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Fairchild Semiconductor introduced the industrys best SD / PS / HD video filter / driver combination

FMS6690/FMS6246/FMS6346 design products for the digital set-top box to provide flexibility saves cost and space (electronics market Reuters) Fairchild Semiconductor has announced the launch of flexibility with the best filter video filter / drivers to further consolidate its position as digital set-top boxes market integrated video filter / driver, chief suppliers, and enables designers to maintain high-performance video signal path, and while optimizing system cost. The video filter / drivers with optional standard definition (SD), progressive scan (PS) and high-definition (HD) filtering capability, allowing designers to choose according to specific design requirements composed of two filter frequencies the right combination. These highly integrated video filter / driver is designed, by replacing passive LC filters and drivers other than...
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Fairchild Semiconductor introduced the industrys first

the worlds leading supplier of system power optimization products - Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) launched the worlds first vacuum cleaner designed for driving single-phase switched reluctance motor (SRM) and the design of "intelligent power module" (SPM ?). Fairchild 50A rated current of the new high-voltage intelligent power module FCAS50SN60 IC (HVIC) and low-voltage IC (LVIC), IGBT, fast recovery diodes and a thermistor integrated in an ultra-compact (44mm X 26.8mm ) and Mini-DIP package. The package is "copper direct bonding" (DBC) technology, can significantly improve thermal performance. Compared with the general discrete solutions, Fairchilds FCAS50SN60 space can be reduced up to 40% power lines, so that designers can be incorporated into the SRM assembly controller. This compact system solution can significa...
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Fairchild Semiconductor introduced the industrys smallest integrated video filter driver

(Electronic markets Reuters) In response to the latest ultra-portable applications development trends, Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) announced the launch of the smallest on the market video filter driver FMS6151, can drive the video images from cell phones to televisions, computer monitors or other larger display products. In order to improve application performance, the device uses the fifth-order 8MHz standard definition (SD) filters to get better image quality, and low 3.8mA supply current consumption, and lower to 25nA standby current to extend battery life. FMS6151 using size 6 only 1.45mmx1.0mmx0.55mm terminal microPak ? package, can help designers save board space and lower design costs. Fairchild Signal Conditioning product line manager Bob Vinton said: "The current market is one of the most popular application is to drive a...
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Fairchild Semiconductor will close two fabs

Fairchild Semiconductor has announced that as part of efforts to cut costs, will close two wafer manufacturing plant. The company said that the two factories are located in Pennsylvania, Mountain Top, and South Korea Bucheon (Bucheon). The company said it expects the move will make annual savings of 20 million to 25 million U.S. dollars. ...
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Fairchild will supply the different design applications

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) will be held March 15 to 17 in Shanghai, China at the PCIM China exhibition, on display for AC / DC, DC / DC, motor control / power management and lighting design applications to meet them for energy conservation, reducing size and weight, improve thermal performance, in line with power factor correction design specifications and meet the challenges of other needs. Fairchild president and managing director Asia Pacific, said Kuo: "Because of the power products, Fairchild has a complete series of power supply design engineers can provide key technical and design resources, our innovative product design and technology aspects and thus discerning. face the growing demand for electronic products, China urgently needs energy. The PCIM China provides an important platform to showcase Fairchild ...
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Fairchild won the "Electronic Products" Top 10 DC-DC 2005 product awards

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor)s 1.5A Synchronous DC / DC buck regulator FAN2011 and FAN2012 award winning products in China known as the "Electronic Products" magazine named Top 10 DC-DC 2005 award-winning products one. These two "all in one" step-down converter provides industry-best efficiency, performance, power density and package size combinations for set-top boxes, hard drives, point of load (POL) power and communications equipment. These designs in the past usually LDO, but with the application of space more and more nervous, DC / DC regulator applications in these areas is gradually increasing. Top 10 DC-DC 2005 Awards is to promote the establishment of power technology application and development in China. All in the specified period in the Chinese market in the DC-DC power supply and chip products are eligibl...
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Fairchild, "sesame" help drive the size of the video filter Digital Video Broadcasting

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced the smallest on the market is said video filter driver FMS6151, can drive the video images from cell phones to televisions, computer monitors or other larger display products. order to improve the performance of applications, the device uses the fifth-order 8MHz standard definition (SD) filter for better image quality, 3.8mA supply current consumption low, and 25nA standby current to extend battery life. FMS6151 with dimensions of only 1.45mm × 1.0mm × 0.55mm 6-terminal MicroPak package, can help designers save board space and lower design costs. Fairchild Signal Conditioning product line manager Bob Vinton said: "The current market is one of the most popular application is to drive a composite video signal from the phone to a TV or other large display for viewing. But durin...
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Fairchilds Motion-SPM has been selected for Fujitsu General air conditioning design

FSBB20CH60 provide excellent motor control performance and system reliability (electronic markets Reuters) Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) Smart Power Module (Motion-SPMTM) FSBB20CH60 motor control due to its superior performance and system reliability, GM therefore Fujitsu (Fujitsu General) for use in its air-conditioning design, universal design allows Fujitsu to quickly to the energy-saving air-conditioning market. The efficient, compact module Motion-SPM integrates several functional blocks, hiding enough staff inverter energy-efficient system design requirements, while providing a simplified motor design and system reliability. Fujitsu General Air Conditioning Electronic Engineering Manager commented that Fairchilds Motion-SPM devices in their development of energy-efficient air-conditioning process, plays an important role. FS...
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Fairchilds SPM module integrates a low thermal resistance

Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced the industrys first alleged vacuum cleaners for single-phase switched reluctance motor drive (SRM) for intelligent power module (SPM) - FCAS50SN60. This FCAS50SN60 intelligent power module rated current up to 50A, and high-voltage IC (HVIC), low-voltage IC (LVIC), IGBT, fast recovery diodes and a thermistor in a single 44 × 26.8mm in Mini-DIP within the package. The module uses a DBC (Direct Bonded Copper) packaging technology that significantly increases thermal performance. And compared to conventional discrete solutions, FCAS50SN60 power circuit space can be reduced by 40%, which makes the controller were integrated into the SRM motor. FCAS50SN60 through UL certification, providing no light coupled single-supply IGBT gate driving capability can further reduce the system size. In additi...
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Fake TV "interactive game" earned 20 million will be at full stop

Newspaper recently reported, "" interactive program "mad sucked telephone internal processes large exposure" after the publication of a strong response, references to the individual television channels broadcast the nominal current high award has been suspended to cheat the user calls the " pseudo-interactive program. " While close to the radio and television news told us, in view of "found a case of dealing with a case" approach does not eliminate this type of pseudo-interactive programs, the SARFT will soon be officially issued regulations to ban start quiz category, answer categories, Games such as interactive radio and television programs. Programs disguised charges abound It is reported that for the State Administration of Radio, telephone and mobile phone text messages about radio and TV programs made in the requirements for pure...
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