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Fairchild introduced for industrial applications, CMOS optocouplers, CMR 250% increase

Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) has launched a new FOD0708 (single channel) and FOD0738 (dual channel) 15MBd optocouplers provide the industrys highest rated alleged common-mode noise rejection (CMR), both required for industrial control applications High bandwidth (per 15Mbit) and low power consumption characteristics. compared with competing solutions, Fairchilds patented technology to reduce package capacitance Optoplanar 30%, and guarantee access to the minimum 25KV/μs rated CMR, two and half times higher than the nearest competitor, and to the FOD07X8 Series in noisy industrial environments. Open collector bipolar transistor with the equivalent solutions, these optocouplers with a push-pull detector, without pull-up resistor, thus eliminating the need for this part of the current power consumption. Fairchild Optoelectronics Joh...
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Fairchild introduced micro-3A to 30A Smart Power Module DIP package

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced a series of intelligent power module (SPM) products, energy consumption index for a limited white goods such as washing machines and air conditioners and other products of high efficiency motor controller design. Fairchild SPM micro-inverter system can help designers to develop design and cost advantages, in ensuring the reliability and reduce the number of design elements. Seven new mini-SPM series models. They employ the industrys most compact Micro DIP package, providing the industrys best thermal performance. Each module integrates three high-voltage driver ICs (HVIC), a low drive drive (LVIC), six IGBT and six fast recovery diodes, 3A to 30A current range of products using the same package, in the 0.3kW to 3.0kW of higher power range of design flexibility. Fairchild SPM ...
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Fairchild Introduces Low-Power Integrated PFC Controller

(Electronic markets Reuters) In order to meet current design engineers face strict green standards, Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) introduced a power factor correction (PFC) controller IC, such as notebook adapters can be low in in 250W switching power supply (SMPS) design to reduce standby power consumption of 320mW. In addition to dramatically improve energy efficiency, the highly integrated FAN7528 also reduce component count, saving board space. FAN7528 is the critical conduction mode (critical-conduction mode, CRM) PFC controller for active work. With the traditional critical conduction mode CRM PFC controller different, FAN7528 integrates a dual-output control function to improve the whole efficiency of input cases. This integrated power factor correction function can eliminate unwanted detection of the rectified AC...
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Fairchild launched 80V N-channel MOSFET device (Figure)

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) has announced the use of SO-8 package MOSFET 80V N-channel devices - FDS3572. The device can simultaneously for the DC / DC converter primary and secondary synchronous rectification switching power supply designed to provide good overall system efficiency. FDS3572 provide 7.5nC Miller charge (Qgd), than the same RDS (on) 38% lower levels of products. The devices low Miller charge combined with low RDS (on) (16m) characteristics, the quality factor of merit (Figure of Merit, FOM = RDS (on) × Qgd) 120. FDS3572 the total gate charge at VGS = 10V for the 31nC, to help reduce wear and tear; low QRR (70nC) can also reduce the reverse recovery loss; and its EAS = 515mJ high avalanche capability can improve durability. Characteristics of these products together with small size package, making FDS35...
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Fairchild new Motion-SPM devices to simplify the following 200W inverter motor drive design

(Electronic markets Reuters) Fairchild two new Motion-SPM ? devices are designed for 200W motor drive under inverter designed, the application can be saved for the refrigerator circuit board space, simplify the design, while improving system performance and reliability. Each FCBS0550 (500V/5A) and FCBS0650 (500V/6A) Motion-SPM are compact, thermally efficient in a single integrated module 6 MOSFET, 3 Ge HVIC (high voltage integrated circuits) and one LVIC (low-voltage integrated circuits) . And require many discrete components compared to designs, the new Motion-SPM inverter for refrigerator motors design saves 20% board area. This integration enables a more compact and efficient design, and improve system reliability and efficiency. Different from other competing devices, Fairchilds FCBS0650 and FCBS0550 received UL certification and m...
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Fairchild new video filter / drivers to help save half the design space

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced a series of video filter / driver FMS6690, FMS6246 and FMS6346, has a good combination of filtering flexibility. Based on the optional standard definition (SD), progressive scan (PS) and High Definition (HD) filtering performance, the video filter / driver family allows designers to the right combination of two filter frequencies to meet their special design requirements. Designed to replace discrete solutions, to replace passive LC filters and drivers, saving about 50% more board space. In addition to set-top boxes, these devices can also be used in DVD, digital television (DTV) and other consumer video products. Fairchilds FMS6690/FMS6246/FMS6346 series consists of 6 road, 6th order video filter / driver components. According to reports, with different competing devices, th...
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Fairchild publishing high-brightness LED lighting Reference Design

Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) applications designed to provide a LED without the secondary side (secondary side) control circuit and optical coupler, the input can be AC LED lighting system reference design RD226. LED lighting system reference design RD226 RD226 is a universal input 12W LED lighting solutions, to reduce the high-brightness (HB) LED light volume, and save list of materials (BOM) cost. This design uses a flyback topology type (flyback topology) of the isolated primary side (primary side) control of off-line AC-DC converter with universal input voltage range 85VRMS to 265VRMS, line frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz. RD226 also selectable 350mA and 700mA constant current output, both the maximum output voltage is 17V. The reference design uses Fairchilds FAN102 PWM controller as a primary-side control to reduce overall ...
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Fairchild pushed the industrys smallest "USB 2.0" MicroPak ? chip scale package switch

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) introduced the industrys smallest single-port USB 2.0 "High Speed" (480 Mbps) analog switch FSUSB23, using chip-scale MicroPak ? package (CSP). The devices compact package with low power consumption ( 720 MHz) features, is the ideal multi-function cell phones switch to select USB 2.0 can provide high performance while saving space. Fairchild MicroPak 10 terminal chip scale package measuring only 1.6 mm x 2.1 mm, the footprint area of more typical of similar switches (3.36 mm2 compared 10.5 mm2) decreased 68%. FSUSB23 Other applications include PDA, MP3 players, digital cameras and laptop computers. FSUSB23 high-speed USB signals can be converted ability to easily pass the AC and DC performance of the eye diagram test, in line with high-speed USB 2.0 standard. It also retains complete USB ...
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Fairchild Semiconductor 50A/75A Motion-SPM ? Devices

(Electronic markets Reuters) Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) has expanded its Smart Power Module (SPM ?) product line, add the rated current of 50A and 75A of the Motion-SPM devices for the commercial and 5kW to 7.5kW industrial inverter motor control design. Now, for the design of Fairchilds SPM products provide a comprehensive selection, ranging from 50W to 7.5kW of the full inverter motor applications. FSAM50SM60A (600V/50A) and FSAM75SM60A (600V/75A) modules using 60 x 31mm dual in-line package (DIP), occupied board space of discrete solutions is almost only half the battle. SPM package using direct bonded copper (DBC) substrate technology, providing excellent thermal resistance and heat capacity. These 50/75A Motion-SPM devices offer designers a highly integrated solution for the overall power for air conditioning and factory aut...
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Fairchild Semiconductor announced the availability of five industry-leading op amp

(Electronic markets Reuters) Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) announced the availability of five industry-leading operational amplifiers (op amps), to enter the high-performance amplifier market. The new 210MHz FHP3x50 and 50MHz FHP3x30 series amplifier designers to meet a variety of high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video applications including set-top boxes, digital TV and audio / video amplifiers. Both product lines use Fairchilds industry-leading proprietary "BCP6T" to develop new technology that allows designers to achieve the dual goals of providing superior amplifier performance while maintaining low power consumption. Fairchild Signal Conditioning Product Marketing Engineer Debbie Brandenburg, said: "Currently, Fairchild is in the high-performance amplifier market leadership, with different kinds of device pro...
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