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Function is not generally supercomputer

Supercomputing Center What? Shenzhen and the relevant ministries work together to build a supercomputing center in Shenzhen, what "super role"? Experts said the preparation of the national supercomputing centers in Shenzhen, compared with the general computer, its amazing computing power, more than 20 million regular laptop computing power. City Branch letter bureau concerned parties, Supercomputing Center is a super-computer-based, research-oriented, economic and social development, high-tech industries, and other outstanding issues and the core technology is focused on computers and servers aimed at solving common large, complex issues can not be completed while the construction. In contrast to earlier calculations centers, it has made a huge leap in computing power. Learned that the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, the fi...
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Future consumer notebook will move towards what direction?

Notebook market the bulk of the future must be in the consumer this one, from this two-year changes in PC market share, we can see, is committed to providing the best quality for the consumer products companies ranked in the forefront of its market share, of course, , talking about HP here I must mention the first quarter of 2009 ------ from the data view, its market share is still ranked first. Can achieve such outstanding results, and HPs strategic positioning are not unrelated, HP is committed to enhance the consumer notebook price, so that benefits consumers, it is HPs access to leading the most important reason. Also, HP is not satisfied with the existing results, but continuous progress, innovation, through continuous development of new products to satisfy the increasing use of consumer demand. Recently a number of IT shopping si...
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Future market prospects connector

With the consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications end markets and the rapid growth of global production capacity of the connector to keep the transfer to China and Asia, Asia has become the connector market where most potential, and China will become the worlds growth in the connector fastest and largest capacity in the market. It is estimated that the future growth of the Chinese connector market rate will continue to exceed the global average, the next 5 years, the Chinese connector market size will reach 15% average annual growth rate, by 2010, Chinas market capacity will reach 257 connector billion. Electrical connectors supporting areas of the main transportation, communications, networking, IT, medical, home appliances, matching the level of product technology areas and the rapid development of the rapid growth o...
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Future trends in instrumentation

The next few years, our instruments will focus on the following develop in : Focus on the development of industrial automation instruments based on field bus technology The main control system devices and intelligent instrumentation, special and private automatic instrument; comprehensive expansion of service areas, to promote the number of instrumentation systems, intelligence, networking, and complete automation instruments from analog to digital technology changes, 5 years digital instrument the proportion of 60% or more; promote automation software with independent copyright commercialization. focus on the development of electric instruments long-life power meter, electronic meter, electrical measuring instruments and equipments in the network management system for automatic measurement. By 2005, middle and low electrical...
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Fuzhou, Xiamen, agreed to launch pilot semiconductor lighting

The author on May 4 from the Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province was informed that recently, the ministry issued a notice, consent, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other cities in 21 semiconductor lighting application engineering ("Ten City, ten thousand") pilot project. Since 2007, "Fujian Province, to promote the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry, the implementation of observations (2007-2010)" Since the implementation of the core of the western side of Xiamen Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base general pattern has taken shape, base of more than 100 enterprises within the existing LED, LED production value in 2008 reached 40 billion across the province, along the related value of 35 billion. State "City of ten thousand ten" LED lighting demonstration project in Fuzhou and Xiamen City, the speci...
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