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EA fourth-quarter loss of $ 42,000,000

- > a year earlier loss> EA CFO Eric Brown (Eric Brown) said that in the fourth quarter, including marketing and> EA CEO Yue Han Li Qi Di Ai Luo (John Riccitiello) to develop games for the> U.S. investment firm Kaufman Brothers (Kaufman Bros) analyst Todd Mitchell (Todd Mitchell) said, EA in the use> Li Qi Di Ai Luo in the fourth quarter earnings conference call with analysts, said, EA is facing "challenging" retail environment in fiscal year 2010, 1 earnings per share is expected to be conservative. EA 2010 fiscal year, analysts expect earnings of 97 cents per share. EA expects fiscal 2010 revenue in 3700 to 3850 million U.S. dollars, excluding deferred revenue was 4.3 billion in revenue. ...
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Each year the Ministry of Industry plans Internet filtering software on Government Procurement

- > Ministry of Industry is planning to annually purchase green government procurement online software. 10 oclock on the evening broadcast on CCTV 22 "Evening News" program reported that after the Ministry of Industry is planning to annually purchase green government procurement online software, any advanced technology to filter inappropriate web sites with good effects software can compete. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chen Ying, deputy director of software services in the TV program that this year, choose the Green Dam - Youth Escort reason is that the softwares advanced technology, "it is the active content filtering , as long as the salacious content automatically shielding ", and other software libraries used by way of the passive filter blacklist. From July 1 this year, sales of new computer software to be ...
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Eager to seize the suburbs of Beijing Suning Appliance stores have signed up shop in Yanqing

Suning north China region president Fan Zhijun, executive management headquarters said the year-round coverage of the suburbs of Beijing Suning Appliance market. Meanwhile, the United States also put more eyes on the suburbs. Fan Zhijun said that before the end of this year, Suning will be stationed in three suburbs of Beijing market. Yanqing shop now has signed, is expected to open in October, Pinggu, there are 2-3 options Mentougou shop. Yan Xiaobing, general manager of Gome had also said that "within the Fourth Ring of the property for basic household appliances shop store without a" home appliance store in Beijing is now focused on three City of Victoria and the city outward expansion, after 5 years may no longer be the main store, while the suburbs there are relatively large consumption potential, which is the focus of future...
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Earnings of listed companies of electronic components Comments

Help avoid the risk of a two-pronged unilateral 2009 first quarter the company achieved operating income of 447 million, net profit of 7.368 million yuan, up respectively 18.2% and 71.9% reduction. The first quarter of this year, due to the downturn in the industry of electronic components, as well as by the low-end products resulting from the impact of weak bargaining power, product orders and price both the decline, coupled with a certain rigidity of corporate expenses, so that the results there was a substantial decline. Products include two sub-industries, including PCB and CCL industry in China started earlier, related technological content of products is not the gap with foreign advanced level. February 2009 after the North American PCB industry indicators bottomed ship orders, shipments and orders the chain on the rise, coupled wi...
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East Bay Sept. 3 billion revenue reduction from 3.81% NT

LED packaging factory Unity Opto (2499) announced September net revenue from the end of 3 billion New Taiwan dollars, compared with 312 million the same period in 2007 fell 3.81%, with 301 million last month, a considerable did not, as the market is expected to challenge the first single-month high. However, the companys October sales remained optimistic view that the current visibility of orders continued to look good. East Bay in September sales of 3 billion New Taiwan dollars, 315 million compared with August sales decreased 0.35%, compared with 312 million the same period in 2007 decreased by 3.81%, total revenues from January to September 2008 reached 2.396 billion yuan, 2.267 billion yuan over the same period of 2007 grew 5.69%. East Bay, said spokesman Weng Congzhi the third quarter was warmed to customer demand, delivery standar...
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East Bay turnaround and look forward to Q3 revenue estimates by 10% quarter

Learned, LED packaging factory east Bay (2499) recently announced first half earnings, Q2 earnings season has turned around a single, gross margins improved significantly higher than 5% in Q1, but the first half of the foreign exchange loss of influence by the industry , after-tax loss of 0.28 yuan per share. Looking Q3, East Bay forecast revenue growth of 10% over Q2, gross margins are expected to increase with the simultaneous increase capacity utilization. It is understood that the East Bay in the first half revenue of 15.57 billion yuan, 1.343 billion yuan over the same period in 2007 grew about 16%, the first half of the East Bay, said the main reason to increase market penetration of LED products, but by the exchange rate of NT Q1 l take effect, the industrys revenue was flat, but also bear the foreign exchange loss of business, r...
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Easy to carry folding solar electric car

In daily life, in order to reduce the volume easy to carry, and many items are made of a folded, small to large bike racks, everything. Although many of them classic idea, but relatively speaking, "folding electric car" Oh, very innovative. Zheliang "solar folding electric vehicles" that can be folded after use of a spindle into the "suitcase" tall, graceful woman can easily carry. Not only that, its design concept is also fully integrated into the energy saving elements, can be folded after its appearance completely cover the solar cells so that we can to get through the absorption of solar power. Amazingly is: In order to fully absorb the energy of sunlight, it also has a similar base of solar cookers, which can absorb more solar energy. When the sun is low, but also through ordinary AC power to charge the battery on the car is really...
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Eaton shares acquired Phoenixtec expansion in China and Asian markets

Diversified global industrial products manufacturer Eaton Corporation (NYSE: ETN) announced April 9 in Shenzhen, the U.S. Eaton Corporation has completed the listed companies in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Phoenixtec acquisition. Eaton to five hundred eighty-six million U.S. dollars of the total purchase price has more than ninety percent of Phoenixtec shares of the outstanding shares. Eaton James W. McGill, president, Asia Pacific (James W. McGill) held in Shenzhen todays media conference, said the acquisition reflects Eatons global electrical business successful expansion, especially rapid development in China and Asian markets. Phoenixtec for Eaton power quality in China, business equipment and systems provide important production and R & D base. Eaton will be the best customers and suppliers to win the market, last years sales...
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eBay in the first quarter net income $ 460,000,000 up 22%

EBay yesterday announced first-quarter 2008 financial results. Report, eBays first quarter net revenue 21.92 billion, an increase of 24%; net profit of 4.6 billion U.S. dollars, up 22%; $ 0.34 per diluted share, compared to $ 0.27; operating cash flow 7.66 billion, free cash flow is 6.32 million. The first quarter, eBay Internet auction service net revenues of 14.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 19%, of which 55% came from outside the United States market. Internet auction platform eBay the first quarter of the total transactions amounted to $ 16,040,000,000, an increase of 12%; eBay online payment service PayPals net revenues were $ 582,000,000, an increase of 32%. The first quarter, eBay repurchased a total of about 3,700 shares of common stock, with a total expenditure of about 10 billion U.S. dollars. Of the stock repurchase ...
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eBay sued Craigslist online classified site diluted the interests of

EBay legal proceedings, accusing online classified site Craigslist to make some changes in the Board of Directors, dilute eBays investment in the company. EBay said it on Tuesday in Delaware Chancery Court to bring a lawsuit. The contents of the proceedings are confidential now, because some information about the Craigslist company are subject to confidentiality provisions limit. EBay in 2004, the company acquired 28.4% stake in Craigslist. eBay Craigslist did not provide details of the Board to take action. However, eBay said, Craigslis CEO Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark, founder of a number of transactions between and unfair to put eBays economic interest in Craigslist by more than 10% dilution. EBay said, Buckmaster and Newmark does not fulfill the obligations of the trustee. eBay spokesman did not comment on this matter. Craigs...
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