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Germanys solar subsidies passed the original bill on July 1 cut of 16%

Extension of expect the German people under the fear of cutting subsidies to Kong Huan Xi Yi Chang ! Ashkenazi said the solar industry, Germany has passed the original bill on July 1 in accordance with subsolar subsidy rate cut of 16% solar roofs, ground solar power plant under the cut rate of 15%. House of Lords in early June showed the boycott of Germany finally came back with nothing, while the global market share of up to 5 percent of the German market under the sword cut, the expected rapid response in the near future the market in July of the new environment. Solar industry, said the German market has spread, its new solar subsidy case will perform according to the original bill, solar roof subsidy buy down the rate of 16% of the electricity subsidy, the ground (ground mounted) unit subsidies will be cut by 15% were implement...
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Get $ 100,000,000 long tour refuses to talk about restarting the financing market

Yesterday, the online games industry upstart Jiuyou Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Wang Zijie come forward to confirm, including the Singapore sovereign fund Temasek, including a number of capital shares, the total financing of up to 1 billion U.S. dollars. This round of financing not only eased the long swim in the pressure on the financing channels, but also to the outside world began to market speculation Jiuyou Wang will restart the process. Fact, as early as last July, Jiuyou Wang was originally listed in the capital to create history, becoming the first in Japan of Chinese companies listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange. However, because T3 and South Korean game development company the right to operate on the tangle of lawsuits, making the time to market Jiuyou Wang at a distance of only 4 days to "suspend indefinitely" to t...
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Get $ 200,000,000 Nvidia graphics card issues to resolve defects

9 Yue 24 news, China Taiwan, according to media reports, NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said recently, is working with partners to discuss issues recall of defective cards. Jen-Hsun Huang said in an interview that this problem appears a lot of graphics card defects underlying factors, such as heat dissipation and chip design. At present, the problem still under investigation. It should be stressed that only several specific models of laptop was plagued by the problem. Said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia has never been considered to pass the buck. After the issue, Nvidia immediate investigation. The most important thing is to find the fault lies, and to avoid recurrence. Also said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia is a responsible business, to spend $ 200,000,000 to resolve the problem. Currently, Nvidia is working with partners to discuss matters relating ...
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GFK: 08 LCD TV demand in China will reach 15 million units

According to the U.S. research firm Display Search the latest survey, in 2007 the mainland of China flat-panel TV shipments reached a record high 9.6 million units, including LCD TV shipments reached 8.8 million units, compared with 83% growth in 2006. The German GFK (consumer research firm) data show that in 2008 Chinas LCD TV demand will reach 15 million units, compared to 58% in 2007, there will be growth in the market. In such a market demand, manufacturers and stores are racking their brains to make their products more superior functionality and appearance. Beijing this year, flat-panel TV in appearance, function, store marketing services, showing the three major characteristics. TV industry in China has been dominated by domestic brands, but with the rise of digital TV, high-definition technologies, the television market has now ...
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Giant Investor Relations: stick to resist pressure

As the only concept in the New York Stock Exchange-listed Chinese online game company Giant Interactive (GA.NYSE) the management of investor relations needs to withstand the test of a higher level. Subprime mortgage crisis has seriously affected the U.S. stock market, making the Giants facing a huge network of objective external market pressures. CFO Giant Zhen-yu said that as Chinese companies listed in the U.S., the idea is to realize the need to adhere to the investors and to maximize shareholder value. Giant Interactive CEO Shi Yuzhu attitude, showing that its value for the company to performance against stock market volatility and confidence. Shi Yuzhu in this months conference, said the giants share price is currently 15 dollars more than the issue price has decreased by about 1 / 3, mainly for two reasons: first, listed by the ...
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GIGAVAC new high voltage relays than the previous generation 40% cost savings

GIGAVAC has introduced new high-voltage relay - G20 and G22, K20 to replace its previous products and K22, and can save 40% of the cost. New product is a single electrode, SPST-NO vacuum relay. G20 rating is 28kV/110A, G22 rating is 25kV/65A, with tungsten contacts. For wafer fabrication equipment, aviation radar, ECM and airport lighting systems. G20 and G22s dimensions are 96 (H) × 38mm (W), through panel mounting with screw terminal, will enable high-pressure away from the control circuit, thus eliminating crosstalk and high pressure so that the coil to prevent a short circuit. The product tightness, long service life. G20 and G22 to provide the coil voltage 12Vdc, 26.5Vdc and 115Vdc, coil voltage can also be customized. After installation of the product can replace the coil. The two quantities of 10 high voltage relays, the unit pr...
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GIPS announced that KT Networks will add to its smart phone mobile VoIP capabilities

IP multimedia communications processing solutions, leading provider of Global IP Solutions (GIPS) today announced that South Korea KT Networks will provide a Windows Mobile smart phone VoIP adds powerful new features, including high-definition from the GIPS (HD) voice communications. KT Networks is KT (formerly known as Korea Telecom) Group, a member of, is a leading integrated wireline and wireless telecommunications service providers, but also telephone and high-speed Internet service South Koreas market leader. KT Networks Vice President Mr. Kim Young-Joo said: "We know that smartphones KT Networks VoIP products must be used to provide customers with superior voice quality, and in poor network conditions This is especially important under the conditions. GIPS products can handle all the complex voice processing tasks, to meet the st...
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GIPS Technology PCCW launched by PC video call service

Global IP Solutions (GIPS) today announced that Hong Kongs leading telecommunications service provider PCCW has been using GIPS VideoEngine technologies in support of its latest PC software service products call 0060 Everywhere. PCCW is Hong Kongs largest Internet service provider of broadband services, with more than 100 million retail and commercial customers, new products, these customers can enjoy the best quality voice and video call feature. GIPS is a world-class industry-leading IP network voice and video processing technology developer for the global telecommunications company providing high-quality product line to expand capacity. PCCW tested several different solutions, the final selection and use of GIPS VideoEngine program. PCCW Consumer Business Product Development and Management Director Dr. Huang Yichuan, said: "PCCW 006...
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Girl in Red Fashion Showcase - Patriot ultra-thin digital camera

Latest news, recently introduced its new Patriot card machine V60 Plus, perhaps because she is the first self-developed by Taiwanese fashion card machine, the "Girl in Red" was emerging would deeply attracted attention as . graceful, full of passion Card machine for ultra-thin, the primary attraction is the figure, the Patriot V60 Plus whole thickness of only 22.7mm, in many of the "beauty", its slim enough ranking. Coupled with passion red exterior, even the living sea, can have come to the fore people themselves. Aluminum oxidation process through the shell, compared with other similar products, the Patriot V60 Plus shell surface has stronger abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance is more durable, which "springs eternal" is no longer " myth "in the plot. The simple and elegant aesthetic appearance of the concept of minimalism...
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Give up the HD-DVD format standard Toshiba announced the loss of 3.3 billion

HD-DVD format due to give up the standards of its Toshiba bear huge losses. Yesterday, Toshiba announced HD-DVD business to quit the company lost 45 billion yen (about 3.3 billion yuan). Meanwhile, Toshiba also the 2007 fiscal year (April 2007-March 2008) significantly reduced the expected net profit of 30.6%, adjusted to 125 billion yen, is expected to decrease by 9% over the previous year. Industry is expected Toshiba to abandon HD-DVD standard in the front intensifying price competition and other factors as loss of business has been up to 650 billion yen. If we abandon the HD-DVD released after the 45 billion yen loss account, the Toshiba HD-DVD business in pre-tax loss of 110 billion yen. HD-DVD format for next-generation DVD format standard is a standard, in addition to the standard Blu-ray format, because the two are not compatible...
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