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Decrease the overall growth rate of photovoltaic equipment devices outshine others

China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association, the Secretary-General Kim Cunzhong 2008 years is very unusual year. The first half of the countrys rapid economic development in the context of electronic equipment industry growth rate of 26%. Into the second half, in the international financial crisis, the countrys economic growth rate slowed down suddenly, and spread to companies within the industry. Right in the center under the control of enterprises in the industry confidence, overcome difficulties and challenges, seize market development, most of the key enterprises within the industry maintained a steady and healthy development. Electronic equipment industry, according to 75 major units of the statistics, in 2008 sales revenue of 8.27 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3%, significantly decreased the rate of development o...
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Deeply rooted into the energy saving LED energy-saving list of expectations

The global financial crisis, making the concept of energy saving is more deeply rooted among the national policy is energy conservation, and "expanding domestic demand, growth, and promote development" closely integrated with the launch of series of measures to develop the circular economy. Green lighting project will also promote the further expansion of the number and scope throughout the country efforts to promote efficient lighting, and all public institutions out of inefficient lighting products. Part of the demonstration and extension of urban municipal roads LED lights achieved some success. By policies to encourage and maturation of technology, LED widely used in municipal lighting, landscape and industrial lighting, flat panel display, backlight and other digital products, is especially prominent. It is understood that Austral...
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Degree of the wireless chip market growth

According to iSupplis data show that in 2007, due to continued strong demand for mobile phone market growth in chip sales of wireless products to achieve more than the overall chip market growth rate. 2007, the global wireless semiconductor market revenue reached 29.5 billion, compared with 27.4 billion in 2006, an increase of 7.6%. These figures include special applications specifically for wireless chips (excluding memory) of sales revenue, including cell phones, wireless infrastructure equipment, wireless LANs and connectivity products. Comparison, the corresponding period of the various worldwide semiconductor market increase of just 3.3%. 2007, the global mobile phone shipments amounted to 1.15 billion, compared with 990 million in 2006, an increase of 16.1%, which makes the wireless semiconductor market in 2007 to maintain a high ...
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DEK at Nepcon China to launch high-performance printing Photon

(Electronic markets Reuters) Recently, in 2006 Shanghai International Electronics Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (Nepcon) on, Dek has pioneered high-performance showcase the latest high-speed printing platform Photon. Dek the forefront of leading the market as a printing press, including the latest one, Photon run extremely fast, much like the work of two printing presses at the same time. Photon core cycle time of only 4 seconds, providing the capacity is twice that of other printing platform, and will not take up more space, to ensure more effective. In addition to this new machine outside, DEKs technical experts will also be demonstration of DEK for high-volume manufacturing and lead-free processes of productivity enhancement options, process solutions and products. At the same time, DEK will also be...
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DEK Micron-level series of performance beyond the expectations of the printing platform

(Electronic markets Reuters) DEK Micron-class products introduced after the sales data is released, indicating that the printing platform sales far exceeded the expectations. DEK Micron recently introduced the Galaxy-class products and technology-based Europa, in July and August, the highest sales growth in the DEK printing platform. One, Galaxys performance, especially outstanding, accounting for 16% of total sales in August, and accounted for 6% in July. At the same time, Europa turnover in the same period also increased from 1% to 7%. DEK Martyn Buttle director of engineering, said: "These figures for the DEK is very good news, that we are getting a new printing platform, welcomed by the majority of customers. Micron-class series marks an important technological innovation, DEK customers for unparalleled speed and accuracy advantages....
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DEK Photon launched a new high-speed printing presses, standard size double capacity

DEK has announced the launch a new high-speed, high-performance printing, called DEK Photon. Photon rack optimized the printing press, can provide higher accuracy and repeatability, and contains all the printing variables real 6-sigma process platform (@ ± 25mm). DEK Photon core cycle is only 4 seconds, and its capacity is double the other machine platforms, but only take standard size fuselage area. With such high energy Photon reason is that cutting-edge technologies with DEK and creative engineering concepts, including DEK fast delivery technology (RTC); user-friendly Instinctiv user interface; optimized press rack technology; and DEKs Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network (ISCAN) technology. In addition, Photon also give full play to the DEK other mature technologies such as high-speed synchronous pattern recognition technology ...
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DEK single substrate process solutions through a unique tool to significantly increase production

In view of DEK companies understand the efficiency of single-chip packaging technology is too low, and the traditional use of dispensing packaging process is too slow and more prone to defects, it has developed a powerful and innovative packaging solutions and more, can significantly shorten the processing cycle and offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. DEK single substrate system can cycle in the same process multiple packages. DEKs virtual panel tool through the (Virtual Panel Tooling; VPT) technology, components can be printed into the JEDEC standard feeder system, and simultaneously the independent substrates of different sizes. Because screen printing machine with high accuracy mass imaging and functional advantages, VPT two assembly areas so the interface can be more smoothly, through higher yields and yield expanded pa...
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Delayed launch of Intels 0.09-micron technology production of flash memory

9 Yue 9 news, according to a study reported that Intel may postpone Thursday announced flash memory using 0.09-micron manufacturing process. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Michael Mike Cornell child said, "manufacturing issues" have forced Intel to produce 0.09-micron flash process time delay from the third quarter to the fourth quarter. The extension and the Intel StrataFlashs called multi-level cell NOR (MLC) technology-related. Intel Spansion, the extension may provide opportunities. Spansion has been losing money, AMD plans to IPO in the way of stripping it out. Other problems facing the Intel chipset and server chips, including the shortage. Children, said Mike Cornell, notebook demand remains strong, but in the entire third quarter, the chipset shortage has not been resolved; Intels 0.13-micron technology production of 915 c...
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Delisted soon Nortel to 650 million sale of core assets to Nokia Siemens Networks

As part of restructuring plan, Nortel Networks, the former technology giant has agreed to its core assets to $ 650,000,000 sold to Nokia Siemens Networks (hereinafter referred to as Nokia Siemens Networks). Meanwhile, the company is also the rest of the assets of their own to find suitable buyers. According to the Associated Press reported, has been working to develop the North American market, Nokia Siemens Networks recently said it has agreed to buy Nortels CDMA network business and LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless technology assets of both businesses. However, according to bankruptcy auction process, the transaction is subject to court approval, while other companies can still make a higher offer to bid. Nortel is a Canadian company with 127 years of history. Nortel since January this year filed for bankruptcy in the United States...
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Dell CEO 09 total compensation in fiscal year increased 5.7% year on year

- > Morning Beijing time on June 2, according to foreign media reports, according to the Associated Press a few days ago Dell disclosed in regulatory documents the results of the calculation of data, Dell CEO Michael Dell (Michael Dell) 2009 Fiscal Year The total salary increase of 5.7%. This calculation results show that as of May 1 in the ending fiscal year 2009, Michael Dells total compensation was $ 2,110,000, higher than fiscal 2008, 199 million U.S. dollars. According to Dell, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted to the proxy statement shows that Michael Dells base salary for the fiscal year 2009, $ 931,731, compared with fiscal year 2008, down 2% $ 950,000. In addition to basic salary other than Michael Dell in fiscal year 2009 total compensation includes $ 11,500 in company matching contributions to pe...
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