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Guanglei response to environmental trends will launch products LED lights

LED products with technological advances, has gradually replaced traditional light sources with high wear and tear and become governments to promote a new generation of mainstream lighting. Conform to this trend, Guanglei (OPTOTECH) plans to introduce green series of lighting products in response to the global market. Guanglei plans to launch the street products to green, to maintain a sound ecological environment for the design of the spindle, emphasizing the four major properties: First, the modular design. Internal structure of the mining patent modular configuration and practical considerations as the premise, with a hinge design and E-type buckle design, only one person can disassembly and maintenance. Second, the unique thermal technology to heat pipe heat transfer fins form pores with a special cover design discharge, quickly a...
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Guangya Exhibition 2009: reduce the number of LED into a foreign Highlights

2009 Nian 6 Yue 9 Ri -12 lines on the world map, the annual Lighting industry event - Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou opening. Experienced a financial crisis in 2008, the impact on the industry in 2009, lighting lighting industry in China is even more mature. Show the attitude of the public enterprises are starting to become rational. However, in the case of mixed internal and external factors, this years exhibition displays more features. Significantly reduced the number of foreign export is still grim Although the opening warm; the soaring Reliance Group of Fujian quite eye-catching "body painting"; the Guangdong Provincial Association of Lighting Energy Saving Week series of events; but decreased popularity of this exhibition. Another significant phenomenon is that: Foreign significantly redu...
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Guangya Exhibition Lumination LED display chip and a variety of lighting systems

6 Yue 11 news, the 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED display manufacturer Lumination LED chips and a variety of lighting systems, including the Tetra Series LED logo lighting system, Vio High Power White LED, Cove LED Lighting System trunking, Immersion LED display freezer vertical lighting systems. Both of them Tetra VIO high-power white LED, and raised interest in optical News Network. Alleged, Tetra PowerGrid LED lighting system has great advantages, energy and maintenance costs low, under normal operation at low temperatures. The rated life of 50,000 hours is the standard T12 HO (high output) fluorescent system 4 times in the case of running 12 hours a day, it can maintain a stable output for 11 years. Lighting system which also uses lead-free, non-mercury and fragile glass, making the system more secure. In ...
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Guangya Exhibition of Hiroshige: the concept of perfect bloom Water Cube

2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition June 9 -12 at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou to carry out the Water Cube art of landscape lighting systems solutions provider of Hiroshige Water Cube stands a perfect interpretation of the concept of pure shock. ...
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Guangya Exhibition Series Forum: the power sector to sustainable development together

After nearly a year of careful preparation, the 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum on June 9 a success. Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum event as a high-end lighting industry, from the founding date, has gone through five years. Each year, organizers Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Guangzhou Yangon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. organizer, are closely linked to industry trends, develop theme, and invited experts and designers as the industry heavyweight speakers. The Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum has invited well-known designers from four continents, across time, across regions, industries and the various perspectives from lighting their sustainable development. Exhibition event in the high-end forums 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit Forum he...
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Guangzhou Airport grand opening of LED oriented system

Latest news, the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport departure hall, arrival hall meetings rotating light box project put into operation, on January 24, 2009 was held at the Baiyun Airport. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is the base of South Chinas largest airport and transportation hub, the annual passenger traffic more than 30 million people, between the passenger, shuttle guidance and counseling among airport ground is the most important task. For a long time, the Baiyun Airport in a single column or a brand badge logo to guide the plane direction of Guangzhou urban area or visitors take the bus outside the province, if the temporary adjustment of lines, the information changes will be inconvenience to passengers. The successful installation of LED-oriented systems and opening, guided by Baiyun Airport will mark yet another perfect system upgrade. L...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2009 Data Analysis

6 9-12 April, 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, a success. Lighting Industry in China With continued rapid growth, its increasing size, has become the first in Asia, the worlds second largest lighting event. Exhibition exhibition area of 106,000 square meters, with the last flat, divided into 11 exhibition halls covering light, indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting control, management, measurement systems, lighting equipment, instruments, lighting, electrical accessories and raw materials, including various types of products. Exhibitors, the total from 23 countries and regions, 1,418 enterprises participated in the exhibitions of 1539 over the previous reduction of 7.9%. Among them, a total of 80 foreign companies (from 19 countries and regions); a total of 1,338 Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterp...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2008 grand scale

8 June 2008 to 11 in the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, held a grand Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the scale of breaking previous records, a total of 1539 to from 21 countries and regions participate in trade show appearances, as the exhibition area extended to 106,000 square meters, 30% more than last year. Held in conjunction with the Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Exhibition is an area of 4,000 square meters, a total of 97 exhibitors. Brand to three Hall Museum According to the organizers, the show is inspiring people in particular, lighting, the brand museum exhibition hall by the expansion of the last two to three pavilions, booths are still in short supply, there are many names on the waiting list. The brands always the museum industry leading brands, such as the...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2008 opens today

13th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition at 9 am today at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center opened. The exhibition for the first time the establishment of better seismic performance LED lamps special exhibition, the focus to the "green energy" line. It is understood that the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt "Light + Building-Frankfurt lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition," a member of the exhibition held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany once. As Asias first worlds second Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, this year from more than 21 countries and regions 1,539 exhibitors participate in this industry event. Held in conjunction with the Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou, there are 97 companies participating...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2008 press conference held at the Guangzhou Garden Hotel

5 26 afternoon, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Fair held in Guangzhou Garden Hotel press conference. Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd Managing Director, Pan Wenbo, director of Hu Zhongshun, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited on behalf of Huangbao Qi attended the conference to the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Exhibition of the breeze situation, exhibitors , show the characteristics of Summit preparations to do a detailed report, and the presence of the media to do a detailed answer a reporters question. Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Managing Director of Pan Wenbo first to Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou The basic situation of ex...
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