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Fast and Accurate Linear Technology has introduced LTC4101 Smart Battery Charger Controller

(Electronic markets Reuters) Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) with fast, accurate smart battery charger controller LTC4101, the device can work with or without a host microcontroller. The IC in full compliance Rev. 1.1 SMBus specifications, and meet the Smart Battery System (SBS) secondary (Level 2) charging functionality. LTC4101 3V to 5.5V charging voltage is optimized for single cell Li-Ion battery and 3-4 Nickel batteries. It can fast charge current up to 4A, the voltage accuracy 0.8% current accuracy of 4%. Synchronous switch work to achieve in the 6V to 28V wide input supply voltage range of high efficiency charging. LTC4101 small 24-pin SSOP package, ideal for portable computers and instruments. For flexibility in terms of, LTC4101 integrates a 10-bit DAC and a 11-bit DAC, respectively, for charge curre...
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Fast development of hardware industry in 2007

2007 year for the hardware industry, it is a rich and full harvest of the year. During the year, the hardware industry comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, in close connection with industry practice, focus on promoting the building of industry clusters and industry innovation, focus on adjusting the economic structure and growth mode transformation, efforts to strengthen resource conservation and environmental protection and promote the hardware industry sound and fast development. Brand luster shine 2007 Nian 9 months, brand-name list of China announced in 2007, metal industry, there were products from 32 enterprises were selected, and the shower room product is the first time included in the evaluation of Chinas famous catalog. At this point, the hardware industry directory of brand-name already has gas ...
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Fast rate of construction of radio and television programming to 3T against the 3G broadband network

In three major telecom operators in the faster 3G on a big occasion, radio and television system has also been decided to Dajian broadband, and the target is several years building wired broadband network, the rate of 100 megabytes. This broadband service providers will create a strong business challenges. Fast rate of radio and television to build broadband network SARFT was ten days ago in Shanghai Science and Technology at the 2009 meeting revealed that the radio and television news, the high-level meeting, many leaders have attended the SARFT, the meeting suggested a number of years in radio and television systems the NGB network construction, to create "3T" network. NGM is the so-called broadband broadcasting system, the construction of a demonstration project, is based on the Ministry of Science, "863" program, a major project, ...
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Fast-print produced the 8-layer PCB thickness is 5mm

Shenzhen Fast-print Circuit Technology Company introduced a series of 8-layer PCB, the line width and spacing were 0.15mm and 0.2mm. Thickness is 5mm, through-hole diameter of 0.3mm. This series of multi-layer PCB board size is 364.5 × 259mm, compacted using FR-4 substrate, the surface is covered nickel and gold plating. ...
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Father of cottage rapid growth behind MediaTek

Name and cell phone chips violence was compared, the Taiwanese company in DVD LCD TV chips chips and more outstanding achievements - the first global market share. In the first phase of China Mobile TD-SCDMA terminal chipset solution, there are 50% of the share belonging to the company. 2006 Nian 5 day of the month, was in London known locally as the "tube" of the subway, the train speed of 80 kilometers per hour from the ground into the tunnel, the pressure to embrace the moment the baby restless. After the train stops at the site, a few carrying a shoulder bag, hand tester to go down the Chinese people. They went to sit opposite the site of a subway station on the return, followed by stimulation of the moment of this experience. This round-trip dozens of times. They MediaTek Inc., Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as "MediaTek"), an en...
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Favorable policies to promote the x86 server will buck the trend upward

CCID Consulting predicts that by 2009 sales volume of Chinas x86 server market and sales will reach 776,000 units, and 13.98 billion yuan, an increase of more than 13.9% in 2008 and 12.9%. IDCs forecast is relatively cautious, but optimistic about China, said the development of x86 server market. Research Department of the Chinese computer systems analyst Chen Hui that in 2009, 6% -7% annual growth is a more reasonable forecast. "Chinas x86 server market size in 2009 as Chinas economic growth will continue to grow." President of Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Li Jun told reporters. That the economic downturn, Chinas x86 Fu Wuqi market can become a dash of color? X86 market growth frequency is the better long-term In fact, the background of the international financial crisis, Chinas x86 server market is immune, also faces the i...
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Favorable policies to stimulate the electronic information sector is expected to skyrocketing

Finishing yesterdays high and volatile broader market, surging mass of electronic information sector, particularly the information, Qingdao, soft control, three-dimensional communication, Bird shares BOCO, in creating the letter test, Zhongwei Guomai, Eastern Communications, Baosight more than 17 other stocks daily limit, the performance of eye-catching. From a policy perspective, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance have jointly issued a document on international service outsourcing enterprises related to financial support services; another message is expected to Chinas "Nuclear high base" (the core of electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software) project will soon release the list of shortlisted companies. Secondary market for these policies and expectations in advance to make a positive response and continue...
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Fax AT & T want to discuss bid 2.5 billion acquisition of certain assets of Alltel

According to those who know the inside story said on Friday, the nations largest telecommunications company AT & T is negotiate the price to 2.5 billion acquisition of Alltel part of the assets. According to foreign media reports, the wireless communications company Verizon agreed to merger in order to obtain government Alltel, agreed to sell 22 in the Midwest and southern states of the 105 markets overlap with Alltels business network. Knows the inside story said that in 24 want to sell assets, AT & T is expected to buy the 18 assets, the remaining six assets pending bid, some private equity firms and other wireless communications companies may be interested to bid. Verizon do not want to respond to this message. Verizon previously said more than 30 companies have been interested in buying Alltels assets stand. ...
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FCI HARTING get water from the push-pull type of I / O connector mandate of the program

FCI, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, has signed a license agreement and HARTING, as its outdoor push-pull I / O connector series product of the second source of supply. Outdoor I / O product line is for fiber, electricity and high-density copper connectivity for industrial applications, and meet on-site installation and IP67 Waterproof Grade can be a solution. "Innovative push-pull design provides a cost-effective end-user products" FCIs senior regional business development manager Francis Lo said. "FCI HARTING will be certified and the outdoor I / O products, the second source of supply of such products to ensure that electronic and mechanical compatibility, and standardization of this new I / O supply continuity of the program." Outdoor I / O design eliminates the need for cable accessories inventory. This...
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FCIs DDR2 connector to facilitate expansion of PC and server memory

FCI has developed a series of vertical storage slots, an acceptable standard of double data rate (DDR2) memory module assembly, enabling the desktop PC and server memory expansion. The DDR2 240-pin connector provides for vertical welding terminals through installation of press-fit pins or terminals for the "needle" pins. Through installation of connectors provide a die positioning (molded orientation posts) or a metal fork locks two options to provide a position before welding. The connectors are black, blue or other colors available 6 resin for election. Press-fit connectors provide die positioning, you can choose black or blue. There is a press-fit connectors transparent latch, with LED status display with the use of the slot. All the connectors are fixed and plug the module provides a mechanical voltage regulator and the terminal clos...
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