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Green Plug power connector into the mainstream can it? .

Even the best of the most popular portable electronic products, less AC power | voltage regulator | voltage regulator or converter does not work, and general consumer awareness of both good and bad power adapter, it is can help them take on the "brick", "socket" and a nickname to see a clue, especially away from home, use only to find themselves forgotten, his face the exciting imagined. But if GreenPlug successful launch of the words, the future of all types of portable electronic products, printers do not need to be able to as they are now equipped with USB cable as the AC power adapter is no longer listed as the basic equipment. DC power system with Apple for the launch of the iPod and the MagSafe connector is a precedent, GreenPlug may become applicable to all types of portable electronic products, universal power connector, forget...
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Green power design trend "open source" and "cutting" of both

The current power system can tap the potential in two ways, one is "throttling", that is to improve power system efficiency, reduce power consumption; the second is "open source", that is, the search for more clean, environmentally friendly green energy. Optimize power conversion efficiency to enhance system performance, and "cutting" an important part of the reason is that saving and environmental protection standards and norms of the existing power system is presented on the various requirements. For example, the International Energy Agency (IEA) initiated the "1-watt Plan" proposed by 2010, to all the appliances less standby power to 1 watt; 80PLUS standard desktop PC, the efficiency at different load conditions have higher than 80%; Europe IEC555 management regulations, power more than 75W of the product will need to increase the PF...
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Green Zone attacked successfully developed Nichia 515 nm laser diode

Japanese LED maker Nichia (Nichia) Blu-ray lasers used for the manufacture of GaN substrates, with the improvement of processes and structures, to produce a continuous wave 515 nm wavelength green laser diodes, breaking the previous EL InGaN (InGaN) maintained by the laser wavelength of 500 nm the longest record of the life cycle and moving up to hundreds of hours of the goal. GaN series of studies in the leading Nichia, 515 nm laser did not provide the reliability of the data, but they made the other models wavelength 510-513 nm laser diodes can operate under the same electrical 500 hours; more than 500 hours, the laser performance will be gradually reduced. Nichia researchers operating current according to a 30% increase compared to the initial value of the defined life of the laser can be estimated that the use of lasers can take up...
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Gregg Lowe: TI analog business will become a source for further growth of the company

TI senior vice president and Analog Devices Gregg Lowe, head of business plans to business unit income accounted for a percentage of total revenue from the current 40% of the economic downturn to 50% or more, which prompted him to find ways to increase sales. TI Analog Business revenue in 2007 grew 4% to 4.93 billion U.S. dollars, but because of reduced demand in 2008 dropped to 48.6 billion U.S. dollars. Analog Devices Division for the TI in 2007 the company contributed operating profit of 1.55 billion U.S. dollars, did not expect the competition in 2008 fell to 1.1 billion. Even so, Lowe believes the companys future growth will come from analog business, many industry analysts also agreed that TI will eventually become a more well-known supplier of analog, not DSP company, especially if the company will continue to TI Analog Devices...
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Gross domestic solar photovoltaic semiconductor equipment sales are more than half

Recent years, the domestic semiconductor equipment companies in the solar photovoltaic industry has achieved rapid development, driven, have accounted for all domestic sales of semiconductor equipment for more than half. Industry sources, domestic equipment should conform to the development of solar photovoltaic industry and improve the cost, to win more market. Improve equipment for greater cost-profit space Semiconductor equipment industry is a high-tech industry, now more than 90% of Chinas imports of semiconductor devices, especially in the high-end equipment in the field, but also foreign companies dominate the world. From a technical point of view, domestic equipment in the high-end equipment and equipment from abroad have a certain gap, and reduce the gap in a short time is not very realistic. However, in the low-end equipment, ...
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Growth rate of Chinas IC market decreased 5 years in a row

Reporters from being held in Shanghai, "Chinas IC Market in 2009" was informed that the growth rate of Chinas IC market decline in 5 years in a row. With Chinas IC market is expanding, increasing the proportion of the world, from the development of Chinas IC market growth leveled off gradually. Chinas IC market 2008 597.33 billion yuan in sales, market growth slowed sharply, the growth rate of only 6.2%, Chinas IC market, single-digit growth for the first time, and has been for 5 years to maintain the growth rate decline. In a row after years of high growth, Chinas machine output growth has begun to saturation, in addition to notebook computers, LCD TVs and other products are still high growth in 2008, other than the growth rate of most products have been increasingly occur in flat or declining growth trend. The decline in output growt...
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GSA announced the GSM / EDGE the next steps

GSA announced that it will support the new 3GPP EDGE Evolution on a research project. After the evolution of EDGE than the current average of 2-3 times the EDGE data rates, higher voice and data capacity and to optimize the spectral efficiency. With the global spread of the accelerated WCDMA, 3G services in the enterprise and the growing demand for the mass market. Many operators are using WCDMA / EDGE network strategy for the combination of 3G services. EDGE is the evolution of HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) is a natural complement. WCDMA HSPA will enhance the data rate and capacity, to ensure that the advanced wireless mobile broadband service to provide users the best experience. GSA president Alan Hadden Association, said: "Evolution of EDGE GSM operators to support single-mode and multimode GSM / WCDMA operators existing GSM net...
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GSA: 08 Nian Q2 fabless semiconductor companys revenue growth slowed

Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) data show that the second quarter of 2008, fabless semiconductor companies worldwide revenue of 13.9 billion, up 4% over the first quarter, compared with 9% in the second quarter last year. The data show that second-quarter growth rate of 16% over the first quarter slowdown. The second quarter of this year, global semiconductor sales was 674 billion U.S. dollars, less than 2% in the first quarter, compared with last years second quarter growth of 5%. The second quarter fabless semiconductor company revenue in the proportion of the total semiconductor sales reached 21%. 2008 global semiconductor sales in the first half totaled 1,361 billion U.S. dollars, up 5% over last year. First half of the fabless semiconductor company sales of 27.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 12% over last year. In the first half, a...
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GSI laser business in restructuring cost savings over two million U.S. dollars

12 Yue 25 news, GSI Group (GSIG) said it would reorganize its headquarters in Rugby (Rugby) in the UK laser business, and is expected to be included in the fourth quarter and the related expenditure of $ 4,900,000 . All remaining production of laser products are transferred from Britain to the GSI other laser manufacturing plant, or the former Excel Technologys laser manufacturing plant. The restructuring is expected to be completed before the end of next year, will produce 200 million -300 million pre-tax annual cost savings. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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GSM Association, KT and SK Telecom South Korea Mobile Industry Focus

On behalf of the interests of the global GSM mobile communications industry Association (GSMA) recently held in Seoul, the most recent Council meeting. The meeting was chaired by South Korean mobile operator Korea Telecom (KT) and SK Telecom jointly sponsored, and from the worlds leading mobile operators in 25 executives attended the meeting. The two-day event also highlights South Korea in the global information and communication technology (ICT) industry, an important role, from Samsung (Samsung) and LG Electronics (LG Electronics) of the executives on the future of innovative GSM Association Board explained their views. GSM Association Rob Conway, CEO and board member, said: "SK Telecom and KT have been regarded as the most dynamic and technologically advanced markets in the worlds pioneers. We are honored to have this opportunity to...
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