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Days of construction in Jiaxing Investment billion R & D and production of solar cells

It is reported that Yunnan days of the company and Jiaxing Xiu Zhou Industrial Park Management Committee signed the "solar cell project land use right transfer and project agreement", "Solar Cell Project Supplemental Agreement" and "solar cell industry incentives industry project agreement ", to be investing in building a line in Jiaxing. Company intends to build in Jiaxing Xiu Zhou Industrial Park, solar cell manufacturing and R & D base, the project targets an annual output of the first phase of construction of 100MW solar cell products, and ultimately to achieve an annual production capacity of 200MW or more, the total investment of about 3 billion yuan. Days of Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Yunnan is Chinas earliest and largest for solar cell manufacturing, design, sales and installation of specialized companies, started in 197...
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DDC: 07 brands of Chinas market 20% increase in volume shipments of the monitor

According to market research firm Discloser Data Center (DDC) according to a study published in 2007, Chinese brand monitor shipments of 1960 million units, up 20% over 2006. Among them, the LCD monitor shipments of 14.92 million units, up 40% over 2006. CRT monitor shipments of 467 million units, compared with 2006 decreased by 20%. The report said Chinas top 15 vendors of the total monitor shipments in approximately 90%. TPV (mainly AOC brand) more than in 2007, Samsung ranked first in the Chinese market of liquid crystal display manufacturers. Samsung LCD brands market share fell to 10%. Samsung Electronics branded consumer products, the main reason for high prices is not recognized by other vendors, Samsung display panel and its OEM partners, most of the display is produced. ...
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DDR2 DDR to replace a large number of locations to accelerate market

It is reported that Taiwans DRAM makers plan to inventory all current DDR2 (about 5000 ~ 60 million DDR2-667) all put into the spot market, making DDR2 spot prices below DDR prices, and thus in the world accelerate the shift from DDR to DDR2. Within the plan as "living water plan." However, Taiwans leading DDR2 memory makers in South Asia has denied the rumors. They claimed that only about two weeks of inventory, and these inventories are used to supply the OEM customers. Other memory makers have not yet made public this evaluation. ...
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DDR3 DRAM throne destined to win

- Of: KE HOWARD Approach the end of 2009, DDR2 DRAM market, as the same day the king left. Faster and lower power DDR3 has been around a few years ago, iSuppli Corporation that it will soon become the worlds most popular memory technology. DDR2 is not too outdated, but within the coming period will not be out of date, its price rose sharply in the past few months. However, DDR3 2010 will shake the money tree. There are two main reasons industry in promoting the transition to DDR3: Intels new processors and manufacturing processes mature. New Intel processor Promote the industry transition to DDR3 is the fact that the new Intel microprocessors will require DDR3 memory. Although many of Intels recently introduced chips can handle DDR2 or DDR3, but based on Nehalems new CPU has an integrated memory controller, DDR3 can alone support mu...
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De Shida optical Xiongying Xiang: Chinese enterprises need to "squatting stances" in the spirit

De Shida photoelectric lighting technology company is Taiwans leading professional manufacturer of LED lighting, to set up factories in mainland China in 2006, is currently in the LED lamp industry has set up their own brand image, early in 2009 with the Shenzhen Institute of Peking University parties have formed an "Semiconductor Optoelectronics Laboratory", and plans to invest in LED lighting, $ 12,500,000. On May 23 at the "theme of the second LED Industry Summit Forum", the De Shida Photoelectric Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiong Yingxiang done "LED lighting, cutting-edge technology and global prospects of the road" speech , optical News Network after the interview was carried out. De Shida Photoelectric Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiong Yingxiang Source: Photo News Network Street sta...
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December 2008 global chip sales fell 22% year on year

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "SIA") recently released a report, in December 2008 global chip sales from 22.3 billion a year ago, fell to 17.4 billion U.S. dollars, down 22% . Report also shows that in 2008 global chip sales fell 2.8%, fell to 248.6 billion U.S. dollars, in December 2008 global chip sales were down by 16.6%. SIA president George Callis (George Scalise) said in a statement, "the global economic downturn has seriously affected the fourth quarter of last year, chip sales," automotive products, PC, mobile and enterprise IT demand weak "led to the chip industry sales fell sharply, affecting almost all products." increase sales enough to offset the impact of price declines, the sharpest decline in sales of memory products. Scalise said that ch...
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Decline in orders for semiconductor manufacturing equipment semiconductor industry reached a new low

Miserable situation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, changing the order bill ratio (book-to-billratios) is near historic lows. In fact, the industry almost stagnant, people wonder whether the book to bill ratio in the zero under the current economic situation. It is almost impossible ... but may really be like that? According to the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAL) prior to data released earlier, the Japanese equipment suppliers in January of 0.55 book to bill ratio, which in December was 0.70; the figure is said to be the lowest in 7 years. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International and Industry Association (SEMI) announced data from North American manufacturers of semiconductor equipment orders in January-bill ratio was 0.48, while December was 0.86. The ratio of 0.48 means that manufactu...
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Decline in performance integrated circuits for breakthrough innovation

Although Chinas IC design, manufacturing, packaging industry is facing a different environment, in the role of international competition are not the same, but close to the market, innovation is the industry chain, the common requirements, but also of the semiconductor industry out of the current global financial crisis, the key means. 2008 the first three quarters, Chinas IC industry weakness in the international market, the market environment changes and some key enterprises, the impact of business restructuring, the pace of development showing the trend of slowing down quarter by quarter. The international financial crisis on the real economy gradually emerged, the global IC industry only about 2% of the third quarter of slow growth. According to statistics, in January this year, the domestic IC production for the month -9 31.993 bill...
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Decline in the economic crisis has led to the solar market

According to the information solar energy trade group, the U.S. solar energy companies in 2008, developed rapidly, but the economic downturn, some people gave up the idea of installing solar energy products. Solar Energy Industries Association on Thursday released a summary of the annual report, wrote that the U.S. solar power than the 8775 MW in 2007 increased by 9% or 1265 MW. Capacity of solar panels than in 2007 increased by 78%, the number of installed solar water heaters has increased 50%. But the housing crisis in the solar heating system combined shipments decreased by 3%. The association pointed out that the economic downturn has brought some companies to the financial aspect. The association pointed out that "many of the companys report showed that although many consumers are still very interested in solar energy products,...
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Decoded version of the Shenzhen popular iPhone still no mainstream of Chinas listed

While Apple in Shenzhen, the direct licensees had previously asserted that Apples iPhone, the latest masterpiece in the second quarter of this year, but there is still no definite evidence that the iPhone through formal channels can be scheduled in the domestic market. Even Hong Kong are not licensed to sell Recently paraelectric Purchasing Department spokesman told reporters that, "Apple has not sold in China with the external contacts on matters iPhone, things have not market movement. Now there can be expected to put time, businesses are expected to is not reliable. " Apples market in Shenzhen, who also said that "only know the goods within a week." Although after a long, but Apple has no clear domestic listing plan, and cooperation with China Mobile earlier rumors that Apple stranded "Chinas journey to" cast a gray. According to r...
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