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General LED Lighting Jewelry Guangzhou International Lighting Fair debut

GE Consumer & Industrial Products Group in 2009, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition launched a number of new energy saving LED lighting system. The GE is a major highlight of the exhibition GE Immersion TM LED lighting system jewelry, it has by virtue of superior optical and mechanical design by the U.S. Department of Energy, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and launched the International Association of Lighting Designers Lighting Luminaires TM design the most optimal Good Design Award. It uses multi-point light source, beam focus, significantly enhance the jewelry surface reflectivity, showing a better flash results. Compared with the existing halogen system, it can save 85% energy, 14 times longer life. The same period on display in the series GE Immersion TM LED lighting systems, vertical refrigerated displ...
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General Linear Technology DC / DC controller for 100W output power of the SEPIC circuit

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced a wide range of input and output voltage of a common DC / DC Controller - LT3724. It is suitable for buck, boost, inverting, or with up to 100W output power SEPIC circuits. LT3724s power can be used 4V to 60V input supply voltage into a stable 1.23V to 36V output. Current mode of work with a variety of benefits, such as a wide range of voltage and load current stability, accurate short-circuit protection and fast line and load transient response and so on. To simplify output noise filtering, reduce the size of inductors and capacitors, and improve efficiency, LT3724 at a constant 200kHz switching frequency. LT3724 is a single-chip solution for industrial, 12V and 42V automotive and heavy equipment, avionics and telecom power systems in a variety of applications such as power s...
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Genesis supports WSXGA + and UXGA introduced the LCD controller

U.S. semiconductor companies Nepal Jie (Genesis Microchip) recently at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced a new push for a Phoenix family of LCD controller gm5766. gm5766 controller is a non-memory solutions, mainly for mainstream and high-performance LCD monitor. The device has a 6-color control, support WSXGA + (1,680 × 1,050) and UXGA (1,600 × 1,200) LCD monitor segments. The product integrates a high 205MHz 3-channel ADC, supports HDCP, DVI and one 8-bit ITU656 video input port. Moreover, gm5766 also provides adaptive contrast and color and configurable LVDS / RSDS outputs. The chip has a firmware, and gm56XX pin compatible family of other products and 128-pin PQFP package. gm5766 enable monitor manufacturers to reduce the BOM cost of high-resolution display, and advanced color control with the Genesis ...
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German Chancellor suggested the semiconductor industry will have its own funding

15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a speech in Berlin, suggested the government may provide financial assistance to domestic semiconductor companies to help them better compete with U.S. companies. Merkel of Germany in a speech comparing Infineon, Qimonda, Intels situation with the United States, and that Intel won the U.S. governments generous support of the economic stimulus plan. She said that several of the remaining European semiconductor manufacturers, the Government may require for its funding. Data show that the economic downturn, DRAM prices fell 58% over the past year. Germany hit by semiconductor companies, Qimonda is Jan. 23 this year filed for bankruptcy protection. It is learned that Germany will mark the Sept. 27 national elections, the Prime Minister and his challenger Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walte...
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German PCB market growth in last December

German PCB manufacturers in sales last December over the same period the previous years growth slightly, but the increase was only 0.4%. 12 month because the reasons for leave, in theory, only 15 days of working days. From the long-term average level, the German PCB market in December 2007 achieved good results, more than 6.2 percentage points above the average. However, throughout 2007 than in 2006 fell 1.4%. Orders last December the German PCB levels than the same period last year increased by 7.6%, which is the highest since 2000, but the order made in 2007 and 2006 unchanged. PCB manufacturers in Asia because of surface treatment can not meet the demand for lead-free second half of 2007 PCB production in Europe increased. ...
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German scientists have developed high-speed chip birth germanium crystal superconducting

German research institutions ForschungszentrumRossendorf scientists says it has successfully produced a superconducting germanium crystals (superconductinggermaniumcrystals), and therefore faster to the birth of the semiconductor components forward. This from the ThomasHerrmannsdorfer the research team is led germanium crystal with a high concentration of impurity atoms (impurityatoms) doped with; the impurity atom is added per 100 6 gallium germanium atoms (gallium) atoms. Because of this high concentration of impurity atoms can cause a strong deformation of the crystal structure, the next must be a strong flash to repair the crystal lattice; the researchers said, those who restored the crystal will appear like a very high degree of critical magnetic field (veryhighcriticalmagneticfield) as superconductivity. Although this type of supe...
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German semiconductor market slump to record levels

Website reported, according to EETimes, the German Industry Association ZEVI experts pointed out that the worst of the semiconductor industry is coming, at least in Germany is the case. They are expected by 2009, 23% industry mad, worst case in history. ZVEI German electronics industry gathered in 1600 member companies, they predict, the German semiconductor market will shrink 23% to 70 million euros ($ 9,000,000,000). ZVEI said the semiconductor market experts UlrichSchaefer discrete devices, optoelectronics and sensors will be reduced by some 16% of both, while the IC market will be reduced by 24%. "Semiconductor market slump to record levels." Schaefer said. However, data from the alliance last December, the current situation a lot worse than they were. ...
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Germany is a pioneer in the global automotive battery industry growth

Despite the financial crisis, car battery industry is in rapid growth. People on hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles pay more attention to innovation and the market has led to the growth of cells. With the massive investment in research and development, Germany has become the market leader in the field in preparation for the world. Fraunhofer magazine said Germany has reached the size of the segment about 9 billion U.S. dollars, 2015, the market size will reach 100-150 billion U.S. dollars. German automotive industry is accelerating this trend. Germanys leading automobile manufacturers are supported by a battery for a variety of transportation solutions and work: the current scheme introduced by 2010, 10 more hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Including Daimler (Daimler), BMW (BMW), Porsche (Porsche), Audi (Audi), public (Volkswagen)...
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Germany Sulfurcell build 75MW CIS thin-film modules factory

Development of new technologies take time. Sulfurcell Solar Co., Ltd. is a good example. 2004 began trial production of small-scale production line, during its ninth year, this company is located in Berlin, Germany, preparing to launch commercial, continuous film component products. Early February, Sulfurcell the 75MW plant broke ground on the same period, there is the construction of administrative buildings, company headquarters address in just a few hundred meters from the Berlin Adlershof industrial park. The end of 2009, the factory will produce 2,000 per day based on chalcopyrite (chalcopyrite) components. Full production capacity the plant in two phases: the end of 2009, 6 months after the completion of infrastructure, the system all in place, the annual output of 35MW capacity, 2 years after the raw capacity to 75MW. Sulfurcel...
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Germanys proposal cut subsidies for solar power network

German Parliament Houses of Parliament Committee approved the proposal to change the German government plans to cut subsidies for solar power generation network, roof equipment systems decreased by 16%, 15% reduction in farm equipment, industrial and military sites in the original reduction of 11%. House of Lords held in Berlin said in a statement that the cuts, the Government aims to back to July 1 until September 30 only, each class will be reduced by 3 percentage points, then cut the subsidies fully realized. On behalf of Germanys 16 state members of the House of Lords on June 4 to consider the original bill sent to the Panel. Merkels coalition to veto the House of Commons. Federal Parliament will be July 8 to amend the bill to debate and compromise. House of Lords is scheduled for July 9 vote. "To the end of this week that solar e...
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