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Fan Fuchun: SFC does not have confidence in the stock market bailout

With the two near the end of market expectations of the "two market" did not last. Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell again from 13 stock index breakdown thousand points, to close at three hundred ninety-seven point. CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Fan Fuchun 13, responded by saying: have confidence in the Chinese stock market, but regulators do not support the "policy of the city." Fan Fuchun CPPCC in the first 13 to attend the first meeting after the fourth plenary meeting of China news agency reporters Zuo Shangshu and Biao Shide. He said the China Securities Regulatory Commission will not take "rescue" role, will not repeat the "policy market" mistakes, but will study the stock market has fallen behind the situation. He said Chinas stock market regulators examine the current stat...
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Far East Cable once again winning the railway construction project Yongtaiwen

Recently learned, the Far East cable railway construction projects Yongtaiwen winning again, much of the section of railway construction to meet the needs of the cable. It is understood that Yongtaiwen Railway from Ningbo to Wenzhou, a long line of 268 km, with a total investment of 16.28 billion yuan, is a mainly to passenger transport, both passenger and freight rail at the national level. October 2005 to begin in the first half of 2009 was opened to traffic. After the completion of the railway, in addition to greatly facilitate the travel of passengers outside of Zhejiang, and Shanghai and Hangzhou in Zhejiang will be in line, Xuan Hang line, the southern section of Zhegan Xian, Wen-Fu line form "part of great success," the overall pattern, and with Ningbo, Wenzhou-Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen and Shenzhen, composed of the coastal railway ...
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Far East Cable successful new 500kV power transmission project in Chifeng first

Recently, the State Grid Corporation of centralized bidding and purchasing scale of the Northeast Power Grid Co., Ltd. the first projects in 2009 the main equipment, materials, tenders, Jiangsu Far East Cable Co., Ltd. won the bid in Chifeng City, the first 500kV project - Huafeng Ning lost substation engineering, manufacturing steel core for the project. It is understood that Baiyinhua - Chifeng - Liaoning power transmission project total investment reaching 3.59 billion, of which about 2.2 billion investment in Inner Mongolia. Its built not only Baiyinhua and electric power in the Chifeng area, provided a guarantee, and will solve the northern region of Chifeng single power grid structure, power supply reliability is poor and the power shortage in the southern region, and poor voltage quality has greatly enhanced the Chifeng area supp...
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Far from mature semiconductor industry innovation we have just begun

Not long ago in the southern city of Orlando in the U.S. Congress held FTF2008, Freescales new head RichBeyer further elaborated in his last FTFs "green", "health and safety", "network effect" of three semiconductor market technology trends and by the company under his leadership the trend in which the superior position. And in anticipation of the embedded intelligence (EI) in the next 10 years the great potential, Freescale CTO LisaT.Su is said that many people think that the semiconductor industry is very mature and is gradually slowing down the pace of growth, but the semiconductor industry, innovation is not only far from over, in fact it has just begun. She said: "We are in another reshape the initial stage of the industry." Advantage of integration with the new technology arena "Freescale is not only in the automotive and network...
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Faraday introduced high-quality silicon-based ASIC chip

Specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and the leading provider of IP Faraday (Faraday Technology Corporation) (Taiwan Stock Exchange Code: 3035) is currently announced for PeripheralComposer-1 (TM) (PC-1) of high-quality silicon products on display will soon put into production on this basis. PC-1 is the application of the special structure of the industrys first ASIC chip, the ARM architecture processor chip pre-diffusion, Universal Serial Bus (USB), Ethernet, 802.11b, and the basis for other IP blocks in the display still the flexibility to customize and diversification. When a new peripheral device interface from mutually exclusive, the thousands of applications in the Internet features - USB, Ethernet and 802.11 have been the most widely adopted. However, the annual requirement of 100,000 or less 100,000 system products, the designers ...
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Farah electronic short-term cost pressures are still fresh in

Farah E the first half of 2008 operating income of 304 million yuan, up 12.3%; net profit of 49.79 million yuan, down 20.8%, EPS0.22 million, in line with our forecast of interim results preview. In the second half outlook: long-term benefit from the energy demand, cost pressures are still fresh in the short term. (1) relying on the countrys energy strategy, the company actively adjust the product structure, intention to expand the use of film capacitors for energy saving lamps and development of the proportion of thin film capacitors with hybrid vehicles, is expected to benefit from long-term trends in domestic energy demand. In addition, the company further expand annual production capacity of 09 (30% of production capacity capacitor, metallized film production capacity 40%) and acquired 40% stake in Shanghai U.S. stars into the elec...
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Farah Electronics: Film capacitors promising areas in the hybrid

The rapid development of future hybrid Farah Electronics will bring new growth. In hybrid or pure electric cars need to control the driving circuit film capacitors with a larger capacity in order to achieve the motor drive, current transformation functions. The current HEV vehicles, the main international manufacturers of thin film capacitors procurement, purchasing a car more than the amount estimated at 2,000 yuan. 2 years ago, Farah Electronics related products began to actively develop and expand cooperation and domestic machine depot. Farah Electronics film capacitors as a domestic leading enterprises, R & D capability, the product has a good reputation in the industry. So, with the popularity of domestic HEV vehicles, Farah E will lead to a new growth point. According to estimates, when a company reaches the 100 000 HEV vehicles ma...
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Farewell Chinas IC market has entered a period of adjustment growth

"China IC Market," published research data shows that Chinas IC market goodbye to years of rapid growth started to enter the adjustment period, Chinas IC market in 2008 achieved sales of 597.33 billion yuan, an increase of only 6.2% , IC market growth slowed for 5 consecutive years. And last year grew only 2.2% compared to the global semiconductor market in 2008, the Chinese market still growing, but the growth rate dropped significantly, and the single-digit growth for the first time. Data, computer, consumer, accounting for three major areas of network communications category 87.8% of Chinas IC market, which remains the largest share of the computer class. In the product structure, the memory is still the largest share of products, which benefited from higher shipments of notebook computers increased, but because memory prices decline...
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Farnell announced that its 2008 results in an increase of 39.4% in China

Service in the world millions of engineers and purchasing personnel, providing low-volume, high-quality services to multi-channel distributor of electronic components Farnell has announced its 2008 growth performance in China was 39.4%, especially in the first fourth quarter of the global economy experienced a period of cold, still maintained a high growth performance of 14.8%. As the only access to trusted suppliers (RECS) certified international catalog distributors, Farnell since its establishment two years, with a deepening sound technical service system, to achieve a doubling of growth in the number of customers a year to gradually become multi-channel market leader in electronic distribution. Farnell Miss Wang Jiahui, Managing Director Greater China, said: "We Farnell proud of last years business performance, particularly in the c...
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FARO portable measurement arm to enhance precision in the welding workshop

According to FARO introduction, FAW Group Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary - FAW Auto Group in the truck plant welding workshop of the companys successful use of portable measurement products. Since 2002, the workshop, the company has purchased two measuring arm FARO, a Taijin series arm, a silver series arm, and a 12-foot Platinum Platinum measuring arm. Typical welding workshop truck plant parts tested, including stamping, welding sub-assembly, the heavy-duty truck series cab and chassis in the class of heavy-duty truck series parts and more. In the past, these complex shapes of the workpiece and the welding fixture of the measuring coordinate and rely mainly on traditional desktop hardware measurement tools, and sample, template to aid measurement. The desktop can not coordinate the move, you need to carry bulky fixture ca...
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