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Fear of repeat orders panel overcapacity

Global LCD panel industry since mid-June last year, revised down quickly, has been dropped this year, Chinese New Year, the economy began to bottom out, followed by that acute single wave after wave of channel inventories are low, terminal sales exceptionally strong, with materials in short supply, so that rapid reversal LCD panel industry up the economy to meet the long-lost tunnel. LCD panel industry, much like the stock market price changes, are chasing do not chase down. When the panel prices have been falling, even if the price were lower, no one would dare to buy, because the myth that bear the decline in value, because the panel prices next month, some low-off than this month, that why buy it now? Lead to a price collapse, a continuous fall, until the cash cost below can only give up. But when the LCD panel prices started up aft...
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Feel the pulse of the latest development opportunities for medical electronics

Highlight the opportunities for medical electronics Because of increased demand for medical electronic products to avoid the economic environment, while China has just introduced the "new health care reform" plan behind the huge investments in the plan and a broad medical device market is attracting many international medical electronics manufacturers in China the markets attention.General Manager of Semiconductor Research Center, CCID Consulting Chong Shu "China portable medical electronics Market Analysis and Forecast," opened the event a prelude to Chong Shu-based CCID Consultings research data from the home portable medical electronics and medical markets both in terms of the analysis. Shu Chong pointed out that household demand for portable medical electronic products because of their wide range of demand and prices to gradually ...
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Feng said it would cut into the new energy to LED lights accused of hype around the bow

3 Yue 15 news, Huaqi Information chairman Feng said the company will be launched this year into the New Energy and Industrial LED projects. For this project, Feng has already begun around the "bow". Feng previously disclosed, the group is planning a high philosophy by the Vice Chairman responsible for environmental protection and new energy development in the field of business. In the LED business, it is possible to take free-for-light, to share energy-saving way to spread the cost of electricity markets. Understanding of the company related to the matter have also confirmed to the SAN, will set up a subsidiary operation of the business. Huaqi insider said: "In addition to LED lights, Huaqi this year in new energy, new materials, environmental technology, electronics are a big move after another." Feng Jun as CPPCC members can be de...
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FET to abandon the acquisition of financial problems Pioneer plasma panel plant

Home network, according to reports, in March to develop the acquisition of Pioneer plasma panel plant FET has announced financial reasons, to abandon this acquisition. FET (Field Emission Technologies) is a close relationship with SONY enterprises with an investment by the SONY Corporation was founded in 2006, investment, independent of the end of 2006 from the SONY site in a new light-emitting display FED (Field Emittion Display) panel development, Sony holds a 37% stake in the company. March of this year, Pioneer announced the plasma panel manufacturing business to give up and instead buy from Panasonic. FET companies expressed interest in September in Kagoshima, Japan funded the purchase of a Pioneer plasma panel plant, for development, and manufacturing FED panel production in 2009 will be first used for medical and broadcasting fi...
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Fever subsided after the New Thinking on the development of solar energy industry

2008 Nian 11 months, but just 3 months, the solar industry is like a washing sauna, industrial bubble argument flared up. Under the frenzy of the financial turmoil has made amendment to the solar energy industry opportunities and the end part of the chaos, the industry return to the right path. Chaos under solar boom 2008 the solar industry is like a roller coaster ride, the Spanish train to the clouds the solar boom, boom under the solar energy industry, full of hot money, but also brought some chaos. Expansion race, is the most typical of the chaos, the urgent short-term end-market demand, the growth of the industry that this strength will continue for several years, a new plant from upstream to downstream polysilicon solar module plant expansion stop action , already far exceeding the total capacity of short-term end market deman...
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FiberHome cable industrys first successful projects National Science and Technology

Recently, the war came again to communicate the good news, the "access network with fiber optic beam cable UV technology research and development" success of the project approved by the State Ministry of Science and to apply to "scientific research institutes, technology development and research special fund," 1.14 million . The project is the cable industrys first Science and Technology project to fill gaps in the industry over the years. The success of the project application, the research indicates that the flames of FTTH optical access network with fiber optic technology in the area has reached the international advanced level, and continues to maintain industry technology, leading the domestic FTTH optical fiber cable market. According to reports, UV optical fiber bundle is synchronized with the latest technology, a forward-looking...
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FiberHome UV beam cable project by the 2009 state special funds

Recently declared war communication "with the UV optical fiber access network technology research and development of fiber optic cable bundle" success of the project for the 2009 annual national special fund for technology development and research projects, and access to national technology development and research of special funds. UV fiber bundle cable is an international leader in scientific research and technology of a prospective study of the new generation access network for fiber optic transmission offers the best solution. The use of UV fiber optic cable bundles as fiber units, UV optical fiber bundle in the space between the UV curing of the resin filled by a greatly reduced cable diameter, increased fiber density, with a small diameter, light weight, production rate fast, convenient and fast welding and so on. The cable wiring...
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Fierce market competition planes were retired restructure Taiwan chip pull decline

Taiwan chip planes were retired, restructuring to pull decline According to foreign media reports, the situation is not like it used as scenery, Taiwan, VIA and SiS the two chip giants have in recent action, after adjustment last year VIA, SiS is now also followed the steps to organize a large restructuring. SiS unbearable losses in successive years since, and now also announced restructuring plan. DRAM module sector in early January has been the independence of subsidiaries, now and then announced the investment management division, digital TV and mobile devices and other related businesses, and the other set up three subsidiaries, SiS is still 100% owned. SiS said the reorganization is not to lay off action, the parent company SiS configuration of more than 500 employees, digital TV and mobile device companies were 120 and 40, the in...
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Figures the difference between power and analog power

Digital and analog power supply mainly the difference between the control and communication part. In the simple to use, requires little parameter change applications, analog power products more advantage because their applications can be targeted to achieve the cure of hardware, but many factors in a controlled, real-time response faster, need more analog system power management, complex, high-performance system applications, the digital power supply is an advantage. In addition, in a complex multi-system business, relative to analog power supply, digital power supply is achieved through software programming to a wide range of applications, which have the scalability and re-use enables users to easily change the operating parameters to optimize power system. Real-time over-current protection and management, it can reduce the number of p...
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Film resistance on demand over one trillion upgrade chip resistor

Into the 21st century, the rapid development of electronic information technology on the device technology have made new demands, especially in chip resistor technology has also been a new development and promote the chip resistors into a rapidly escalating updating period. Chip resistors to the direction of development is concerned, mainly in the following: ultra-small, green environmental protection, high accuracy, low temperature coefficient of, and base metal of. Surface mount technology late last century, the international developed a new type of electronic product installation technology. Now in many types of widely available electronic products, electronic products, installation techniques and to the revolutionary changes have taken place. With surface mount technology, chip components of the development is also changing, and chi...
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