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GT Solar has signed with Korea Nexolon contract $ 8,800,000

GT Solar (GT Solar Incorporated) today announced that it has signed with Korea Nexolon Corporation a contract to provide about 880 million U.S. dollars worth DSS450 furnaces and ancillary facilities. Product delivery is expected to be completed within the next 5 months. DSS450 (Directional Solidification System) model furnace is GT Solars latest technology developed with the most advanced furnace. Solar panel manufacturers to use it to "cultivate" multi-crystalline silicon ingots, the ingots and processed into chips, which translates into a solar cell, when exposed to the sun can produce electricity. Chip is a global multi-crystalline solar panel production is a core component. DSS450 furnaces that GT Solars latest technological achievements of the furnace compared to the previous design, manufacturers can increase the production of sil...
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Gu Chu Jun and other Pipan Pei said Kelon 170 million of short-term positive

Last night, Hisense Kelon announced that the company has received Foshan Intermediate Peoples Court (hereinafter referred to as "Foshan Intermediate Peoples Court"), civil judgments. So far, prosecution of Gu Chu Jun Hisense Kelon, Guangdong Greencool other companies and stakeholders, seven cases of first instance verdict in favor of litigation involving awarded amounted to 171,754,600 yuan, accounting for Hisense Kelon absolute value of net assets of company of 16.41%. However, the seven defendants from the litigation and appeal. A series of lawsuits and so on Gu Chujun dates back to 2006. Hisense air conditioners with 6.8 billion in the year to complete the final Greencool acquisition of the shares held by Kelon, Hisense Kelon Kelon immediately for investigation and as the representative for the Gu Chujun Greencool cases of misapprop...
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Gu Wenjun: How to fight the global voice of Chinas semiconductor

Today, China has become the worlds factory, the market in many countries, can see all kinds of goods were wearing "madeinChina" label, from everyday consumer products to everything electronic digital products. But when it comes to electronics inside the chip, can not be said that the hearts of the Chinese electronics practitioners War. Then cause such embarrassment, that China does not have the soil and sunlight semiconductor growth? When the international discourse have their own power? Recently, iSuppli senior analyst Gu Wenjun recent semiconductor industry and the industry in online exchanges, talk about their views. First of all, he believes the semiconductor has been compared to foreign entry 40,50 years of history, Chinas entry into the semiconductor area a short time, in fact, the real business of the Chinese semiconductor large...
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Guan Industrial Park: Power Electronics Industry Promotion

Following the steel, automobile, textile, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries after the introduction of the revitalization plan, February 18 the State Council executive meeting approved in principle the restructuring and rejuvenation of electronic information industry, established the next three years, six of Chinas electronic information industry of key projects : IC industry technology level and production capacity, flat-panel TV industry, industrial upgrading and transformation, a new generation of mobile communications (TD-SCDMA) industry improve and promote the use of digital TV industry chain construction, computers and next-generation Internet applications, software and information services cultivation. Revitalization plan the introduction of the electronics industry, to bring new industrial park Guan devel...
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Guangdong International Lighting Fair 2009 will lead to glory lighting companies in China

It is reported by the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation approved the Guangzhou Han D Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the "2009 Guangdong International Lighting Fair" will be held 7-9 September 2009 at the Guangzhou International Procurement Centre was held. This will be held in major cities in the country has accumulated a wealth of resources well, including more than 50 million domestic professional buyers, tens of thousands of National Planning Institute, a large architectural design, decoration companies, engineering companies, lighting design companies, traders, municipal procurement units, and 18,000 domestic and overseas manufacturers. Recent years, with the rapid development of electrical lighting industry, the pattern of Chinas lighting industry is undergoing new changes. Presence in foreign companies vying...
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Guangdong lighting industry: the upgrading and development in a difficult

Lighting products in China, Guangdong is one of the largest producing areas. As the lighting industry over the years, the characteristics of the formation of cluster development, so the geographic concentration of export business is higher. 2 23, reporters from the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed by the overall economic environment at home and abroad last year, Guangdong lighting the value of both exports and the decline in the batch. In 2008, the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau lighting products exported 142,247 batches of tests, the value of $ 2,999,000,000, up respectively 15.4% and 1.5% decrease. On the other hand, after the special rectification of exports last year, Guangdongs export lighting products company has gradually improved traceability system, the establishment of a more comprehensive pr...
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Guangdong plans invest 10 million to support 5 years of modern information service industry

The provincial government of Guangdong Province starting this year, will be arranged annually for 5 years, 200 million yuan of special funds to support the development of modern information service industry key construction projects. According to the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department Director Wen Guohui introduction, the scale of modern information service industry in Guangdong leading the country, 5 years, average annual growth of the provinces telecom business volume of about 27% average annual growth of software industry sales revenue of 11.3%. ...
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Guangdong Province hit 100 billion yuan in five years the development of green energy industry

Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua yesterday (18) morning to visit the Delta and the islands power supply Lite-two manufacturers, are made in the declaration of green energy industrys policy. Huang Hua stressed that the green energy industry is the focus of future development in Guangdong Province. Huang Hua in the visit, said Delta, Guangdong Province provision in the next five years, 10 billion yuan (about 46.9 billion NT), the estimated 2 billion yuan a year, support industries and local LED solar energy industry and publicly waved to the Delta, Guangdong Province, hopes to set up their solar production lines. Delta Wang investment can be transferred until this year significant expansion in Wujiang, Bruce Cheng said, Delta has some new products in Guangdong Province, and the next LED in the expansion of industrial investment in Guangdo...
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Guangdong Suning air this week to carry out promotional activities across the board price cuts

starting from March 22, a lecture entitled "Suning Xi National Hui - Guangdong fifth anniversary celebration," none other promotional activities will be carried out within the province, and as The ones who enjoy the pioneer of large, Suning frequently hit the newspapers recently of "air-conditioning underpricing Heavy", "find the most old customers", "2008 good luck to send real-time" and other activities to attract the attention of the general public. this week, Suning air conditioning will be across the board straight down 100 to 500 yuan, 1,399 yuan brand is not limited 1P hang up the sale, purchase air conditioners worth 388 bonus Gold Suning service; Suning full line of flat-panel TV prices, the overall decline of 20 percentage points; two refrigerators will fall below 1,800 yuan, three domestic refrigerators will fall below 2,7...
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Guangdong, the introduction of LED lights local standards

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision vetted and approved by the Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd and to draft proposed by the "Guangdong Province, local standard LED lamp" will come into operation on 1 July. "In the past there is no industry standard, what is produced, how production, products to what technical requirements not clearly defined. Standards after the introduction of the industry threshold increases, it must eliminate a number of non-compliant companies, enterprises should be prepared." State Lighting Electrical Standardization Technical Committee official said that the introduction of standards will advance into the LED industry, standardization of commissioning period, lead the industry by the disorder, non-standard conditions, to order, a standard state transition, "cottage light" ...
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