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H1N1 boost the online shopping directory distribution components activate the "non-contact economy"

The World Health Organization announced Influenza H1N1 influenza spread the warning level increase from 4 to 5, meaning that the global spread of influenza is more serious risk than previously. Influenza struck the state of affairs reminiscent of the atypical pneumonia 6 years ago. SARS period show postponed, put off customers, order cancellations, traditional electronics market wants to come. Electronics industry, the traditional business model was in a very disadvantageous position, in order to try to avoid contact with each other, businesses are turning to online transactions. After SARS, B2C e-commerce industry, online e-commerce model take root; abroad RS, FARNELL, MOUSER, DIGI-KEY, domestic ICBUY billion in core networks, power sources Dengjun gained significant growth. Financial crisis, H1N1 environment of the double negative imp...
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Had little military: Polysilicon "excess" is a pseudo-proposition

How Sino-US strategic economic dialogue by the wind, effectively promote the development of clean energy? The latest news is that polysilicon production was again suppressed as the Development and Reform Commission requires "excess capacity blacklist" .6 2 April, in a press interview with Xinhua, the New Energy Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of the Secretary-General has little military said surplus is only pseudo-proposition, national policy-making department of the determination of new energy development is the key. Reporter: In the current round of Sino-US strategic economic dialogue with concrete results achieved in 26, nuclear power, shale gas and related aspects of cooperation in clean energy accounted for a majority. In your opinion, which will bring the domestic industries and enterprises in which good and opportunities...
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Haier 2007 net profit rose 18.27% less than expected

Today, Chinas largest listed companies in white - Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. (600690.SH, the "Haier") announced the 2007 annual report, operating income last year, 29.47 billion yuan, an increase of 26.94%; net profit of 754 million yuan, an increase of 18.27%. Haier has released forecasted before the announcement said it expects 2007 net profit growth of 50% or more, the report is clearly less than expected. A securities industry analysis, net profit rose less than expected last year, Haier, Haier may be the recent resignation of five consecutive one reason executives. Haier has four executives will resign next stock options can not enjoy the benefits of incentive programs. Yesterday, Haier daily limit to close at 11.78 yuan / share, up 1.07 yuan / share. Although Haier, according to today released annual results for 2007 to meet the ve...
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Haier Refrigerator nobility do push high-end sub-brand new Casa Imperial

3 26, Haier in Shanghai introduced a new sub-brand high-end - Casarte Casa Imperial series of new products. The appearance of the Casa Di-end refrigerators total of American, French, six Italian and four series. Conference, Planning Minister Wang Dongning Haier says the global, large capacity, stainless steel, more doors and drawer refrigerator will become the future high-end fashion trends. Interpretation of the four major trends Reporters at the press conference scene saw Casa Imperial combines four series of products are the four trends, the refrigerators health, fashion, nutrition and make a new definition. Several from Europe, America and Japan, the designer of the Casa Di new design concepts were interpreted. Focus on quality of life and enjoy being the highlight of the design of high-end brands. Among them, large capacity, stai...
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Half of 2007 MLCC market inventory

With China becoming the worlds largest manufacturing base of electronic terminals, electronic components market in China also showed the trend of booming demand and supply. Among them, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC, also known as monolithic capacitors) is the amount of the largest and fastest growing component of the chip. Downstream supply chain from the terminal market, the demand for electronic products MLCC geometric showing rapid growth in domestic and foreign MLCC manufacturers to bring a good opportunity for development. "Inside every week into the new equipment, also have a day out to sign a new contract." From the Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yu Yang, General Manager Liu Jie MLCC business description, we can easily Glimpse MLCC market booming level. China Electronic Components Industry Association Informatio...
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Han Huasheng: Qi Cheng lack of consumer awareness of home appliance energy efficiency labeling

Chinas energy efficiency labeling system since March 1, 2005 since the implementation of the implementation of energy efficiency labeling of 3-year total of 6.8 billion kwh electricity, achieved remarkable results, but there are still about 70% of consumers identified the lack of awareness. Recent energy-efficiency labeling of China Standardization Institute Management Center announced the "2007 Energy Efficiency Labeling market specific test results announcement." From October 2007 to January 2008, Chinas Standardization Institute, Center for energy efficiency labeling management refrigerators, room air conditioners, electric washing machines and other home appliances, respectively, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei sell major appliances and household appliances distribution market, the purchase of 73 sets of samples, including 22 suites ai...
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Han-core government funds to support the bizarre face re still holding Chen

Hanxin "face"? 11 On 5 March, 2008, Shanghai, software and IC industry announced special funds to support projects, including new Austrian Shanghai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new Austrian communications), access to 150 million yuan of funds. "New Austrian industry is a lot of people know that the Hanxin." Shanghai software industry many people told our reporter that their access to industrial capital in 2006 hit the country, "Han-core false door" was again mentioned. 2006 Nian 5 12, both Dean of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Microelectronics, Chinese identity of the core charge double Chen, because "Chinese chip" fraud scandal, was removed from office title of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which is responsible research projects have been suspended, and the recovered funds. But the ne...
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Handset semiconductor supplier in 2008 faced the challenge of competitiveness

According to iSuppli Corporation, despite the global mobile phone baseband semiconductor market will continue to expand in 2008, but front-line customer base shrinking and increasingly complex requirements of these customers, baseband semiconductor suppliers will face more challenging business environment These factors are pushing up R & D requirements. The challenge is how to address the cost of maintaining the competitiveness of the rising problem, while maintaining profit margins. In such a business environment to succeed, depends on many factors, but one of the most crucial factor is to achieve critical mass - production and R & D is true. 2008 global handset baseband semiconductor revenue will grow to 166 billion dollars, 15.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2007 increased by 9.3%. In addition, the overall mobile phone semiconductor marke...
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