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Dells Q2 revenue is expected to boost profits both rose over 6.7%

8 Yue 28 International Day Dell reported second-quarter earnings, revenue and profits reached analyst expectations, which rose 6.7%. As of July 31 the second quarter, net profit of 616 million a year earlier fell to 4.72 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share fell from 31 cents to 24 cents; revenue fell to 12.8 billion , down 22% rate, but higher than analysts on average expected revenue of 126 billion U.S. dollars; profit, excluding one-time items, earnings per share of 28 cents a share, above analysts average estimate of 22 cents. CEO Michael Dell - Dell (Michael Dell) to 40% of the outsourcing of manufacturing operations, gross profit margin increased to 18.7%. Although market share has been eroded Dell PC, but its low-cost notebook and netbook shipments grew 10% qoq. Broker high Lindstr?m (Collins Stewart Plc) analyst Ashok - K...
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Delta in April consolidated revenue fell 2% 11.796 billion yuan from the previous month

Delta announced April 8, consolidated revenue was NT 11.796 billion yuan, 12.016 billion yuan the previous month declined slightly by 2% year on year growth of 11% of the 10.6 billion yuan. 1-4 months cumulative revenues of 45.315 billion yuan, 37.711 billion yuan over last year grew 20%. Deltas business units in April the proportion of revenues are as follows: Power Business Group (PSBG) 58%, Components Business Group (CPBG) 20%, Video Business Unit (DSBU) 3%, Electrical and Mechanical Services Division (IABU) 5%, other 14%. To internal organizational adjustments which, since last April, the "Video Division (VDBU)" name changed to "Video Division (DSBU)". ...
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Delta is expected to more than 150 million Taiwan dollars LED lights Opportunities

Taiwans "Executive Yuan" new energy trillion (NT) industry in the April 23 program of final decisions, following the light-emitting diode (LED) after the traffic lights, LED lights will be the focus of the development of the next three years, there will be 1,280,000 lamp replacement, in which Bai Hung, Yu-crystal light niche that has been successful, Delta is also sharpening, to over 150 billion new Taiwan dollars is expected sights (the same as the NT) of the LED lamp business. "Executive Yuan" will ignite new energy industry, today will be the third fire in emerging industries, in addition to continuously replace 700,000 traffic signals, but also to replace the country 1.28 million street; LED industry estimates, if Every street lamp from 11,000 to 12,000 yuan on average terms, the output value of more than 150 billion yuan. Industry...
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Delta to seize the global LED street lamp market

4 Yue 8 news, Delta promising light-emitting diode (LED) lamps opportunities, start a global layout, and ordered the Chinese mainland, Japan, Europe and other global 27 overseas bases, fully inroads this year, LED street lamp market opportunities. Delta Electronics Chairman Bruce Cheng 7 pointed out that although the financial crisis, but the market still has opportunities, LED is one of them; this year, the development of LED lamps will be useful. But he did not say Delta shipments of LED lights and time points. It is understood that the layout of LED lights Delta, with emphasis on the Spanish mainland and the European market, the fastest shipping this month to 5.5 meters to 12 meters bar bar products. Delta LED lights for the sights on the market, LED industry is the layout of the grain from the upstream to downstream applications...
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Delta will spend billions building three silicon wafer

International oil prices have recently gone Yang, according to Goldman Sachs estimates that this year is expected to rush to 85 dollars per barrel of crude oil, oil prices wriggling in the second half. The industry have turned into new energy markets to avoid price fluctuations. "Apple Daily" reported that Delta CEO Yancey Hai quite optimistic about the emerging energy markets, forecast the next 5 years to maintain annual growth of 20% strength. Therefore, Delta (2308) transferred to the investment Wang (3599) is expected to invest 100 million yuan to build 3 new solar silicon wafer. It is reported that Delta is currently holding 400 billion in cash, plans to seek merger opportunities....
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Demand for DRAM probe card silicon Want Yin Wang

DRAM factory opened new production can continue, despite the pressure caused by over-supply of DRAM, but after driving test probe card market segment, Taiwans largest supplier of probe cards Wang Si (6223) directly benefit the end of next year DRAM probe card market share is expected from the current 5%, a significant increase to three percent or so, not only can drive substantial growth performance, but also to break the monopoly of the past by foreign market conditions. Wang Si shares closed unchanged on Friday, 114 yuan, Macquarie that, DRAM business will be prosperous silicon probe Ming, the most important growth momentum year after an estimated net income per share next year, Wang Si, may be this years 8.1 yuan, increased to 14.1 yuan, the year after the two have the opportunity to earn equity, net income per share reached 20.26 y...
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Demand for electronic products decline in chip equipment makers cut production

12 Yue 22 International Day report of chip equipment manufacturers complain, electronics and high-tech industry along the entire sink. This is a very simple equation. Electronics manufacturers, chip makers to buy chips, the latter to such as Applied Materials (Applied Materials) and ASML and other equipment manufacturers to buy production equipment. Problems upstream and downstream natural circumstances considered. Squarely in the sights of the past after all. Dutch chip equipment maker ASML CFO Peter Wennink financial channel CNBC in the U.S. last week, said: "The sudden drop in demand for electronic products ... ... to force a substantial cut of our customers." ASMLs main customers include Toshiba, TSMC, Samsung and Intel. ASML announced last week lay off 10%. CEO Eric Meurice said: "We have never experienced such a dramatic demand...
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Deng: 3G stimulating effect of the electronic information industry was significantly

4 Yue 17 Xinhua Vimicro Deng said the Group Chairman of the Board, 3G mobile multimedia introduction and extensive application of technology has greatly stimulated the development of technology related products. "This quarter, many customers have indicated a wish to apply for the 3G market development, multimedia chips, cut as soon as possible to the active communications market." Deng said, 3G launch, the national electronic information industry, the introduction of the revitalization plan, etc., conducive to the country as a whole economic recovery, are also important opportunities for development. 4 15, the Chinese government officially released, "the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan." Planning that new investment to the countrys electronic information industry inclined, including the implementa...
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Deng: Chinese independent intellectual property rights is the core of the Road cutting plan

"With Bing Fa Mou, followed by cross-cutting, followed by cutting soldiers." Ancient art of war in the famous Chinese Words of Wisdom, so that the "Starlight China Chip Project" commander in chief, Vimicro Corp. Chairman Dr. Deng Zhonghan read with great interest. He said the development of independent intellectual property rights is to seek the cutting entrepreneurs, and also the Chinese enterprises to succeed in the knowledge economy a prime weapon. Proud of the fact that Mr. Deng, the current Vimicro domestic and foreign patent applications in 1000 mark a breakthrough in 2007, Chinese enterprises to apply information technology, patent No. 6. They also PC, laptop field of digital multimedia chips made more than 6 percent global market share, and is a complete grasp of international standards of intellectual property results. In the ...
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Depth analysis of LED street lighting market

Road lighting and the people closely related to production and life, with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, green, efficient, long life LED lights gradually into the peoples vision. Currently, LED lighting technology matures, high-power LED light source effects have reached 80lm / W, city street lighting energy saving possible. To the street-based high-power LED product markets, has been part of the LED business success in the second half of 2005 R & D LED lights, and gradually to the market, replacing the existing traditional lamp products. China is the worlds fastest urbanization process one of the countries can be expected in the next few decades, all over the country for high-power, high brightness, energy-efficient LED street lamp market demand for products is extremely large. According to industry statistics 2006 n...
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