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Ebb Tide PCB industry era

This paper describes the current strong environmental protection, pollution control iron fist, strict implementation of environmental impact assessment of the situation, the country has recently launched the "energy saving, one-vote veto" of the new initiative, when the PCB industry, the arrival of the Ebb Tide. PCB industry must respond positively to the implementation of energy saving, clean production, total control, discharge standards, optimization and upgrading. 1. Preamble 3 5 March, the opening of the 11th National Peoples Congress. Premier Wen Jiabaos government work report, which referred to this years focus: "to increase energy saving and environmental protection, and ensuring product quality and safety." "To promote economic structural adjustment, change the mode of development." Strong in the current environment, an iron ...
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E-book piracy original site constraints only 4.49% development of the industry

1425 e-books in the domestic site, the original site only 4.49%. Serious piracy problems, led to delays in e-book market can not enter the stage of rapid development, its sales revenue far, compared with the traditional paper book market. Yesterday, the nations largest e-book reading bar Net portal release of other vendors, "2007 China Development Report e-books." Data show that in 2007 total 660,000 kinds of electronic books, an increase of 24.5%. At the same time, the domestic e-book sales revenue of 169.4 million yuan market, while the figure increased 14% over the previous year, but there has been no substantial increase is expected. The reason, the domestic e-book market is still the main income comes from institutional users, but lack of institutional users of room for growth; In addition, users spending habits, payment methods, a...
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E-Book related to the semiconductor market in 2013 is expected to reach 1.1 billion

In-Stat research firm, announced June 1, E-book (e) rapid increase in shipments is expected from the global shipments of one million in 2008 increased to 30,000,000 in 2013 . The rapid growth of shipments of semiconductor companies will be employed to create new business growth, because the relevant semiconductor demand in 2013 will exceed 1 billion U.S. dollars. Because of its content delivery service, Amazon Kindle with family is becoming a leader in this field. Amazon has been with the Sprint wireless network operator partnerships to make the Kindle users can access digital E-book. "Amazon and Sprint are offering consumers a user-friendly, end to end solution for content distribution, which is an emerging technology into the mass market essential." In-Stat analyst Stephanie Ethier, "said everywhere in this area with new participants...
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E-business applications to compete for the Chinese domestic market, environmental concern

In the new economic situation, Chinas domestic markets are unprecedented attention, components manufacturers in the promotion of a more refined product, which makes the segment more competitive. The development of new applications vendors to obtain new growth is an important tool, and new applications for environmental protection were unanimously optimistic about the market. Competition to stimulate new demand, more and more new products to the multi-functional, fine direction. 2008 each year for the domestic industry, is an unusual year, faster growth in the electronics industry as one of the industries in China, has also been a bumpy road, the world economic situation and make changes in the pattern is faced with more challenges and more complex industrial environment. Year is drawing to a close, electronic technology in the future th...
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ECIS said that reporting of Microsoft IE browser market share, Microsofts support for the EU penalty

- > According to foreign media reports, IT industry trade group the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (hereinafter referred to as "ECIS") recently said that Microsofts defense to the European Commission to submit the book "underreporting" of the IE browser market share. ECIS said that Microsoft has submitted a formal response document the defense. EU Competition Commissioner Ni Li Ke Luo Si (Neelie Kroes) is evaluating Microsofts defense. Earlier this year the European Commission accused Microsoft Windows operating system bundled with IE illegal, is not conducive to market competition. ECIS in the file the following statement on the Microsoft questioned: IE browser market share of the European Economic Area in the sharp decline of 85% from 4 years ago, fell to less than 55%. Microsoft said the Firefox browser as th...
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ECIS supports the European Union to continue to punish Microsoft, the results fall

According to foreign media reports, IT industry organizations, the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) said recently that Microsoft return the book in a note to the EU market share of IE deliberately belittle the purpose of evading punishment. January of this year, the European Union to Microsoft issued a "statement of objections" that the Windows bundled with IE browser behavior of other browser products contain a fair competition. Informed by the end of May said the EU will be a new round of sanctions against Microsoft, requires Microsoft Windows operating system bundled with rival Web browsers. Allegations of the EU, Microsoft said, IE in the European Economic Area market share fell faster, and now less than 55%, 85% four years ago. At the same time, rival browser market share is growing rapidly, especially in Germa...
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E-commerce is the development of machinery industry booster

From the current overall situation of national economic development and growth potential of the machinery industry perspective, the construction machinery industry has just started development of electronic commerce, the development of machinery industry is facing challenges, there are many opportunities. Machinery industry after 2008, the "economic winter", the usher in the spring of 2010, into a rising cycle. Data show that in 2009 industrial output value of 1.123658 trillion yuan machinery industry, the output value of 228.212 billion yuan of new products, an increase of 52.5%. China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index in March 2010 was 55.1%, 3.1 percentage points higher last month. The index is based on stabilizing the economy for 13 consecutive months have been critical point in more than 50%, indicating that the overall manuf...
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E-commerce to support projects to benefit the electronics industry in Guangzhou

Yesterday (13th) afternoon, Guangzhou SME support project was officially launched e-business applications. Guangzhou Huiying Advertising Co., Ltd. (HC Network), the Guangzhou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Japan Bin 4 enterprises was "small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou in 2009, e-commerce service provider credentials." According to reports, the next five years, Guangzhou will seize the building, "Information in Guangzhou," the historic opportunity to increase efforts to promote the building of e-commerce applications to improve electronic commerce service system, build the network of the modern business model, transform and elevate the traditional industries, fostering the growth of the Internet industry, to create "network operators are" and realize the integration of information technology and industrialization, ...
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Economic crisis of 2008 chip market down 2%

ISuppli has been paying close attention to the current global economic crisis affect the semiconductor industry. Although most of the discussion surrounding the 2009 market growth forecast, iSuppli concluded that the chip industry in 2008 by the economic crisis has seriously affected. Based on 121 leading semiconductor suppliers in the third quarter actual results, and major performance objectives under the big chip makers come to the fourth quarter forecast, iSuppli predicts that semiconductor revenue in 2008 will decline 2%. iSupplis previous forecast in September 2008, an increase of 3.5%. Is worth noting that the slowdown in the semiconductor industry actually began in the third quarter, while the financial crisis began in October around the world. iSuppli semiconductor company previously forecast third-quarter revenue growth of 7....
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Economic downturn LED market challenges and opportunities

More critical moment, the more we improve and standardize the corporate structure to adapt to the current market as a good opportunity! "Spring Plumbing ducks," and only at the cusp, to know all the ups and downs. LED is a young field, since 2003, China launched a semiconductor lighting project has been objectively speaking, the current LED in the display, instruction, decorated on the application has been improving, but the lighting in the area need to take time, just as the industry prepared for this flex its muscles in the area, the financial crisis, the cold surge and to, wherever this cold spell, there are wooden hay feeling death, advocating "energy pioneer" of the LED industry has also been a number of more or less impact. Economic downturn, the challenges and opportunities, how to face? I think the production side, an internal ...
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