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Economic downturn of the economy is close to the panel manufacturer, or sad hi

According to United Evening News reported that winter to the economic boom, double-D industrial panel industry blowing cut, delayed investment in new production capacity, CMOs 8.5G has decided to delay production until 2010, AUO has recently (2409) that to be delayed in the Division Gemini 7.5G production, including creating groups, Caijing, CPT are associated with reduced production factories related or delay action, panel Fab Five cut all start, throttle action. Frozen as the economy, money-burning industry, the impact of double-D was the largest, after following the DRAM, TFT-LCD mining cut, delayed investment in new capacity in order to reduce capital expenditures, to cut expenditure, to the degree winter. CMO the fourth quarter of next scheduled 8.5G production 30000, has decided to delay to 2010, and Chi Mei Optoelectronics for n...
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Economic downturn will drive the process of virtual storage market

In the current uncertain economic environment, we are asking when will bottom out. But who knows, the most optimistic estimate is that by the end of 2009 will slowly recover. In the present circumstances, I think we must first understand the situation, take the initiative to reduce unnecessary operational expenses, while also continue to focus our attention on the storage and network areas of new technology, or technologies complementary to our existing and invest in a timely manner, so we can only poke the clouds, re-see the sun when to seize the initiative. With this round of economic downturn, many companies have begun to cut costs, including IT aspects of the contraction is very large, which has fundamentally contributed to the development of storage virtualization technology. Because for IT managers, the overall virtual environment...
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Economic downturn, survival of the fittest is the best time

Air Products Air Products general manager of China Electronics segment Sadao Cyclical semiconductor cycle is a significant feature of the industry, after several years of high growth, its growth rate in 2008 than in the past has slowed down. The 2008 financial crisis the global economy, so consumer market contraction, and capital investment projects significantly reduced, which has entered a period of adjustment for the semiconductor industry, even worse. Recession or economic downturn, the industry is the survival of the fittest of the period, the company has strong strength is one of the key to victory. Air Products the companys business diversification and internationalization, holds a lot of long-term contracts, capital income and stability, as achieved last year for 5 consecutive years and remained stable 2-digit earnings growth,...
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Economic stimulus plan by the Chinese will be to promote growth in analog chips

By the Chinese government to promote the economic stimulus plan, analog chip market is expected to grow. FBR LinearTechnology company raised first-quarter expectations, due to analog circuits, the average selling price will rise, but another important factor is the growth in demand for the Chinese market. Needham & Co.LLC VernonEssi analyst said in a report: "from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan should permit the information obtained by our hypothesis, we are concerned with simulation of the companys revenue is growing channel This trend will continue into the end of the first quarter. " "An important driving force is the Chinese government is planning the implementation of home appliances." He said, "This will stimulate the market throughout the supply chain of electronic products, products including LCD TV, netbooks, notebooks and lo...
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Economist: global IT industry, the wave of anti-monopoly comeback

Ten years ago, when Microsoft suffered antitrust, Bill Gates made it clear that: "anti-monopoly will eventually be forgotten by the people." And other computer industry giants face the same problems, its executives have also expressed a similar view, but it means a little vague. Today, the long-dormant antitrust finally re-ignite the flame, the regulatory body of the IT industry bigwigs have taken another round of action. Next week, the EU will be protracted determinations Intel monopoly case, Intel will face 10 million euros (1.3 billion) in heavy fines. Early June, Microsoft will get the dock in Brussels, facing illegal web browser bundled with Windows operating system charges, since the 90s from the last century, the allegation has been plagued by Microsoft. 50 years from the last century, since the major targets of the anti-monopoly...
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Economize the cost of a fall in price is less than the speed of light Q2 loss widened U.S.

According to Bloomberg reports, the U.S. memory chip maker Micron Technology (MU) on Wednesday 2nd quarter earnings, due to product manufacturing costs fall faster than the speed of cutting, resulting in loss widened. Micron noted that, as the quarter ended February 28 net loss widened to $ 777,000,000, or $ 1.01 per share, a year earlier quarter net loss of 5,200 million, or 7 cents per share. 4.8% decline in sales of 13.6 billion U.S. dollars. Oversupply of personal computer memory and flash chips used in portable devices are priced below manufacturing costs. Micron is my best to reduce manufacturing expenses, to quell the concerns of analysts and investors. San Francisco, American Technology Research analyst Doug Freedman said, "Micron economize the cost of success." He recommends buying shares of Micron. He pointed out that Micron...
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EDA is in the semiconductor industry ecosystem got a deserved?

History in the semiconductor industry, EDA industry revenue proportion of the total market, has always been only about 2%; but many people think that the ratio can be even greater point is that price competition and other factors to EDA industry stagnated. Therefore, EDA industry is already in the ecosystem in the semiconductor industry got a deserved? To address this issue, recently in the United States at the Design Automation Conference (Design Automation Conference, DAC), the three major EDA suppliers in at least one view, perhaps the slump in the environment can bring about some changes. Synopsys Chairman and CEO Aart de Geus said that only economic pressure as the current downturn ─ ─ effects brought ─ ─ to change the status quo. If you use the EDA tools through more efficient design solutions to help chip makers are to relieve p...
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EDA vendor Magma significant decline in performance is not better than the day

EDA vendor Magma since late last month announced sales revenue for this financial year is expected to cut 30% of the year, the companys stock price has continued to decline. Magma on Friday on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ) stock fell $ 4.41 transaction is Magma, has been listed since 2001, a record low point. Wednesday (Sept. 9) Magma closing stock price of $ 4.63 per share. As of now, Magmas stock price fell more than in the current year by 60%. In Magma on Aug. 28 announced the expected revenue this fiscal year revenues from $ 225 - $ 230 million down to $ 158 - $ 160 million later, Magmas stock fell to its lowest point and show a continued downward trend. Magma is ranked fourth in the EDA market suppliers, and are not difficult times for the first design tool supplier. Market share ranked in the top four companies, only Synopsys announced th...
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EDA: the development of Chinese enterprises to the new trend of IT architecture

- > CCID Consulting, Software and Information Service Industry Research Center He built Camp 2008 Nian SOA development in the Chinese market to accelerate significantly in terms of market acceptance, or specific arrangements have good performance on the case, the market scale will reach 1.091 billion yuan, an increase of 38.7%. Although the small size of the market, but showing a rapid growth momentum. The global financial crisis, the SOA application in China has brought some new variables. Chinese companies currently deploying SOA, the main challenge facing the following areas: ? increasingly complex enterprise IT environments, IT sharp increase in the complexity of the system; ? financial crisis makes the enterprise SOA-related tightening of the budget; ? lack of a formal and reliable method to value return on investment (ROI...
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Elpida Memory has introduced the industrys first 800Mbps 256Mb DDR2 SDRAM devices EDE2508ABSE and EDE2516ABSE, for high performance memory modules. Monolithic device has a x8 bit or x16-bit wide, with double row buffer in the absence of direct inserted memory module (DIMM), target the high-end PC market. 800Mbps DDR2 SDRAM memory is a big milestone, with excellent performance, to meet the high-end PC users, especially the speed of the market demand for the game. It and the latest processors can match the front of the bus, so that PC with maximum data throughput rate much faster than ever. Elpidas 256Mb DDR2 device is available in two models: EDE2508ABSE and EDE2516ABSE, respectively, 8M x8-bit word for the group and 4M word x4 x4 x16-bit groups. Elpida advanced 0.10um process technology used. EDE2508ABSE 60 ball FBGA package, while t...
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