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Gree 07 08 Net income increased 8 percent sales rise 25% and strive to

Gree Electric Appliances (000 651) annual report disclosed yesterday, the company in 2007, continue to follow high-speed growth, the annual sales income reached 38.041 billion yuan; to achieve net profit attributable to equity holders of the 1.27 billion yuan; basic earnings per share of 1.58 yuan, an increase of 83.72%. Company for every 10 shares to all shareholders and the dividend increase by transferring 5 3 per share. Net profit growth of 83.56% 2007 on Chinas air-conditioning industry as a whole to maintain rapid growth, but raw material prices continue to rise, a substantial appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, air-conditioning costs continue to rise, the industry is still very fierce competition, industry consolidation will continue to deepen, further increase market concentration. The face of fierce market competition and ...
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Gree air conditioner prices hit for flexibility strategy prisoners dilemma

since the spring, even though the industry calls a price increase for air conditioning, media coverage is widespread, but so far there is no significant price increases which brand, manufacturers have this deep taboo Mok, often hanging in the mouth side of the words, "the reports mention whether the prices of as little thing?" air conditioning manufacturers after the plight of concern --- CPI superseding the old, raw materials and manpower are up, cost pressures increasing, profit margins become smaller and smaller; up of course along with their looking forward to the situation, but it is likely another state that is: you do not I rose up, then divide up market share immediately, even back "against the idea of state-controlled prices," the offense, or more than the cost of lost share greater. Therefore, manufacturers who think the sa...
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Gree declared that "no price" or trigger a chain reaction within the industry

Prices after the holiday sound of air-conditioning market, enterprises have been vague, Gree last statement yesterday: 2008 Gree not raising their prices. Air-conditioning "take the lead big brother" attitude, or will trigger a chain reaction within the industry. However, the industry believes that the spot prices of air conditioning is unlikely this year, I believe will be achieved by pushing new products and other "structural price increases." The same time, the air conditioning industry relative to the black sector is still considered relatively high profit margins, cost pressures will be Kang Zhu. Griffith made no declaration prices Gree said, air conditioning prices will cause some negative effect. 2005, the year in raw material prices, air conditioning, substantial increase in business costs, some companies are trying to diges...
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Gree Gree trademark commitment to honor the transfer of shares to complete reform

Gree Electric Appliances (000,651) has issued a notice saying "Gree" trademark assignment completed, the company promised to honor the share reform. Announcements, March 27, Gree then the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office notice, the council announced the first 1113 trademark transfer trademarks announcements Gree Group "Gree" trademark application for the transfer to the company since 2008 In effect March 27. At this point, "Gree" trademark assignment completed....
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Green Concept: 2009 International Automotive Electronics Technology Forum trigger hot

Recently, electronic design technology by the EDN Chinas "2009 International Automotive Electronics Technology Forum" in Shanghai a successful conclusion. The Forum is the fourth so far, the forums theme is "green concept", the Forum has been the strong support of the automotive electronics industry and enthusiastic response. From Freescale, Infineon, The MathWorks, NXP, TDK, Tektronix, Yokogawa Shanghai, and Shanghai Jiaotong University in the Division of Global China Automobile Engineering Research Institute of the relevant experts and senior engineers were on the prospects for the development of green automotive electronics industry and how to implement green devices and system design expressed their views, nearly 300 automotive electronics industry, engineers and researchers to participate in the exchange will be. Was agreed that th...
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Green LED printer favored government procurement

Recently, the central state organs in 2009 the government centralized purchasing computers and other products supply agreements (total Fourteenth) project, OKI2009 fiscal year political career again flowed in. mining, its LED printers, and two series of 18 dot matrix printer product to successfully short-listed. Central state organs of government procurement center is the centralized procurement of Central Government institutions of the executive body. The center has a strict procurement procedures and standard monitoring purchasing behavior and a sound mechanism to meet the central government institutions (including Guo Wu Yuan Ge Bu Wei , directly under the bodies, offices and institutions directly under the relevant peoples organizations) as a very special user groups, the product performance, safety, reliability and scalabilit...
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Green lighting into a new direction for energy-saving lighting giant Competition

Energy-efficient lighting as the worlds environmental theme, therefore, domestic and international lighting companies are looking to put out on energy-saving lighting products. Become widely accepted as a new cold light LED. International Lighting Fair in the current, the author found, Philips, Osram, Panasonic, Yang Industry, East Pine three male, nine Buddhist, and many other domestic and foreign lighting giant Simon has focused on the Competition on energy-saving lighting products. Jin Xin, Marketing Director of Philips Lighting said to the author, as China faces energy shortage problems, Philips Lighting will be one of energy-efficient lighting as the main direction, with the government will vigorously promote energy-saving ideas. Giants in major domestic and foreign lighting booth, I saw, LED (light emitting diode) is the main pus...
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Green Lighting: Solar Lighting Solutions HBLED

The past fifteen years, a tenfold increase in energy demand, energy costs rose four-fold. Power outages and brownouts has occurred in the United States and other countries, and with the growth in energy demand and energy production can not maintain that this situation will continue to deteriorate. Under the North American ELectric Reliability Corps latest report, the next decade, the United States alone will increase 141,000 megawatts of electricity demand, and new resources that have been identified over the same period only 57,000 MW. This produced a gap of 84,000 megawatts, equivalent to 160 large power plants in total power generation. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration report, power generation (mostly for lighting applications in power) produced 37% of the greenhouse gas, so we should start looking for alternat...
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Green Packet and GCT Semiconductors first jointly developed solution for wireless roaming

For the global market for mobile WiMAX solutions, GCT Semiconductor, Inc. a leading provider of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions and leading developer Green Packet has announced a strategic partnership and comprehensive expertise of both companies to develop a truly seamless solution that enables wireless devices to roam between WiFi and WiMAX networks. The solution includes GCTs GDM7215 - the industrys first mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e Wave 2 and WiFi 802.11 b / g single-chip, and Green Packets Intouch Connection Manager (CM) software. Green Packets software will be intelligent connection management, between different network environments and life value-added services seamlessly integrated into a single client. The collaboration provides a powerful synthesis solutions, enabling end users to roam seamlessly betwe...
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Green PC industry cautious stance mandatory pre-installed Internet software

- > Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a circular on the official website yesterday, asked on July 1 after the sale of the PC, whether domestic or imported, are required to install a program, called "Green Dam - Youth Escort" green Internet filtering software. The dateline for the May 19, 2009 notice that the above actions is to "further strengthen regulation Vulgarity on the Internet the results of special operations, and effectively protect the healthy growth of minors, and promote healthy and orderly development of the Internet." Carried out in the first year of operation will be a total funding of 41.7 million yuan central government procurement of the software for PC manufacturers and users for free download. 10 days to complete the assembly It is understood that the Green Dam and the Youth Escort for the t...
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