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DSM Engineering Plastics for the new high-brightness LED Nylon 46

DSM Engineering Plastics Nylon 46, a new target market is for mobile phones, PDAs, notebook computers, chip carrier of the high brightness LED. Stanyl LED1551 grade in high heat and high humidity can still provide high initial brightness and maintain reflectivity; can withstand up to 260 ℃ reflow cycles of three, with silicone or epoxy adhesive bonded together; than the competition PPA resin opponents faster cycle times, high-mobility is able to fill the cavity up to 220 ultra-thin LED. ...
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DSP has become the industry leader in the semiconductor sector is leading the development of

Digital signal processor (DSP) market is continuing to get rid of the chip as a separate species status, a long-term tracking of the market, analysts said, in fact, the DSP has become a leader in the semiconductor industry sector. ForwardConcepts WillStrauss, president and principal analyst of wireless communications in his latest newsletter that the Semiconductor Industry Association data released last week show that, DSP shipments down 47.2% over the same period last year, compared with 38.6% decline in December last year. "However, the sharp decline in numbers not to say that DSP market is weak, but last year, many classified as DSP chips are classified as ASIC class this year, such as Freescale (Freescale) supply Motorola 3G baseband chip in the last year classified as a DSP, but this year, Qualcomm (Qualcomm) in the 3G baseband ch...
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Dual frequency / fourth harmonic LCD TV shipments continued to expand

Dual-frequency (ie 100Hz/120Hz) or quadrupled (ie 200Hz/240Hz) technology, LCD TV (LCDTV) panel, not only product development occupies an important space panel factory, shipments grow rapidly.According to DisplaySearch on the double-octave TV panel shipments and forecast, 2009, multiplier and four dual-frequency global LCD TV panel shipments will reach 2,250 million and 4.8 million, and in 2009 the total panel plant Target 100 million shipped 4,200 million compared to LCD TV panel shipments, market share of about 15.8% and 3.4%. DisplaySearch Greater China, David Hsieh, vice president, said dual-frequency technology adopted in 2008 LCD TV panel shipments exceeded 10%, due to dual-frequency technique has been blurred as the solution to the fundamental method of moving image, while the brand Manufacturers are also actively seeking product...
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Dual State Reporter: 3G in India and China Road

Mobile market begins to mature in many discussions the next step in their development of mobile broadband networks, the global mobile market, the two largest - China and India - has just launched their first 3G network. No matter which standard evaluation, the two new mobile broadband services market is amazing - last year alone, India added ten million 2G mobile phone users. Due to fixed broadband in these two countries are not very popular, so the demand for mobile broadband services will be more urgent, therefore, we may witness history and the fastest mobile broadband services on the rise. The two countries need to comply with such a suggestion: Do not repeat in Asia and some of the more mature markets of the West the same mistakes - in those places, the rapid growth of 3G services that have failed to bring about rapid growth in the...
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Dunhuang station tender quoted 0.69 yuan / kilowatt-hour ultra-low prices

These two days, the nations largest photovoltaic power plant project - 10 MW wind farm in Gansu Dunhuang project is the tender, in order to win the final victory, are power companies and solar cells (also called "photovoltaic cells"), the joint supplier actually reported a 0.69 yuan / kWh super cheap. A slump in overseas markets the occasion of solar energy, the largest solar power plant - 10 MW Dunhuang, Gansu grid solar power generation demonstration project field concession projects (the "Dunhuang Project") tender attracted all ages. Suntech only other supplier of solar cells and modules involved, many power generation companies such as State Power, also along for the ride. It is understood that the minimum offer of about 0.69 yuan / kWh of electricity and Yingli SDIC holding of the Commonwealth may Championship. Yesterday morning, th...
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DuPont materials for the semiconductor and electronic component provides peace of mind protection

DuPont ? Entira ? anti-static additives to make the packaging permanently eliminate static electricity, so that products are no longer susceptible to electrostatic damage. In addition to immediate results and long-lasting anti-static properties, Entira ? Other features include a low humidity environment to provide excellent antistatic properties; durability and excellent clarity; did not die when mixed with the polyolefin mouth accumulation; effectively improve processability; suitable for a variety of processing methods; not yellowed, transfer or swap powder. Alternative brands are SD100, MK400, and AS500. DuPont ? Appeel ? "easy-open lid" lid material sealing resin for electronic components supporting the superstructure of the carrier tape to provide a stable and easy to tear with the performance to improve the efficiency and downtim...
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DuPont will substantially increase the output of LCD LCP

DuPont Zenite As the market for liquid crystal polymer (LCP) of the continuing demand, DuPont will increase substantially the output of the basic materials. Divided into two stages of the project is estimated that the first phase will be completed in the third quarter of 2001, will be increased based in Chattanooga, Tenn 50% of the LCP plant production throughout the year up to 5,000 tons in 2002 The second phase is completed, annual output can be increased to 8,000 tons. Meanwhile, in order to further satisfy the needs of Asian markets Zenite, DuPont will also next year Utsunomiya factory in Japan to increase hybrid production of LCP. Zenite LCP DuPont global business manager Chris Murphy said: "The global connector, electrical and electronic components demand increased strongly, while the industry are also a number of new application...
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