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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2009 Prediction: LED will become the mainstream

LED light will not affect the level of material will not only be more stable Reporters yesterday from the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2009, Seminar on the industry learned in the Guangzhou area, LED lighting, energy-saving lighting is becoming the fastest cake to share those, Pearl River bright light construction materials will be even larger area using this new material . Domestic lighting industry "serious division" Under the impact of the financial crisis, domestic lighting industry from the beginning to the end of a "deeply divided", as "Asias lighting industry benchmark," the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition better reflect this. Lighting exhibition organizers responsible Pan Wenbo told reporters that the exhibition this year, from 9 onwards, from the current scale point of view, to indoor lighting, or export...
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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair: Leading the Future of Philips LED

2009 Nian 6 9, the fourteenth session of the "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" in Guangzhou (Pazhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center opened. Lighting Fair and the Frankfurt famous as the top event, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has become the Asia-Pacific regions most important lighting event. Philips Lighting, a "streamer Phantom of the Opera" as the theme of light and shadow art venues in home shows, shops, offices, outdoor lighting and other areas of outstanding lighting solutions, Philips LED visitors a taste of the product to create light and shadow brigade. Pavilion at Philips Lighting, LED products coming out in the home, shops, outdoor, office and hotel all simulation scenarios, displaying the Philips LED technology in all areas of comprehensive, flexible lighting solutions. Philips b...
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Guangzhou Lighting Fair: LED into a reduction in the number of foreign Highlights

2009 Nian 6 Yue 9 Ri -12 days, the annual Lighting industry event - Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou opened. Experienced a financial crisis in 2008, the impact on the industry in 2009, lighting lighting industry in China is even more mature. Show the attitude of the public enterprises are starting to become rational. However, in the case of mixed internal and external factors, this years exhibition displays more features. Significantly reduced the number of foreign export is still grim Although the opening warm; the soaring Reliance Group of Fujian quite eye-catching "body painting"; the Guangdong Provincial Association of Lighting Energy Saving Week series of events; but decreased popularity of this exhibition. Another significant phenomenon is that: Foreign significantly reduced. In the midst of...
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Guangzhou, China audio optical wish to buy U.S. manufacturer of micro-half share AuraSound

Wall Streets financial crisis manufacturing enterprises in China also joined the "hunters" drama in the U.S. market. Yesterday, audio equipment manufacturers in Guangzhou Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd. (002045.SZ the "Guangzhou, China Light") announced that its board has reviewed and approved on the U.S. mini audio manufacturers AuraSound purchase intentions, Guangzhou, China in the U.S. sub-light Company (GGEC America Inc.) spent $ 3,000,000 to about 55% of the acquisition of AuraSound equity or voting rights. Guangzhou Kuo Kuang said that before the implementation of the investment, AuraSound first of its existing share capital by 493 million shares to about 6:1 Sugu, further issue of new shares the companys U.S. subsidiary. Investments in subsidiaries in the United States subscribe AuraSound $ 3,000,000 newly issued ordinary shares of ...
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen Konka LG LCD For equity ratio of less than 5% of plant investment

Shenzhen Konka clarification announcement released today, the media reported for the shares of Shenzhen Konka LG Display (the original LG-Philips), will respond. Disclosed, the company shares to a company with LG Display LG Display LCD module plant in Guangzhou issues on contact, but as of now, the company did not issue shares and LG Display to reach any agreement. On the amount of investment agreements and investment ratio are determined, based on preliminary discussions, investors with less than 5%. The company said that if there has been progress in this matter, the company will perform the information disclosure obligations. Addition, the company for the Overseas Chinese Town Shenzhen Konka to sell the rumor that the Overseas Chinese Town Group, the largest shareholder of the company do not intend the transfer of shares, the compan...
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Guangzhou: LED industry is expected to become the new pillar industries in Huadu District

Huadu, Guangzhou City, formally incorporated into the LED industry, "One District One outcome of innovation action plan." Currently, the District Council is carrying out LED technology industry, investment companies associated upstream and downstream work to promote the LED following the logistics industry has become a flower, leather, car outside another major pillar industries. Optoelectronic industry base is located in Huadu Airport Economic Zone, planned area of two square kilometers. Guangzhou Light, LED street lamp project Lai Lighting Co., Ltd. Huadu District Airport Commission has 30 acres of land application, invested two million yuan to introduce the Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science, "High-speed self-excited LED lamp cooling" technology to build an annual output of 50,000 Semiconductors street lighting plant, annual pro...
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Guangzhou: the first "Little Golden Week" National City of none other 10 million U.S.

2008 adjustment of the Holidays, or early birth of the Golden Week. Learned this week, Guangzhou, China will jointly host the 2008 US-Wing-lok, the first shopping carnival, in addition to investment in marketing resources over a thousand million, 88,900 more were sent to insane gift. Data show that the overall size of Chinas home appliance market is about 5,000 yuan, which accounted for the demand for holidays up to 52%. To capture the first golden week sales hot, Guangzhou States United States back in early March will complete the preparation and layout of promotional war, launched the first shop in 2008 Golden Week "Carnival of home appliances shopping", recently issued the "release price" Notice , ones who enjoy the city 10 million yuan. United States, according to General Manager of Guangzhou cluster predicted, the United States wil...
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Guide to declare plans to accelerate the introduction of solar roofs

Local subsidy programs will be launched soonChong Fenghao heard as soldiers, but do not know how to charge, which was worked in a Soviet foreign solar manufacturers in distress in the past month. March 26, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Construction) jointly launched the "Solar Roofs Plan", the program hopes to energy saving point of view, to promote the building integrated solar energy, effectively promote the development of solar energy industry . However, it has been further progress. April 20, Foreign Ministry of Finance issued a "solar photovoltaic building demonstration project application guidelines" (the "reporting guide"), clearly will have three types of solar photovoltaic demonstration projects to subsidize construction applications, the...
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Guizhou: priority to the development of new components

Reform and opening up 30 years ago, the electronic information industry of Guizhou to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the Guizhou Province, the provincial governments plans and requirements, deepen economic restructuring, and actively expand the opening-up, vigorously implement the adjustment of industrial structure, and continuously strengthen and improve the industry, effectively change the mode of economic development, efforts to overcome the complicated and volatile international economic environment the adverse effects of industrial development has made remarkable achievements in economic level and comprehensively improve the lev...
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