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Electronic components: terminal market improved slightly

Semiconductor chip market is still growing, but growth slowing, the terminal market is not satisfactory, the third quarter, semiconductor stocks may still remain high; the global semiconductor equipment investment record low, indicating the industry more rational and cautious expansion , also shows that industry has already eliminated some of the industry; 2008 the global semiconductor market growth rate for 7 months in a rise in global chip sales are expected in July rose 7.60%, the growth rate started to slow down; the global semiconductor equipment billings from November 2003 creating the lowest level since ; Comprehensive 7-8 months of data, three-quarter will not be satisfactory end-market demand: beneficiaries panel prices have fallen, the LCD TV market began to pick up, but the mobile phone, PC demand growth started to slow down...
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Electronic components: the prospect of a global economic downturn

Global economy suffering the howling wind, the world economy in 2009 or the danger of deflation, the earliest possible recovery in early 2010. Fluctuations in the economic cycle as the seasons turn of the year, but a bit cold this winter, but the world do not stop moving forward. Electronic components industry is a high-tech industry, electronic information industry chain in front of the communications, computer and networking, digital audio and video systems and the basis for the development of end products for the electronic information industry, technological innovation and make bigger Strong play a crucial role in the national strategy for basic industries. Can be subdivided into semiconductors, display devices and other devices such as connectors, PCB and so on. 1 domestic electronic components industry overview Electronic compon...
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Electronic components: the road twists and turns bright future

2004 annual products and upstream investment in equipment to upgrade the electronic components industry to the economy with a high point in 2005, by the computer replacement boom receded, the mobile phone market growth slows, 3G and the slow progress of digital television factors, the domestic growth rate continued to slow down the electronic components industry, and the first quarter of this year, due to enter the off-season sales and high raw material costs, but also have the benefit of the phenomenon of sharp decline. Electronic components 11 selected listed companies as samples. From their operation of the first quarter of this year can be seen, although the industry as a whole continued to grow, but growth is slowing down, and some companies with significant economic downturn, the phenomenon of interest income does not increase sig...
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Electronic devices can be extended to achieve extreme bending and deformation (Figure)

A Miami Engineering, Illinois State University and Southwest University research team has recently developed a scalable method for the mechanical design of electronic devices. This method allows electronic devices can be bent into any shape without loss of complex electrical properties. This design approach is expected to be used in such electronic eye, smart surgical gloves, artificial organs, aircraft wings, LCD back and bio-medical devices. picture shows the free deformation of CMOS inverter array (HC electronic network with map) The design is based on a semiconductor nanomaterials. This material can provide up to 140% of the ductility and high degree of distortion - a very high pitch of the helical twist (in 1cm rotate 90 °). The key is to implement the design of active devices and circuits building a "Silicon Island" (siliconisla...
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Electronic devices: the economy until early 2009 leading shares is expected rating

4th quarter of 1998 since the current shortage of large-size panels TFTLCD phenomenon, belonging to the 5th cycle of more formal "supply Corporate earnings LCD panel prices and the cost depends on the comparison, global production capacity expansion and demand for global LCD panel prices to be determined, while the component materials and transportation costs, depreciation and other costs of the panel. The worlds new LCD panel production line is mainly above the 7.5 generation of large-size LCD panel production line, in particular, Sharp and Samsungs 8th generation line put into operation, LPL8 on behalf of the line also opened in 2008, built in 2009 production, 2009 Sharp end 10 on behalf of the line will also be put into production, the production line is mainly for the over 40-inch LCD panel, Sharp, Samsung, LPL8 on behalf of the pr...
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Electronic distribution industry to where?

"The global economy is experiencing challenges, like the electronic distribution business experienced challenges." Shenzhen Huaqiang North business for 20 years, an electronic distribution business owner described his feelings. Experts also believe that, with a new round of industrial transfer, electronic industry and the electronic distribution industry will face great challenges, many manufacturers will face a comprehensive restructuring. "Electronic distribution industry will go where? Distributors how to establish a new competitive edge? New value chain where?" These issues will TBF "2008 World Bank" Global Forum on an answer. TBF "2008 world tour" will provide an excellent platform for global electronic distribution of the elite to discuss response to it. TBF "2008 world tour" is the electronic distribution industry, a traditional ...
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Electronic Distributor: something had happened to it?

A wealth of ghost hovering over in China. Huang Guangyu, the richest man in China had been arrested. Latitude Group boss was arrested. Like this has confirmed the news of the rich and one incident was confirmed. "You know so and so has trouble yet?" Today morning, a good friend called to ask me. I am shocked for a long time, he said this person is a person I know, is the excellent reputation of electronic distribution ring a boss. Is said to be detained in the United States Customs, "charges" false false suspicion of long-term electronic products, to the end of the cargo in Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland sales. There is also a good electronics distributor recently "trouble", and reportedly, their agents, a leading U.S. supplier of electronic components and their recently terminated the agency agreement, both parties may be subject ...
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Electronic equipment market has not bottomed out excess inventory situation improved

Market research firm Gartner released research report that the electronics and semiconductor market has not yet obvious signs of recovery. Recent profitable industry, only be regarded as a demand reset (demandreset) phenomenon. Gartner analysts said the surplus inventory situation has improved, but almost all the electronic equipment market is still down, the rally must first wait for the economy hit bottom. L-1IdentitySolutions announced the next-generation 4G technology Identity solutions and services provider L-1IdentitySolutions, Inc. Announced that the next generation 4G technology platform by improving the performance, interoperability and scalability of access control equipment will be transformed into intelligent security devices. 4G access control equipment with the most advanced biometric and multi-factor authentication, str...
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Electronic information in the revitalization plan is under revision

Yesterday from the person concerned at the Ministry of Industry confirmed that the draft plan the revitalization of the electronic information industry has indeed come, but the Ministry of Industry and also comments on the program be amended, modified for submission to the State Council for consideration. The official said the electronic information industry is expected to become the third installment of the revitalization plan adopted by the industry restructuring and rejuvenation of the introduction of the exact date, however, is still uncertain. Ministry of Industry said yesterday that the people, programs related to integrated circuits, telecommunications, Internet and other industries, the program is not finalized. Analyst at Guotai Junan Weixing Yun said in a report, the electronic information industry revitalization plan focused...
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Electronic information industry as a whole is facing "only quite strong," the problem

Chinas electronic information industry revenues in 2007 5.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 18%, industrial scale in the world, but the sales profit rate of only 3.5%, industry as a whole is facing "only quite strong," the problem. Chinas electronic information industry in key areas to master the core technology and independent intellectual property rights very little, the whole product key components required, electronic materials, professional equipment, instruments still need a lot of imports. Electronic information industry, the current lack of core competence, the problem of low quality level, experts pointed out that Chinas electronic information industry is entering a technological upgrading and restructuring of the critical period. Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government guidance...
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