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Hands-free communication system Zarlink voice processing technologies

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Zarlink) today introduced the first hands-free communication devices designed to improve voice quality and reduce noise in voice processing chips. Has been a leading manufacturer in its hands-free car phone system, some using Zarlinks acoustic echo cancellation technology. For higher quality hands-free voice technology needs are constantly growing, especially in government legislation prohibits the use of handheld cell phones while driving is to further stimulate the demand. Most European countries have requirements for drivers to use hands-free car kit or installed equipment. Other parts of the world have already adopted or are considering similar laws. Hands-free technology for a wide range of communications systems is a key requirement, such as security networks, computer telephony, telephone conferences ...
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Hangzhou available low-cost thin film solar cells

A cell thickness of only 1% of crystalline silicon solar cell, the unit cost of electricity is lower than crystalline silicon nearly 3 / 4 of a new type of thin film solar cells, recently available in Hangzhou. The new product to fill the gap, the technology take the forefront in the world. "Its biggest advantage is cost." Zhejiang Chint Solar Energy Technology Co YANGLI introduce thin film solar project is encouraged by the state project. In the same area, the thickness of crystalline silicon solar cell is 0.2 mm, while the companys second-generation thin film solar cell thickness of only 1% of it, that is 2 ‰ mm, is not only the amount of savings, the cost per watt unit has more than crystalline silicon with low nearly 3 / 4. Expected future cost of electricity can be reduced to 1 yuan / kWh less. Present, the products in Zhejiang C...
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Hangzhou Guoxin: China dominate the set-top box market

MediaTek to Tibets farmers were using mobile phones used by city people; Hangzhou Guoxin to spend the majority of poor farmers in the town who do not have access to satellite TV. "I never think that IC industry is a high-tech industry, it should be a technical service industries, and selling is not much difference between the white Knight, our fight is the service." This is a country in Hangzhou core has just promoted to CEO of the Liu Jingsheng to see my first sentence in the COO position as an outstanding success, after two years in charge of Liu Jingsheng was promoted to COO CEO. "MediaTek is a typical service-oriented IC companies in China, only the service-oriented IC companies have the chance of success." As with MediaTek, Hangzhou Guoxin killer also Turnkey solutions, and, according to different customer needs make a variety of T...
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Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Jian Zhi LED chip production and profit "double"

"Is indeed very difficult over the past two years, Silan, restructuring financial pressure, product quality improvement and technology maturity longer than expected. However, since the third quarter of last year, the companys operating results and finally achieved inversion, in which Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd., ending 10 consecutive quarters of losses. This is the main long-term adhere to the development, adhere to independent research and development, adjustment of product structure and operation results. Because inventories, trade receivables good money and other financial indicators, the balance was significantly lower in integrated circuit design, silicon chip manufacturing, chip manufacturing light-emitting semiconductor devices on the three main businesses showed a good momentum of development, that can maintain co...
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Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics announcement that will receive subsidies to purchase MOCVD

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics recently announced that according to the relevant Government Conference in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. will purchase MOCVD equipment, the purchase price of the equipment to give 40% subsidy, financial assistance to support the purchase MOCVD equipment is tentatively scheduled for 30 total (the number of actual purchase to be funded) from November 2010 came into effect. MOCVD is the main equipment for the production of LED, and to encourage the development of LED industry, many Chinese enterprises to introduce local government has fiscal subsidies MOCVD. An optical previous three LED project in Wuhu, Wuhu city government announced that it will give red, yellow, light MOCVD (limited to 38 machines and over) Total 8,000,000 yuan subsidy for each to give blue-green MOCVD (lim...
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Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Introduces High-Power LED Driver IC 1A

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics (Silan Microelectronics) introduced a 6 ~ 36V input, 1A high-power LED driver chips SD42524. The chip Silan green energy-saving products for high performance developed by BCD process, the single-chip integration of LDMOS power switch, built-in PWM dimming modules and multiple protection features for the buck, constant current LED driver type circuit, with high conversion efficiency, suitable for LED lights and LED solar lights and other LED lighting. SD42524 uses current mode control with fast transient response and loop stability of the design is simple, constant-current characteristics of a good. When the input voltage is varied between 6 ~ 36V or LED load change from 1 to 6, the chip rate of change of output current can be controlled within ± 1%, user-friendly application of different voltage or LED s...
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Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics limit the impact of semiconductor chip leader

As famous semiconductor IC chip design and manufacturing leader, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics (600,460) following the rapid rise yesterday after the contrarian, contrarian up today renewed intraday trend. Stock to 3.92 yuan in early trading slightly higher open, not filled the gap in the case of capital stock was quickly pulled up after two waves intraday advance rapidly, the stock several times close to the limit. Especially when the broader market continued to fall, the stock showed a trend of high and volatile, shock seems to want to take place down. As midday 13:19, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics reported 4.14 yuan, up 6.70%. Trend on the stock is close to historic low for the recent trading volume significantly enlarged, does not rule out tomorrow there is a red, suggest that investors due attention. Welcome to reprint informat...
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Hangzhou, the development of solar photovoltaic industry to catch up

Cai Qi, Hangzhou, held in the city yesterday afternoon, the development of solar photovoltaic industry conference on the topic, the current development of solar photovoltaic industry is time, the government should have strategic vision, make the best use, support enterprises bigger and stronger, and concentrate the solar Hangzhou Industrial PV industry as a new growth point task, to create the national solar photovoltaic industry base. Meeting by the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Shen Jian chaired the meeting. Vice Mayor Tong Gui Li attended the meeting. 10 were invited solar photovoltaic business leaders and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Peoples Bank of Central Branch of the experts, and municipal relevant departments and urban areas for discussion. Cai Chickenfoot set, solar photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou last two years showed ...
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HannStar Board post-tax profit 1.354 billion yuan in 2007 NT EPS 4.07 Yuan

NB panel maker HannStar Board 2007 report by the CPA released the financial report, after-tax profit of 1.354 billion yuan (NT, the same below), compared with fiscal 2006 surplus of 851 million yuan after tax increased substantially 59% after-tax earnings per share of 4.07 yuan. The same time, HannStar Board and the Board resolution held on June 13 shareholders meeting. The HannStar Board reported a 2007, its 4th quarter of 2007 to 508 million after-tax earnings record. ...
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Harbin planning "Ten City, ten thousand" in the semiconductor lighting industry

3 16, Ministry of Science and the Friendship Hotel in Beijing, organized the "city of ten thousand ten," Application of the Model Cities program of semiconductor lighting forum, from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Heilongjiang, Hebei Science and Technology Department 21 provinces, cities with independent planning Science and Technology Board, more than 70 people attended the meeting. Symposium on "City of ten thousand ten" semiconductor lighting demonstration project to do the work in promoting the deployment, and were listening to the local Science and Technology Department (Bureau) and the expert advice and recommendations. A semiconductor lighting industry buck the trend in the financial crisis in the first quarter rose LED encapsulation and application of the domestic business orders quickly picked up, in the context of the...
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