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Electronic components industry proposed to continue over the economy continued to rebound with

Rebound in the electronic components industry boom continues. Accelerate the deterioration of the U.S. economy ahead of the arrival indicates that the economic base has also become an important support for continued economic rebound. Maintain the electronic components industry with the investment strategy over, but the investment selection is suggested by the "Thematic investment" to "defensive investment." Recommended the continuation of a sustained rebound in the industry over the economy with Economic rebound in the industry is expected to continue to establish and continue with the foundation over the industry. As the industry continued to rebound in the economy, we continue to recommend over with electronic components sector. Rebound in the current climate there is more industry contacts, an extension boom to the characteristics o...
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Electronic components industry, a negative growth index

10 Yue Fen the situation is not busy season continues, with the economic crisis spread to the real economy, demand for electronic products the first to be affected. The value of North American semiconductor BB record low of seven years, global semiconductor sales in the doldrums and other relevant data on all display industry boom continues down the domestic IC output indicators in January 2005 the first negative growth since, and in September ring a significant reduction in the ratio than in previous years and other shows this is difficult in the global semiconductor market downturn in the semiconductor island. Adversely affected by the fundamentals and major companies in the fourth quarter were more pessimistic sent warning signals, in October and continued to lose major semiconductor index standard index. 10 January to February i...
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Electronic components industry: deepening of specialization focus on emerging industries

China Electronic Components Association Wenxue Li "Electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has formally introduced, "plan" put forward, the next 3 years, the electronic information industry should focus on computers, electronic components such as the nine areas of focus to start the revitalization of . Introduced from the seven aspects of government support measures for 3 years to ensure the stable development of electronic information industry, speed up structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading. Optimize the industrial division of labor model Electronic components included in the "planning" the revitalization of the nine key areas, and has been included in the three key industries, shows that the Government of the electronic components industry attention...
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Electronic components industry: to speed up transformation and upgrading

- > Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division Electronic components is the core of an important part of basic industries, in the electronic information industry chain, is the communications, computer and networking, digital audio and video systems and end products development. As the embodiment of independent innovation capacity and an important part of industry grow, the electronic components for the electronic information industry, industrial upgrading, technological innovation and the bigger and stronger to play a crucial role. In the current international financial crisis, background, electronic components industry is facing serious challenges. Response to the crisis, and "to maintain growth, adjusting structure, promoting stability," the overall goal, 15 April, the State Council promulgated...
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Electronic components to be strong inside and outside sales growth driven

According to the Ministry of Information Industry, China Electronic component industry in 2006 (optical / electrical cable and batteries) to the main business revenue of 6,384 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7%, from 2003 to 2006 compound annual growth rate of 34.9% . According to the China Electronic Components Association information centers statistics, sales revenue grew faster electronic ceramic products and devices, electro-acoustic devices, printed circuit board, sensitive components and sensors, connectors, respectively an increase of 47.09 %, 31.27%, 29.85%, 28.6%, 25.42%. Including printed circuit boards, connectors, micro motor, electro-acoustic devices, capacitors and electronic transformer core business revenue of the total sales revenue of 80%. Promote the rapid growth of Chinas electronic components industry the main drivi...
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Electronic components: a moderate recovery in the pressure relief ring

Recently, device news 1-February rose 26.9% in fixed investment component fell 0.5% from January to February, electronics industry invested a total of 9.14 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9%, increase over the same period last year (-11.8%) increased 38.7 percentage points, optoelectronic devices and integrated circuits industry in which investment growth 64% and 23.9%; home audio-visual equipment industry invested a total of 680 million yuan, down 16.4%. Electronic components industry invested a total of 5.85 billion yuan, down 0.5%. Electronic devices from an increase of fixed investment in the perspective of sub-industries to increase the likelihood of positive trends, but the specific implementation of the performance of listed companies is expected to be further observed, we still maintain the current margin of safety before the inve...
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Electronic components: cause for concern in emerging markets

Emerging areas of concern, including GPRS chips, power devices, security electronics, and portable medical electronics. GPS chip market: China GPS output accounted for 39.4% of global production, Chinas GPS chip market in 2008 increased by 46.7%. PND GPS applications accounted for 62.3%, GPS mobile phones accounted for 20.9%, the development of Chinas GPS engine. The future, GPS and consumer electronics integration will bring new GPS chip market growth is expected to grow 25.2% annually the next three years. Power devices market: Although the power device market growth slowed sharply in 2008, the first time in single-digit growth, but with the continued increased demand for energy saving, power management IC, MOSFET and IGBT high-end products are still will keep stable growth, including 3G, digital television and automotive electronics...
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Electronic Components: Japanese companies invest more cuts

Latest news, such as Murata Manufacturing in Japan is expected to 5 large electronic component manufacturer for the fiscal year (April 2008-March 2009) of the total equipment investment is about 290 billion yen (about 104 yen in 1 U.S. dollars) Jinliang Cheng reduction compared with the previous year. It is reported that since 2006, Murata, Kyocera, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, ALPS and other companies take into account the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games may be driven by consumption growth in the global electronic products, has been increased investment in equipment, expand production capacity. This investment trend has now come to an end. In view of Japan and the U.S. economic uncertainty, the investment behavior of enterprises have become cautious, and adopted a "selective" investment strategy. Reported that the field of electronic components in t...
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Electronic Components: Order has been restored recovery is still too early to say words

08Q4 fast down the industry, 09 continued Care is expected in Q4 2008, the global economic crisis under the weight of the already down in the economy of the electronic components manufacturing stage sharp decline in business performance, whether it is the worlds leading electronics manufacturers, or domestic electronic components manufacturer, the quarterly results generally have a more significant decline. Industry into the economy low. And resulting in 2009s cautious forecast industry conditions, international research institutes generally agreed that the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2009 will be down. Into 2009, orders picked up 4 quarter results dropped sharply, there are many reasons for the decline in end demand is the main reason for the precautionary principle and the downstream businesses to adjust inventories to ...
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Electronic components: performance not improved domestic demand-oriented transformation

- > By the international financial crisis, many companies reduced orders component, benefits decline. Analysis of components listed company reports, we found that last years fourth quarter and the first quarter of this year, most of the companies revenues and profits are reduced. However, with the market gradually take warm, components listed companies and even to the end of the second quarter of this year are full of confidence. The first quarter of negative growth in the majority of component manufacturers Components listed in more than 50 companies, most of the companys first quarter earnings report is negative growth in operating income. Many companies in the performance report shows, there are reasons for this situation: the international financial crisis, the global electronic information industry downturn, the whole falling d...
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