia Pacific region. Cypresss revenue in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 17% of total revenue, second only to North America. At the same time, Cypress is also available Arrow good customer relations, excellent resources, and electronic ordering and EDI systems, simplifying Cypress operations in the Asia Pacific region, and expand busine...
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