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Eight of the sensor industry trends

China Electronic Components Association sensitive components and sensors branch Present, the sensor industry, smaller, narrower range of applications. To this end, an urgent need for ideas, research and development of the sensor properties by a single sensor research and development, into a highly integrated new sensor research and development. The development and application of new sensors have become the core of modern systems and key, the information industry will become the new 21st century economic growth. Nearly 6,000 varieties and specifications In the early 60s in the 20th century began to get involved in sensor manufacturing. China founded in 1972, piezoresistive sensors developed Chinas first batch of production units; 1974, China successfully developed the first practical pressure sensor; 1978, the birth of Chinas first sol...
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Elan 2.4GHZ RF transceiver IC communications 120dB dynamic range

ELAN (ELAN Microelectronics) recently introduced a 2.4GHz ISM band FM / FSK RF transceiver chip. The chip integrates RF, IF, audio (PA / LNA / IF / Audio) for all components, with high power output and high receive sensitivity and low power consumption. Among them, the communication dynamic range of 120dB. The chip fractional synthesizer with the new modulation method with automatic adjustment of features to satisfy the application of various systems, to optimize the design and production needs. The analog chip suitable for 2.4G cordless telephones, low-rate data transmission equipment and other products. Elan introduced, in addition to this chip has excellent features and specifications, but also provide reference data for RF module design (reference design note), including circuit design and control firmware, the customer only to be w...
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Electrical and electronic product testing standards introduced in October

Implementation of the RoHS directive of EU environmental protection, due to lack of experience testing standards and embarrassment. Recently, the reporter learned from relevant sources, the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 111 Working Group 3 has made the "Decision of harmful substances in electronic products in the detection of the statutory procedure" draft, this standard will be announced in October this year, as international standards. It is understood that the market RoHS testing on more than 100 organizations, can provide test reports to the enterprise, the lack of uniform standards, many companies get the test report, exports to the EU, remains does not have sufficient grasp of "passing." According to RoHS directive requirements, July 1 after the EU market of electrical and electronic products shall ...
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Electrical equipment introduced in the series of multimedia-based video solutions i.MX

China Electronic Appliance Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is the worlds leading semiconductor manufacturers more than an authorized distributor of electronic components distribution services and products provide value-added services, including on-site technical support, reference designs, development and production of tools and complete solutions . Early because of the country if the gold standard prefix, and all have domestic sales, approval of these powers, "background" insisted, want to worry about, doing all wrong, the state-owned system, the less state support, the closure of many state enterprises closed down, close the door, the company is still able rapid development. Revenue in a few short years to break through the billion, which is how to do it? Said: This is good timing, geographical, and also ...... So-called day, the company was first e...
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Electro-acoustic device technology upgrade from five aspects

China Electronic Components Industry Association electro-acoustic devices branch of the Secretary-General Wang Runli As the core of audio-visual products, electro-acoustic devices are more and more attention. It is understood that China has mastered the self-developed electro-acoustic devices from all parts to the finished production technology, the formation of the electro-acoustic devices the production of industrial systems and complete industrial chain, but to really form the core of China-made electro-acoustic devices competitiveness, but also go a long way. Basic categories of projects: emphasis on software, equipment and GB Electro-acoustic devices and components CAD, CAT and CAM technology development and application Electro-acoustic devices can always use the equivalent circuit method, use of electronic circuit theory, analy...
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Electron beam technology breakthrough design cycle of complex

With the rising cost of process and increase the complexity of the design cycle, electron beam direct writing (EBDW) the application of more extensive, including prototype development and ASIC production. Of advanced standard cell and system-on-chip (SoC) devices, the manufacturing cost and design complexity are rising, forcing many potential customers on behalf of the factory had to be postponed or canceled projects. In general, they will turn to alternatives such FPGA prototypes to begin their designs. Size reduction due process and other reasons, fab costs increase rapidly. Mask higher prices and other factors have tremendous impact. Using 90nm technology in 2005, a ten million, the average total cost of the design is a million dollars. If using the current 65nm process, do the cost will double door design. But there are still cust...
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Electronic Arts Take-Two refused to "marry" two billion bride price too low

Wednesday, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. to its shareholders a statement, rejecting the EA offer two billion U.S. dollars takeover offer, saying the offer is not high enough. According to foreign media reports, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. said, in order to maximize the interests of shareholders, the company will explore other options, including cooperation with the EA or other companies, but the job will not has released "Grand Theft Auto 4" (Grand Theft Auto IV) before. Take-Two plans on April 29 released "Grand Theft Auto 4." 3 13, EA directly to Take-Two shareholders $ 26 per share to buy Take-Twos takeover bid, Take-Two said the board would take 10 days to evaluate the offer . Up to Wednesday, exactly 10 working days. Electronic Arts said, Take-Two rejected the acquisition of the "shareholders is a great pity," claimin...
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Electronic components and materials in China R & D in a number of strategic thinking

Passive electronic components are a large class of important electronic information products, is the basis for all kinds of electronic information products. In the new electronic products, integrated circuits and electronic components, passive components and parts accounted for the total cost of production 46.1% and 9.1%, while the total installed cost is accounted for 12.7% and 55.1%, and even some film -elements of the management and installation costs have more than its price. It is obvious that passive electronic components has become a constraint machine further miniaturization and integration of the development bottleneck. 1  passive electronic components in the economic and social development in Chinas position electronic components and assembly of electronic components manufacturing industry is a major component of the indust...
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Electronic components for chip miniaturization

Present, with research and production of traditional elements gradually matured, the electronic components industry is moving into new materials, new techniques and new technology driven product updates upgrade and deepen the development of a new period of industry as a whole shown a piece of , miniaturization trend, and, as the overall development of electronic information industry, the development of the electronic components industry also proposed new requirements. chip miniaturization of electronic components of the main direction of technology development With microelectronic circuits, surface mount technology (SMT) in the adoption and continued development and improvement, light, thin and small as a measure of an important symbol of electronic machine products. In order to make electronic devices smaller, we must first consider ...
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Electronic components in China this year will reach 8,000 billion revenue

From 11 to 16 in Beijing at the China Electronic Components Association twentieth anniversary of the General Assembly was informed that China has now become the largest producer of electronic components and exporting countries, industry will reach 8,000 billion this year, about the size. China Electronic Components Association Wenxue Li said the reform and opening up, Chinas electronic components industry to achieve rapid growth, has made remarkable achievements in industrial scale ranked second in the national electronic information industry, the major economic indicators remain rapid growth, Chinas electronic components industry in 2008 sales revenue will reach 8,000 billion yuan. In the world production of electronic components accounted for more than 30% of the world, the production of electronic components has been highest in the ...
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