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Give up the HD-DVD format standard Toshiba announced the loss of 3.3 billion

Due to give up the HD-DVD format standard, Japans Toshiba for carrying huge losses. Yesterday, Toshiba announced HD-DVD business to quit the company lost 45 billion yen (about 3.3 billion yuan). Meanwhile, Toshiba also the 2007 fiscal year (April 2007-March 2008) significantly reduced the expected net profit of 30.6%, adjusted to 125 billion yen, is expected to decrease by 9% over the previous year. Industry is expected Toshiba to abandon HD-DVD standard in the front intensifying price competition and other factors as loss of business has been up to 650 billion yen. If we abandon the HD-DVD released after the 45 billion yen loss account, the Toshiba HD-DVD business in pre-tax loss of 110 billion yen. HD-DVD format for next-generation DVD format standard is a standard, in addition to the standard Blu-ray format, because the two are not ...
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Glanz management structure divided into five

To export-oriented Galanz microwave oven, are quietly adjusting the management structure. Galanz Group executive vice president, the press spokesman Yu Yaochang March 18 to the "First Financial Daily" said, early in March, Glanz restructured management structure is divided into five business by industry sector, namely, microwave ovens , air conditioning, life electric (small appliances) and household electrical appliances (refrigerators, washing machines) and the Trade and Industry, the headquarters is "change" for the holding-type group. Which, microwave ovens, air conditioners, electrical life of the three A-level set up subsidiaries, each of which has established the following manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade subsidiary of the three B-class, like the microwave oven magnetron and other manufacturing companies as well below C...
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Glanz once again re-management organizational structure: spin-off five business

Structure has undergone two rounds of re-adjustment of the Galanz Group recently restructured corporate management structure. 3 18, our reporter in the life of electrical appliances at the annual meeting was informed Glanz, Galanz Group has formally split into microwave ovens, air conditioners, electric appliances, live electronics, Trade and Industry five major business groups, after which Five groups will each develop a joint venture does not rule out even after taking the road of independent market. According to Glanz, executive vice president Yu Yaochang said, "This is to adapt Galanz by the world factory to world brand strategy for the development of transformation, Glanz is fully responsible for the internal selection of candidates for our business, this people have surfaced and will soon be announced. " Glanz management structure ...
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Global analog semiconductor market demand picks up with the transistor to stabilize the situation

According to iSuppli Corporation, although the global analog semiconductor market situation stabilized and the transistor, rising demand and prices slowing down, but from a real recovery in the industry is still very far away. Analog semiconductor and transistor manufacturers reported that following the 2008 fourth quarter and the first quarter of 2009, new orders almost stagnant, the current demand began to rise. This has helped to stop the price level in the risk of further decline.Monolithic global analog semiconductor average contract price of the second quarter decreased 3.9%, a decline of less than 7.9% in the first quarter and fourth quarter of 2008 to 4.7%. As demand continues to grow before Christmas, is expected to rebound in the third quarter, prices will rise slightly, up 0.7%. The average price is expected to decline in the...
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Global Broadband Network report released Japan and South Korea most developed

DIGITIMES Research released a new research report, Japan and South Korea for the global development of the leading national broadband network technology, the current global fiber optic network deployment is the most mature countries. Statistics based on FTTH Council, Korea, the household penetration rate of fiber 37%, ranking the highest in the world, while Japan immediately after Hong Kong, ranked 3, fiber 24% household penetration. In Japan and South Korea government promotes and carriers actively promote, in accordance with Point Topic Statistics show that Japan and South Korea at the end of 2008 the overall number of broadband subscribers (including DSL, Cable Modem and FTTx) is living the Asia-Pacific region (excluding mainland China ) before the two countries with a high, were 2,968 million and 1,526 million; and DSL users have wi...
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Global chip sales in April rose 50%

U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said worldwide semiconductor sales in April reached 23.6 billion U.S. dollars, up 50.4% over the same period, representing a growth of 2.2% in March. SIA president George - Scalise (George Scalise) said: "The global semiconductor sales in April at a healthy rate of growth than in November 2007 had set a record." He added: "to promote the growth of semiconductor sales in the important factors include: 3G wireless communications technology in use worldwide, and the accompanying infrastructure investment, together with from business, the automotive industry and industrial sector demand Recovery. "...
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Global demand for consumer electronics products into the weak development of LED in South Korea

Current global weak demand for consumer electronics, LED lighting and TV with LED backlight also no significant increase in demand, while investment in South Korea panel makers are also areas of LED-backlit panel, foreign CLSA Taiwan plant protection LED is still on the views of ethnic groups , the billion-ray (2393) rating from "not as good as the broader market performance" down to "sell", crystal power (2448) rating remained at "sell." South Korean manufacturers Samsung and LGD total global NB market share with 50% of TV panels, they are active in the field of LED backlighting. Subsidiary of a joint venture between Samsung and SEMCO, LGD is made to expand production capacity, and form strategic alliances, and Cree, the Cree to provide LED packaging technology and chips. Market that South Korean panel makers invest LED backlighting i...
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Global demand for solar power and cost

With deep increase in international oil prices fell, the bear market is relatively strong in the first half of the solar sector began to decline in stock prices, ranging from no way inferior to the broader market. Investors began to confuse, how the solar sector? Here, we need to clarify the concept that this round of Chinese solar stocks fell, not the same as the Chinese solar energy applications at low tide. The so-called solar energy industry, where the first narrowly defined as the solar PV industry, polysilicon is the use of battery power industry. Global demand for solar power generation and cost Should be said that the human long-term energy needs, at least in the solar industry to find a more realistic solution. According to statistics, as long as the desert in northwest Chinas solar energy resource utilization 7%, it has been ...
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Global economic downturn electronic chip makers face difficulties

Singapores Chartered Semiconductor on Thursday (CharteredSemiconductorManufacturing) company, said the economy is expected within the next few months of uncertainty, with the weakening global economy, the companys profitability is not optimistic. The company is IBM, Samsung and other chip manufacturing services to international giants. Thursday night when the company announced second-quarter revenue, Chartered Semiconductor CEO and President ChiaSongHwee warning, due to excess inventory, a weak dollar, crude oil prices and other economic factors, deterioration of the company to be more careful. Chartered Semiconductor is the worlds largest chip maker, its main rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). ChiaSongHwee that we make in energy cost savings, because of the recent chemical, industrial gas prices by cutting costs ...
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Global e-ELEMENTS rate will start rising quarter by quarter

Global demand for electronic components and inventory at the same time experienced a drop in capacity utilization bottom of the stage, will gradually rise into the demand and inventory at the same time, the operating rate climbed upward cycle: 1) the traditional peak season is approaching electronic needs, Seasonal factors will drive demand for the chain better. Pick up at the same time the needs of machine manufacturers to promote the increase of days of inventory; 2) will be in 2Q U.S. economy bottomed out, further enhancing the expected demand to pick up; 3) to the global electronics demand in 2009 to measure the overall decline of 12.5%, semiconductor capacity utilization should be 75% of the first quarter, the operating rate of less than Liucheng substantially digest inventory level is the result of a rebound to normal levels of pow...
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