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Experts say: the outbreak of the second half of Chinas stock market is expected to start rising

Two cities opened slightly lower broader market, on stock index opened at 3941.26 points, up 3,941.26 points, the lowest 3,813.00 points, closing at 3820.05 points, down 142.63 points, or 3.60%, Shenzhen Component Index opened at 13,785.46 points, the highest point 13,785.46 , the lowest 13,176.87 points, closing at 13,207.78 points, down 609.87 points, or 4.41%, the two cities more than 1,500 stocks declined, 200 stocks hit bottom, stocks rose less than 40. Volume continued to shrink. At yesterdays "China Investment Forum", the BOC chief economist Cao Yuan Zheng, State Securities chief economist Golden Rock on Chinas macroeconomic trends in 2008 are optimistic, gold rock more that will usher in the second half of Chinas explosive economic growth, while the outbreak of the stock market may start to rise. Optimistic about the macroecono...
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Experts wireless charging solutions market prospects

Strategy Analytics released the latest mobile phone technology services component of the report, "combined with quick charging technology, the potential of wireless power market will quadruple." The report notes that two new mobile phone technology "wireless power" and "super-capacitors," the rise of mobile phones will be charged in improving the experience provided a very large market potential. If you combine these two technologies, and appropriate pricing, then, in 2014, 22% of wireless phones will be sold fast charging solutions. Analysis that, Palm Pre wireless charging solution price is too high, combined with super-capacitors in the absence of the case, the benefits for users is small. Combination of super capacitors and wireless charging technology will be able to form a high-quality solutions to solve a lot of mobile phone user...
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Experts: Chinas high-voltage converter market characteristics

Chinas high-voltage inverter market is still at an early stage, the early growth of the market with all the features: 1. Market is growing fast and has great potential. Past two years, the average market growth of more than 40%, a large number of companies have achieved in 2007 more than 100% increase. At present, the market has entered a rapid development of stable channels, is expected by 2010 will remain 35% -40% annual growth. 2. Product is still not mature and the continuous development of improved technology. At present, manufacturers, especially domestic manufacturers continue to make breakthroughs in a higher power, to achieve more functionality of new products, while efforts to improve product stability. There is a certain distance from the mature product. 3. Fierce competition pattern was not stable, there are still a number...
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Experts: Global mobile phone chip market situation of the war and then changed

8 months since commencement of operation of the wireless NXP STMicroelectronics (ST-NXPWireless) announced with Ericsson (Ericsson) Ericssons mobile technology platform (EricssonMobilePlatforms; EMP) merged into a joint venture company, to grasp the global 5 major mobile phone brands in the four manufacturers, with annual revenues of NT 1,000 billion size (about 25 billion yuan), ranking the status of wireless communication chips 3 Costa Rica, and fully to Qualcomm (Qualcomm), and Texas Instruments (TI) Hutch challenges. ST (STMicroelectronics) and Ericsson, 20, announced they have signed an agreement, each of its ST-NXPWireless and EMP will be consolidation into a new company, holding 50%, respectively, the main customers include Nokia (Nokia), Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics), Sony Ericsson (SonyEricsson), LG Electronics (LGEl...
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Extended 8-bit ZiLOG MCU series, aimed at digital power management market in China

ZiLOG has introduced the new F0830 series, to extend the 8-bit MCUs Z8 Encore! Products, target mainly Chinese MCU market, such as auto voltage regulator, heartbeat detectors and other personal health devices, PC peripherals, including set-top boxes and LCD TVs the number of devices, including power management, battery charging, motor control, electrical equipment, motor control and security applications. It is reported that, Z8 Encore! XP F0830 series is based on ZiLOG eZ8 CPUs Flash MCU. This series supports up to 12KB of Flash program memory and 256 bytes of register RAM, it Z8 Encore! XP Series is compatible with other members, so you can migrate from 1KB to 12KB. F0830 family of highly integrated peripheral set, with successive progressive control ADC (SAR ADC) and other functions, on-chip provides up to eight channels of input and...
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Extension of the chip is a short-board laser display industry

Laser display is the second black and white display, color display, digital display, the fourth generation display technology. Among the many evolving display technology, display technology, laser display technology represents the future direction of the trend and mainstream, is the focus of future competition in the area displayed. Laser display technology in the inherited all the advantages of digital display technology, based on red, green, and blue color laser light source as shown in the chromaticity achieved a major breakthrough in display technology to solve long pending large color gamut color reproduction problems, so that the most perfect reproduction of natural colors. Devices into industrial base is weak short-board Laser display is red, green, and blue (RGB) laser light source for three-color display, laser display technol...
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Eyeing the hot money speculation electronic components

Every indication that the object of hot money speculation has expanded to produce electronic products. Is almost certain to be for electronics accessories, is carried on after hot money "speculation garlic Chaodou" track. According to industry sources, subject to raw material prices, foreign financial crisis has not subsided and so the impact of electronic components in short supply this year, the price rise is an indisputable fact, this situation is likely to last until early next year. Policy support to the anticipation of the plate active Main stock index fell yesterday, but the rise of electronic components is still among the top plate, electronic components into the plate in more than three stocks rose. Industry sources, market rumors to encourage the software industry the draft has been submitted to the State Council, the New Dea...
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